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  • "A Titanic Tale of Titans' Tomfoolery!", from New Teen Titans No. 20; It starts with the Mad Scientist Igor Igorigorigorvich deciding to use his machine to bring in the writers for the comic from our world into the comic's world to get help destroying the Teen Titans. Hilarity Ensues. Of course, his hulking Dumb Muscle Boris has a question;
    Boris: Dah Titans? But Master, you fort dah Titans.
    Dr. Igorigorigorvich: (Slaps him) Shtupid! Schvein! And all those other terms of endearment! I'm a Mad Scientist, aren't I? I'm supposed to have arch-foes.
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  • In the comic "Raven Reborn" Nightwing finds out that his love for Raven was the result of her inadvertently using her powers to influence his emotions, making him think that he was romantically in love with her, rather than simply platonic. Starfire helps Raven understand her mistake which is mostly one of the biggest heartwarming moments in the series. What makes the moment funny is, after that's all sorted out, Nightwing meets Raven again, who gives him a big passionate kiss. He at first mentally freaks out thinking that Starfire didn't help at all, but Raven then laughs before revealing she was pranking him at Starfire's urging.
  • Miss Martian has developed an Enemy Within version of herself that demands that vengeance must be taken on the humans for cruel experiments. Miss Martian doesn't do vengeance. Puppies (we're within her mind, remember) are much nicer, so she conjures up some to attack (read: lick and play with) her evil side. A response that is implied to be a sufficient threat for keeping the evil side in line in future encounters.
  • Due to a misunderstanding involving Wonder Woman not wanting Wonder Girl to be a Titan, the Justice League and the Teen Titans start fighting. Superboy tries to stand up for her, only to accidentally discover another power of his: heat vision. Right on Superman's back.
    Superboy: "Whoa. I... I didn't mean... Aw, man..."
    • This is then made even more hilarious when they don't fight. Instead, we see Superman noting his mother made that cape, and Superboy looking really embarrassed.
    Superboy: "You don't have to tell her, do you?"
    • Wonder Woman's entrance. Cassie and Connor are having a moment on the roof of the tower, they lean in for a kiss. . . and Wonder Woman grabs Superboy, says "Off," and throws him off the roof of the tower. Since Diana has a surrogate mother dynamic with Cassie, it comes off like Wonder Woman as the world's most dangerous Overprotective Dad.
  • When Superboy discovers that Lex Luthor was one of his gene donors, he begins to angst that he might turn evil when he grows up.
    Robin: "Not to mention... You could go bald."


Animated Series

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    Season 1 
Divide and Conquer
  • When Robin and Cyborg make up:
    Starfire: I wish to initiate a Group Hug!
    Raven: (completely deadpan) Pass...
    • When Robin and Cyborg argue, Beast Boy cries, which may sound sad, but his crying is heard as baby noises. Plus the argument itself is hilarious.


  • Beast Boy manages to win Raven a prize at the carnival:
    Raven (flatly): A giant chicken. I must be the luckiest girl in the world.
  • When the rest of the Titans meet Starfire's sister Blackfire for the first time:
    Beast Boy: (re: Blackfire laughing at his joke) See? She thinks I'm funny!
    Raven: Statistically, I suppose someone has to.
    Beast Boy: *DEATH GLARE*
  • Why Starfire is jealous of Blackfire. And while Robin doesn't get the chance to respond, he visually reacts with a bit of confusion on that last part.
    Starfire: And she always knows when people are not talking about shovels!
    • The origin of that quote, when the team goes to a club with Blackfire and she's getting along unlike Starfire, some men approach her.
      Man: Hey, hot alien girl! You digging the scene?
      Starfire: I... did not know we were supposed to bring shovels?
    • There's this scene as well:
      Raven: This party is pointless.
      Emo Teen: Everything is pointless. Wanna go talk about it?
      (Both the Emo Teen and Raven leave together)note 

Final Exam

  • Cyborg and Beast Boy, fighting over who lost the remote, do not take well to Raven's suggestion that they just get up and change the channel:
    Raven: I wasn't joking.
    Cyborg: Good, 'cause it wasn't funny!
  • Starfire discovers that all their food is covered in blue fungi, with a piece downright threatening her, leading her to shoot the fridge with a starbolt by instinct. Robin, now having joined the fray over the remote and covered in blue gunk, notes that maybe they should just go get pizza.
    • And in the parlor, there's both an argument between Cyborg and Beast Boy regarding meat on the pizza ("Dude, I've been most of those animals!") and then Starfire chimes in:
      Starfire: I suggest a large pizza with pickles, bananas, and mint frosting.
      She beams, but everyone is staring at her weirdly.
      Robin: Uh, Starfire? Not everything on the menu is a pizza topping.
  • Mammoth notes the food on Titans Tower is way beyond expired... but keeps on eating anyway.

