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  • "A Titanic Tale of Titans' Tomfoolery!", from New Teen Titans No. 20; It starts with the Mad Scientist Igor Igorigorigorvich deciding to use his machine to bring in the writers for the comic from our world into the comic's world to get help destroying the Teen Titans. Hilarity Ensues. Of course, his hulking Dumb Muscle Boris has a question;
    Boris: Dah Titans? But Master, you fort dah Titans.
    Dr. Igorigorigorvich: (Slaps him) Shtupid! Schvein! And all those other terms of endearment! I'm a Mad Scientist, aren't I? I'm supposed to have arch-foes.
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  • In the comic "Raven Reborn" Nightwing finds out that his love for Raven was the result of her inadvertently using her powers to influence his emotions, making him think that he was romantically in love with her, rather than simply platonic. Starfire helps Raven understand her mistake which is mostly one of the biggest heartwarming moments in the series. What makes the moment funny is, after that's all sorted out, Nightwing meets Raven again, who gives him a big passionate kiss. He at first mentally freaks out thinking that Starfire didn't help at all, but Raven then laughs before revealing she was pranking him at Starfire's urging.
  • Miss Martian has developed an Enemy Within version of herself that demands that vengeance must be taken on the humans for cruel experiments. Miss Martian doesn't do vengeance. Puppies (we're within her mind, remember) are much nicer, so she conjures up some to attack (read: lick and play with) her evil side. A response that is implied to be a sufficient threat for keeping the evil side in line in future encounters.
  • Due to a misunderstanding involving Wonder Woman not wanting Wonder Girl to be a Titan, the Justice League and the Teen Titans start fighting. Superboy tries to stand up for her, only to accidentally discover another power of his: heat vision. Right on Superman's back.
    Superboy: "Whoa. I... I didn't mean... Aw, man..."
    • This is then made even more hilarious when they don't fight. Instead, we see Superman noting his mother made that cape, and Superboy looking really embarrassed.
    Superboy: "You don't have to tell her, do you?"
    • Wonder Woman's entrance. Cassie and Connor are having a moment on the roof of the tower, they lean in for a kiss. . . and Wonder Woman grabs Superboy, says "Off," and throws him off the roof of the tower. Since Diana has a surrogate mother dynamic with Cassie, it comes off like Wonder Woman as the world's most dangerous Overprotective Dad.
  • When Superboy discovers that Lex Luthor was one of his gene donors, he begins to angst that he might turn evil when he grows up.
    Robin: "Not to mention... You could go bald."
  • In the Technis Imperative, the Titans are all stuck in a Lotus-Eater Machine, with Nightwing being the first to break out. How? Because his simulation involved Batman giving him a hug, smiling and telling Dick how proud he is. Nightwing immediately tells the simulation to screw off.