Forces of Nature

  • In "Forces of Nature", there's a huge, over-dramatic slow-motion shot of Beast Boy accidentally launching an oil-filled balloon at Starfire (that was meant for Cyborg). The instant before it hits she gives the softest little "eep!".
    • When Beast Boy fails to properly apologize, Starfire shouts that on Tamaran, he would be called a "Clorbag Varblernilk!". Raven and Cyborg are none too sympathetic to Beast Boy:
      Beast Boy: ...I'm a what-bag?
      Cyborg: You heard the lady.
      Raven: You are such a clorbag.

The Sum of His Parts

  • Mumbo calls for a lovely assistant from the audience and yanks Starfire down with a cane. He then assembles a "sawing-a-woman-in-half thin-model box" around Starfire. As he prepares to perform the "trick", he adds:
    Mumbo: It's only fair to warn you... I Have No Idea What I'm Doing.
  • In this exchange:
    Starfire: This tangy yellow beverage is truly delightful!
    Cyborg: Uh... Starfire?
    Robin: That's mustard.
    Starfire: (cuddling the bottle) Is there more?
    • After they've beaten Mumbo and discovered he really hadn't kidnapped Cyborg:
      Mumbo: "So, do I still have to go to jail?"
      Titans: *Death Glare*
      Mumbo: "I thought so."


  • In "Nevermore", Starfire's reaction to Raven's out-of-nowhere creepy laugh:
    Starfire: "Many of your Earthly ways are still strange to me, but, that was... just plain freaky, correct?"
    • Also this bit here.
      (Cyborg eats his breakfast, but he spits it all out)
      Cyborg: BLEAGH! That's not eggs! That's that tofu stuff!
      (then he drinks milk, but he also spits it out)
      Cyborg: BLEAGH! That's not even real milk!
    • Also in that episode, Starfire trying to knock on Raven's door while Robin tries to restrain her. Starfire is nonchalantly holding out an arm, barely exerting any effort. Meanwhile, Robin is holding onto her with both hands and bracing himself against the door, clearly resisting with all his might. Star's vaguely confused expression is hilarious.
    • The previous knock on the door, where BB barely taps it and tries to leave before walking into Cyborg. Cyborg marches him back and says he needs to knock louder, slamming his metal hand against the door. Cue the entire door falling into the room.
  • Beast Boy and Cyborg's shocked reactions when they arrive in another part of the dimension that they're trapped in.
    Cyborg: Hey, I know where we are! We're in that place where I didn't know where we were before!


  • After Starfire bugs Raven for the umpteenth time before she can resume meditating, she made a hilarious rageface that must be seen to be believed. Kind of like this.
  • Pretty much everything in "Switched" that wasn't Nightmare Fuel was hysterical. Mostly from the resident Emotionless Girl and Genki Girl having to deal with Psychoactive Powers that mandate the opposite. The only way is could've been funnier would be averting Voices Are Mental, with Star's cheerful chirpy lines being delivered in Raven's voice and vice versa.
    • In the middle of the extremely creepy scene where Puppet King is going around doing his thing to the other Titans, Starfire is trying to figure out who's there, Raven opens her door, and they startle each other. Starfire goes through a standard over-the-top reaction, but Raven's hair stands up in the shape of her symbol!
    • Starfire's first attempt at meditation while in Raven's body:
      Starfire: "Peace, quiet, tranquility. Peace, quiet..."
      (Nearby car blows up)
  • In When the team get their puppets:
    Starfire: (as puppet) "Hello Starfire!" (as herself, shaking the puppet's hand) "Hello tiny wooden replica of Starfire!"
  • How about this bit?
    Beast Boy Puppet: Dude! Get your butt out of my face!
    Robin Puppet: Can't move. Deal with it.

Deep Six

  • Cyborg quickly becomes irritated with Beast Boy's enthusiasm.
    Cyborg: Goodness me! I seem to have accidentally switched off Beast Boy's microphone.
    Raven: Could you go ahead and accidentally leave it off?
  • This exchange:
    Beast Boy: Try not to be jealous! -turns into a whale-
    Raven: He just put on three hundred thousand pounds. I am so jealous.
  • Seeing Starfire and ''especially'' Raven make heart eyes at Aqualad while more hearts float up from their heads.


  • Cyborg aggressively rips off the adhesive 'X' gag over Raven's mouth to the horror of Beast Boy and Starfire.
    Raven (deadpanned): Ow.
  • Red X got Beast Boy out of the way of a train just in time.
    Beast Boy: Dude, did you just save me?
    Red X: (kicks him aside)

Mad Mod

  • After Robin rescues her from Mad Mod:
    Starfire: "Are all the schools on your planet this horrible?"
  • After the team meets up with Raven again, she explains in one word what Mod subjected her to...
    Raven: Gym. (opens her cloak to reveal a basketball uniform)
  • The entire chase scene set to Puffy Ami Yumi's "K2G".
  • After he's hypnotized for the umpteenth time, Starfire wails that she fears Beast Boy's brain is gone forever. Raven's response, ironically, snaps him out of it:
    "Beast Boy had a brain?"

Car Trouble

  • After Cyborg drives the team to battle with the T-Car, he takes a moment to brag about his new car to some passing kids. This leads Raven to drag Cyborg by the ear to the action, grumbling, "Boys."
  • Cyborg's obsession over recovering the T-Car:
    • When Gizmo sends the car through a carwash while Cyborg is on the hood:
      Cyborg: Nooooo! Keep those nasty plastic brushes off my baby! She's hand-wash only!
    • After learning that Gizmo has just left the drive-in;
      Cyborg: You'll get ketchup on the seats!
  • When Cyborg interrogates the two guys who stole his car, he's angry that they lost it, but even angrier that they implied that his car lost a race.
    • When they correct him that they actually won, he's immediately distracted by the fact that "she handled like a dream" and starts asking how it took the curves.

Apprentice Parts 1 & 2

  • The team tries to figure out why Robin would be working for Slade. Beast Boy's suggestions are...less than realistic.
    Beast Boy: Three words: disgruntled radioactive clone.
    • At which point Raven, having had enough, roundhouse kicks him offscreen.
  • After defeating Slade, Raven notes that it's not quite like her, but says that maybe they should celebrate. Beast Boy and Cyborg are overjoyed.
    Cyborg: All-you-can-eat...
    Beast Boy: Free-form...
    Raven: (shortly before being dragged away) Sorry I asked.

    Season 2 

How Long Is Forever?

  • In the beginning, Cyborg and Beast Boy are arguing, Raven is trying to read, and Robin is blasting music to try to drown out Cyborg and Beast Boy's arguing:
    Raven: Robin, could the music be a little louder? I can still hear myself think.
  • While this is a very dark episode, there is one bit of comic relief when the now-bald Beast Boy sees Nightwing's luxuriant mullet:
    Beast Boy: Dude, that is so unfair.

Every Dog Has His Day

  • Starfire & Raven are focusing on a crystal ball, with Raven describing how they:
    Raven: Need peace, and absolute-
    (Beast Boy's head appears warped, on/in the ball): DUDES!!
    (the girls scream and clamp onto each other)
  • The Titans get their first good look at what appears to be Beast Boy having a bout of Power Incontinence...
    Cyborg: Easy, Beast Boy, we just wanna help...
    "Beast Boy": BURRRP (horks up car bumper)
    Everyone: EWWW!
    "Beast Boy": (loud slobber, flees down storm drain)
    Cyborg: (Beat) ...Oooh-kay.
  • After figuring out that the "dog" is probably not Beast Boy, they break out the good equipment and capture it. Hilarity Ensues.
    Raven: So, now that we've got him...
    Robin: We just have to figure out how he can lead us to the spaceship. I can run a chemical analysis on his fur, see where he's been.
    Cyborg: I could do a molecular scan. Maybe he and the ship had the same isotopic signature.
    Starfire: [To Raven:] Perhaps you could use your powers to communicate with the creature.
    Raven: I'm still getting his drool off my face. I don't want him anywhere near my brain.
    Alien Dog: Um, pardon me... [Everyone is shocked into Art Shift by this sudden response.] ...but I believe that we may be able to help one another.
    Robin: Okay... am I the only one who heard that?
    Cyborg: You talk? Dogs don't talk!
    Alien Dog: Perhaps not on your planet, my dear fellow. Now, if you'll agree to release me, I will be happy to help you locate my odious former master. After I escaped his ship, he pursued me here and mistakenly captured another green dog, your "Beast Boy" I presume?
    Raven: And you didn't tell us this earlier because?
    Alien Dog: I was having too much fun. [Smiles.]


  • The entirety of Starfire and Terra's first meeting;
    Starfire: I cannot permit my new friend to slumber in a lonely cave of darkness!
    Terra: I have a flashlight...

Only Human

  • Cyborg is in a bad mood after revealing the mechanical limitations of his body in a training session and is venting by playing a video game, the other titans each take turns trying to cheer him up. They all fail miserably.
    • To wit, firstly Starfire tries to offer a "Traditional Tamaranean Folk Song" which is really just her wailing at an excruciatingly loud and shrill volume. In response, Cyborg yells back so loudly he cracks the screen in half. Then when he realizes the distraction just caused him to lose the current round in his game, he gives Starfire an epic Death Glare that makes her duck-out.
    • Secondly, Beast Boy shows Cyborg a trick with a cookie that involves regurgitating and eating it again in various animal forms. Cyborg literally boils over in rage, slowly reaches out and crushes Beast Boy's face in one fist before flinging him backwards and leaving a red imprint of his hand on Beast Boy's face.
    • Thirdly, Raven doesn't even get a word out before Cyborg flatly tells her "I don't want to talk about it" and then cuts to a Super-Deformed version of Cyborg on a hill open firing with several cannons on Raven, who's flying a biplane. When we cut back to the rest of the Titans we hear a plane crash then see Raven floating down in a parachute, Super-Deformed style.
    • Finally, showing that she didn't learn her lesson the first time, Starfire wanted to try the "Folk Song" again, this time with an accompaniment by the gorka pipes. Fortunately, Robin vetoes this with the much more sensible idea of simply giving Cyborg some time to himself.
  • After Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven are taken captive as Atlas's trophies:
    Raven: " we get bathroom breaks?"

Fear Itself

  • "Did you NOT see the movie? When you split up the monster hunts you down one at a time. Starting with the good-looking comic relief guy...ME!"
    Beast Boy: (as he's being dragged away by the monster) What did I tell you?! Funny guy goes first!
    • At the end:
    Beast Boy: You mean Raven made all those creepy crawlies by accident?
    Raven (Luminescent Blush): Uh...sorry?

Date With Destiny

  • The pre-opening sequence establishing Killer Moth as the episode's villain. He monologues in his secret underground laboratory about how soon the entire city will bow down to him and gives an Evil Laugh...which is interrupted by his Bratty Teenage Daughter Kitten screaming for him to come to her room. Killer Moth responds by literally breaking the door down upon entry with the hilarious juxtaposition of this supervillain—who, in his original comics incarnation, wears a much gaudier costume, rather than the monochrome moth-human-hybrid look of this version—against the entirely bright pink bedroom to ask if she can give him one goddamn second to enact his Evil Plan, but Kitten is having none of it and goes on to complain that her boyfriend just dumped her and now she doesn't have a prom date and she starts crying into her mattress. Killer Moth tries to console her but clearly isn't very good at it; he gives off a surprisingly sympathetic "struggling single father" impression, considering that he's a supervillain. Kitten tells him the only way she'll calm down is if he finds her another date, leading to...
  • Killer Moth's ultimatum:
    Killer Moth: My demands are simple: The city will declare me ruler, the Teen Titans will surrender, and Robin... (trying not to sound awkward) will take this lovely young lady to her junior prom.
    Kitten: Hiiiii, Robbie-Poo!
    Robin: (taken aback) Uh, what was that last part again?
    Starfire: Robin, who is this girl? And why does she call you "poo"?
    • Robin's reactions to Starfire's line are hilarious.
    • Even in the depths of rage and jealousy, Starfire does not once break from her speech pattern:
    "Odium! Scandal! Atrocity! These demands must not be met! Clearly this demented madman has no idea with whom he is dealing and if he believes -Snip- Out of his mind if he believes you would even consider such a distasteful-!"
    • When Killer Moth issues his ultimatum, Starfire (airborne) says that they accept, thinking that the prom is a duel, but after Robin sets her straight, she immediately shrieks that they do not accept. Robin grabs her ankle and tows her out the room as if she were a balloon.
    Robin: (deadpan) We're gonna need a minute.
  • Robin's forceful Un-Smile:
    Kitten: Would it kill you to smile!?
    Robin: *makes a REALLY forced, wide smile, complete with cracking sound effects* (through his teeth) Maybe.
    • Starfire makes the best faces in that episode. The best one comes when she's at the punch bowl and some poor sap makes the mistake of asking if she can move so he can get some punch. It has to be seen to be believed. She doesn't just glare or snarl at them either—she lets out a roar that sounds like the T-rex from Jurassic Park.
    • Later, that same guy and his date are struck by Fang's paralyzing venom. After all's said and done, Robin apologizes for ruining prom for them:
      Guy: Are you kidding? This was the best prom EVER!
      Girl: Even if I still can't move my legs!
    • Robin pleads for Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg to have found and stopped Killer Moth already. They've at least gotten to Kitten's house, and Beast Boy triggers a secret doorway to the basement, where they find glass cases containing thousands of buzzing, angry moths. After a moment's shock, they all whip out their comms:
    Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven (in unison): Found him.
    • Starfire vs Kitten is one of the funniest battles in the series. Since Kitten is just a powerless teenager, all she can do is throw food at her opponent and feebly try to drown the latter in the punch bowl. All she accomplishes is to piss Starfire even further, who viciously fights back while screaming like a literal jaguar. Even more humorously, Kitten could have ended the battle whenever she wanted simply by threatening to release her father's monsters upon the city, but refrained from doing so until she throws a tantrum over her stained dress.


  • The Fractured Fairy Tale narration.
  • In "Transformation," as Beast Boy desperately waits to use the bathroom he is exposed to, among other things, Robin performing the classic garden hose gag, followed by a baffled Aside Glance. Then there's Cyborg pouring himself a glass of water from the sink. Shortly after we see Raven moving two rocks to let water pass mimicking the same gag but from a "female" perspective.
    "L, M, N, Ohhhhhhhhh, PEEEEEE"!
  • Starfire attempts to confide in Raven about the huge bulbous zit on her forehead, which she's been attempting to cover with a sunhat, fearful that something is wrong:
    Raven: It's a zit. Everyone gets them. Deal with it.
    • Starfire is initially thrilled that she has nothing to be ashamed over, but quickly changes her tune when Robin walks in, and yanks her sunhat back over her head.
      Raven: Just so you know, that's not really "dealing with it".
  • When Starfire shows up to the battle with Plasmus decked out in a sunhat, a raincoat, enormous galoshes, a scarf, and oven mitts, which she's been using to cover up her strange new deformities:
    Raven: Interesting fashion statement.

Titan Rising

  • The following:
    Starfire: Oh, hello long-lost friend!! You remember me, yes?
    Terra: Of course, Starfire. I still have bruises from the last time you hugged me.

Winner Take All

  • The game in the opening scene, where even Raven is impressed at Robin's final blow.


  • While the team is celebrating Terra's performance in battle and her getting the last slice of pizza, they appear as a football team doing an on-camera interview. Raven is a cheerleader. That is all.
  • "This is the greatest pie. In the history of pie."
    • Beast Boy's expression and tone when he says that quote.


  • The episode starring Robin's inter-dimensional counterpart, Larry, is one of the most bizarre episodes of the entire series, so naturally, it's absolutely hilarious.
  • Right after Larry appears via splitting off from Robin's head, Raven provides this gem:
  • Also, Larry's excitement over his new moniker, saying his name over and over again while doing, er...interesting things with the Titans.
  • Larry turning Robin's broken arm into a hockey stick? Mildly amusing. Robin being utterly unfazed when Larry turns it into an accordion, a candy cane, an elephant's trunk, and a revving chainsaw? Hilarious.
  • When they wind up breaking reality, the city is turned into a child's crayon drawing and Cyborg asks why the world looks like his grandma's fridge. Cut to an Imagine Spot of Grandma Cyborg, who's just Cyborg in a wig and apron. She even has a cybernetic part on her bun!
  • Or when Raven sees flowers walking around in the new colorful world, she says "This is bad." She then sees Beast Boy without a mouth and says " it's not all bad."
  • Beast Boy, having lost his mouth, steals Raven's so that he can speak. Then she steals Cyborg's...then he steals Starfire's. One must wonder how the voice actors avoided cracking up, especially Khary Payton having to imitate Raven's deadpan-ness.
  • Starfire's head pops off her body and sprouts Pegasus wings. Say whaaat...?
  • Beast Boy putting his mouth back on, and speaking backwards.
    Beast Boy: !pleH !gniyas m'I tahw dnatsrednu t'nac I (Help! I can't understand what I'm saying!)
  • While heading toward the source of the dimensional breakdown, they try the front door... which blows a raspberry in their faces.
    Cyborg: (perturbed) I knew something like that was gonna happen!
  • Raven, having been sporting a Beehive Hairdo for a bit, tries to fix it, only for her hair to take the shape of a demonic bird and then the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
  • After Johnny Rancid steals Larry's powers and turns the world into an apocalyptic wasteland, one Titan in particular is quick to react to the scenery change:
    Raven: Cool. -the others stare at her- I mean... Oops.

Aftershock Parts 1 & 2

  • Raven's deadpan response to Beast Boy's joke about ducks "quackin' jokes":
    Raven: Pull over...I think I'm going to be sick.
    • Starfire attempts to understand what the joke means:
      Starfire: Oh, I see! It is humorous because ducks lack the large brain necessary for the telling of jokes!
      Robin: Actually, Starfire, it just wasn't funny.
      Raven: Because Beast Boy lacks the large brain necessary for telling jokes.
    • And in response to Beast Boy's next joke ("Why did the aardvark cross the road?"):
      Raven: To beat up the idiot telling jokes about him.
      * Robin and Cyborg laugh while Beast Boy fumes, with Starfire confused on "Is an aardvark some kind of duck?")

    Season 3 


  • Cyborg's initiation into HIVE includes a pink dress and a unicycle.
    Cyborg: Ha. That's it?
    Mammoth: Don't laugh. You have to eat the unicycle.


  • From the episode "X", the team is trying to make sure Robin isn't a hologram or a robot.
    Beast Boy: He could still be a robot! Check him for batteries.
    Robin: -realizing where that hand was planning to go- No! WAIT! PLEASE!
    • Just before that, Robin gets swarmed by chibi Starfires all poking to make sure he's not a hologram.
  • When Robin reveals that the Red X suit is powered by a chemical called Xenothium, Raven and Starfire are horrified, and Beast Boy has no clue what they’re talking about.
    Starfire: (gasps)
    Raven: No!
    Beast Boy: (stomping away like a frustrated kid) Awwww man! I never understand anything!
    • Cyborg, however, does know what Xenothium is and goes into a full What Were You Thinking? tirade on Robin, with chibi versions of the two of them in a Tic-Tac-Toe board, Cyborg as O’s and Robin as X’s. Cyborg wins.
      Cyborg: Xenothium?! YOU POWERED THAT SUIT WITH XENOTHIUM!? Are you crazy, man? That stuff is dangerous! And unstable! Tell me you were not stupid enough to go messing with it!
  • Red X manages to strap Raven onto Beast Boy as a rhino:
    Raven: Aaaaand now I smell like rhino butt.


  • Robin being jealous.
    • Robin being so jealous that Starfire is getting married to someone else that he actually gets out into the vacuum of space to express his displeasure. He then realizes where he is and quickly swims back into the spaceship.
  • Beast Boy losing his head (temporarily).
    • Beast Boy on Tamaran in general. Not only did he almost lose his head, he gets nervous about Tamarenean food, not being able to tell if anything is meat or veggie, he almost gets eaten by the furniture, and he never figured out how the bathrooms worked on Tamaran. Not to mention, his first meeting with Galfore.
    • Early on in the episode, Beast Boy encounters a giant Tamarenean monster. Later, Beast Boy changes shape to look like it and roars at the guards. They promptly run away screaming like little girls.
  • This:
    Starfire: (loud Tamarenean horns are playing, while all the other Titans are recoiling in pain) Uhhhh... it is music!
  • Raven's deadpan reaction to seeing Starfire's ugly new groom. "Um... he's cute..."
  • Right before that, Starfire's groom is mistaken for a handsome Tamarenean dude with Rapunzel Hair that she absolutely drools over. In the background, Robin is jabbing a finger straight up into the air in protest, and his jaw drops so far down it falls through the top of the screen and lands on his head.
  • Blackfire's pronunciation of Glgrdsklechhh's name.


  • From "Crash", while Cyborg is driven mad and turned into an Extreme Omnivore by the Endzone Virus:
    Cyborg: Ooh! Ooh! Starfire Starfire! Remember that purple Tameranian pie thingie that was full of bugs?
    Starfire: My stewed grunthmek which made you physically sick?
    Cyborg: Yeah! You gotta cook up some of that!
    • Cyborg: HOTWINGS! OH YEEEEEAAAH! -runs through a wall- (Sounds familiar...)
    • Cyborg: (yelling at an ATM machine) You can keep your sprinkles! I NEED RASPBERRY FILLING! (punches the machine, which spits out a bunch of dollar bills into Cyborg's mouth) (spits out the money) NO! NOT MACARONI!
    • This gem:
    Cyborg: Ooh! You know what'd be fun? Let's all go out for WAFFLES! RAVEN! YOU LIKE WAFFLES DONT'CHA?
    Raven: More than life itself.
    • The Endzone Virus mercilessly ribbing on Beast Boy's intelligence.
    • The ending:
    Starfire: Um, I realize he is a cruel, diminutive criminal who speaks the mean words and is not our friend, but still, I wonder... What became of Gizmo...?
    (cut to the radio tower satellite dish, where a pile of Cyborg's virus-infested snot resides)
    Gizmo: (still microscopic-sized, stuck in the snot pile, frantically swimming away from Endzone Virus cells in a mad front crawl) RAZZLE-FRAZZLE TITANS! CRUUUUUUUUUDD!!!
    Gizmo: "I'm not fixin' that overgrown bucket of robo-scrunge and there's nothin' you grot-slurpers could ever do or say to make me say it—!"
    Raven: (pulls down her hood to reveal a tentacled something. Gizmo screams)
    Gizmo: (shaking) "I'll help."


  • Beast Boy. With a cold. Turns into a frog. Cue chibi!Starfire and chibi!Raven cracking up.


  • The long montage of the other titans interrupting Raven's reading time. Robin wanted to check up on a teammate (which is heartwarming), Starfire shows off a wacky new hairdo she get from the mall, and lastly, Cyborg and Beast Boy ask Raven to referee for their new game Stank Ball.
    Malchior: Smashing! You must be the luckiest girl in the world.
  • Raven morphing Beast Boy from a fly to a rat is both funny, and awesome.
  • The episode ends with Raven deciding to play Stank Ball with Cyborg.


  • "You're just jealous 'coz I sound like a rock star."
  • "I'm American!" "You're welcome."
  • Beast Boy gives his little history lesson which isn't that good.
    Raven: Where'd you learn history? A cereal box?
    Beast Boy: What's your point?
    Raven: *sweatdrops*
  • Return of the hypno screens, which Beastboy is victimized by again.
  • Mad Mod tries to escape in the end, only for his pants to fall down. As the Titans chase him, he's still running in his boxers:


  • In Wavelength, after Robin, Starfire, and Raven have just escaped from a Drowning Pit:
    Starfire: We are saved! -cheers and splashes)-
    • Before that, during a tense moment where the Titans load into their sub and go underwater: Starfire starts giggling and waving at Raven when she sees her through the window.
  • "Another spy? Tell me, was anyone at my school actually there to LEARN?!"
  • Raven's reaction when the only way to escape the flooding H.I.V.E base is to ride out in Beast Boy's mouth as a whale? "I'd really rather just stay here and drown."
    • Made better by the fact that after she says this, Beast Boy gives a little shrug and runs off, apparently QUITE willing to let her do just that.
    • And then even better when she stands there and pretty much waits to drown. She seriously didn't want to go.

The Beast Within

Can I Keep Him?

  • Starfire: "Why, yes! Today is... Gorb-Gorb, the Tameranean festival... of... um... berating drapery! STUPID CURTAINS!" (Blasts away wall with eye beams).
    • Note that, from Starfire's expression when she says this, that Gorb-Gorb is obviously completely made up. Starfire just made up a lie to explain why her curtains were damaged... and it sounded just as real as any Tameranean holiday.
  • Beast Boy explaining the origin of Silkie to Starfire.
    Remember when Killer Moth made an army of mutant moths and forced Robin to take his daughter to prom *cut to Robin avoiding Kitten* and he was like "NAAAH!", *cut to Starfire choking Kitten* and you were like "GRRR!", *cut to Robin in a light used for Corner of Woe (though he's not sulking)* and Robin was like "Shrr....", *cut to Cyborg, BB and Raven in Killer Moth's base* but then we found Killer Moth, *cut to Beast Boy* and I was like "DUUUDE!", *cut to Raven* and Raven was like "ZZZTT", *cut to Cyborg* and Cyborg was like "BOOYAH!", *cut to Killer Moth on the ground, beaten* and we kicked his butt...
    • Not to mention Killer Moth trying to get Silkie to join him so they can "...go on a picnic... of some sort..."
  • Starfire again:
    Robin: Starfire? (Starfire shrieks in surprise and falls out of the air) Um... where's the sofa?

Bunny Raven...or...How to Make a Titanimal Disappear?

  • "Bunny Raven" had a lot of good ones.
    Anycard: You're inside Mumbo's hat!
    Raven: And I'm a rabbit, why?
  • Later, Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg are turned into a monkey, a tiger, and a bear and are complaining about their new forms, and then...
    (Beast Boy, in the form of a lamp, suddenly transforms into a ringing phone)
    Cyborg: (picks up the phone) Uh, hello?
    Beast Boy: Hel-lo! What have you got to complain about? I'm a lamp! What's wrong with being an animal anyway? At least you guys have legs! I can't even move! And do you have any idea how hot a lightbulb ge— (Cyborg hangs up)
    Cyborg: (Smirks) Well, at least we finally found a way to shut him up.
    (Beast Boy turns into an air horn and blows, LOUDLY, in Cyborg's face)
  • More Beast Boy, as a police box when the other Titans are getting their butts kicked by a trio of sentient magician gloves: "Hey, let me help! I can crank call 'em!"
  • Right before that:
    Cyborg: Well, at least Mumbo left me with my sonic cannon! (fires it to reveal a "Bang!" Flag Gun) "Bang?" Oh, dang— (gets socked by the killer gloves)
    • Before that as well, Starfire tries to use a Starbolt, only to cough up a hairball.
  • Even later, when the Titans are figuring out how to stop Mumbo:
    Beast Boy: I got it!
    Cyborg: It can't involve driving a tank or unleashing magician-eating sharks.
    Beast Boy: I don't got it.
  • Beast Boy turning into a "HELP!" flag as the cage he's in is pulled up to begin the fourth act.
  • This exchange:
    Cyborg: Let me get this straight. We're inside Mumbo's hat and Raven's inside Mumbo's hat inside Mumbo's hat? (the tech half of his brain pops out like a jack-in-the-box)
    Beast Boy: (his brain is doing the same thing) Dude, you're making my brain hurt!
  • During Mumbo's show:
    Starfire: What happened?
    Cyborg: He made me do a jig.
    Starfire: That madman must be stopped! *beat* Please, what is a jig?
  • During “Master of Your Fate”, the Titans are put in hilarious flashy outfits for the show. What really sells it is Raven's reaction to hers.

Titans East Parts 1 & 2

  • "¡Más y Menos, sí podemos!" Really, anything Mas y Menos do. The Bilingual Bonus just makes it funnier.
    • In their introduction, they give Cyborg a rapid-fire, all-spanish explanation of their powers. The blank look Cy gives Aqualad only sells it.
  • Cyborg singing to himself is a strong contender for funniest moment of the series:
    Cyborg: (Singing in tune with the Theme Song) When there's trouble you know what to dooooo... CALL CYBORG! He can shoot a rocket from his shooooe... CAUSE HE'S CYBORG! Doodadoodah, something like that! (Oh yeah!) Nananana, BIG FLUFFY CAT! (That's right!)
  • Beast Boy videochats with Cyborg and complains that Raven won't play video games with him, and Raven seems to take issue with having the controller glued to her hands. Beast Boy laughs it off, prompting Raven to use the dark magic powers granted to her from her interdimensional demon give him a wedgie. The delighted ^_^ face she makes just sells it.

    Season 4 

Don't Touch That Dial

  • Don't Touch That Dial (AKA Episode 257-494). Just, just everything, including but not limited to all of Robin's Aside Glance at the television screen's fourth wall.
    • Zinthos.
    • Cyborg in the cheesy soap opera:
    Rebecca: Oh, Lance! I didn't mean to make you fall madly in love with me. But ever since Joaquim left with my evil half-sister...
    Cyborg: Yo! I don't love you, my name's not "Lance" and I just need to know if you've seen a fat guy in an overcoat!
    Rebecca: Oh, Lance! [kisses him passionately]
    <door opens behind Cyborg and Joaquim enters>
    • Raven at the football game.
    Commentator: Oh, hoho, that had to hurt! Let's look at the replay, Chuck! You know, I'm not sure why a Teen Titan is on the field at the Championship game, but this is just a great defensive play by the Steel City Tigers.
    • Starfire in the Dr. Seuss-esque cartoon, rhyming along with the characters.
    Pelican: Oh have you seen my hippo? He hides and I must seek!
    Starfire: I cannot play, please do you know a strange man named Control Freak? He is big, not tall, and nasty, and known for causing strife. He escaped into the TV-
    Beast Boy (while being chased by a laser shooting robot): HEY STAR, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!
    Robots: "Identify yourselves."
    Beast Boy: "You don't need to see our identification."
    Robots: (look at each other, open fire).
    • The best part of that scene is when Beast Boy takes off Raven's cloak to add more Jedi to his Jedi Mind Trick. When he takes the cloak, Raven covers herself as if she's naked, despite her leotard. And everyone's (especially Robin's) shocked expression when she's "stripped".
    • The end of the episode has Raven trying to assert that the lesson of the day is "Too much TV is bad for you". Starfire then comments that the only reason they succeeded was because Beast Boy watched too much TV. Finally Cyborg, with the soap opera girl on his arm, concludes that it was all meaningless. Then everyone laughs.

The Quest

  • "You know, Robins? The mask makes me feel cool, too."
    • The subplot that results in that moment is quite funny too. Or, from an in-universe perspective. While Robin is away seeking training, the other Titans raid his room and start wearing his spare costumes, till Raven walks in and says "This is just disturbing"—after which she of course joins in, only to have Robin himself walk just really works.
      Starfire: Disturbing yet magnificent! Join us! I never knew wearing a cape was so much fun! It is wonderful to be Robin!
      • And when Cyborg finds Beast Boy and Starfire dressed up as Robin, he chews them out not for dressing up as Robin, but for doing it without him!
      • When Beast Boy tosses Cyborg an extra uniform, Cyborg can't clip on the utility belt due to his larger frame, so he steals Beast Boy's and combines them together. Beast Boy is indignant—the belt was holding his pants up!
    • Beast Boy does a flimsy impression of Robin's martial arts skills in front of his mirror, and gives his own reflection a handshake.
    • And at the end when they're all sharing pizza, even Silkie has the uniform on!


  • "Next time you're looking to steal something, you might want to pick a target we can't see from our living room."
    • "I'd like to go to jail now, please."

Cyborg the Barbarian

  • Cyborg has been fanatically upgrading the Tower with new tech, ostensibly to "fight crime", and Starfire asks what purpose a specific device has. She yelps and jumps out of the way as a pile of waffles shoots out and is stacked onto a plate, and Raven slides in with one of the most iconic lines of the series:
    Raven: Evil beware—we have waffles.
  • Cyborg's line after finding out that he's been transported to 3,000 B.C.:
    Cyborg: "Don't do anything, don't touch anything. Sci-fi rule number one: You start messing with the past, you end up with monkeys ruling in the future."

Employee of the Month

  • The Titans do a stakeout on a farm; Robin and Starfire are the farmer and his wife, Raven is the scarecrow, Beast Boy is a pig rolled in mud, and Cyborg...
    Cyborg (getting out of his cow disguise): Moo-Yah!
  • Bob, the manager at "Mega Meaty-Meat":
    Bob: You can call me "Bob."
    Beast Boy: Okay...
    Bob: I like you, Danny. [pause] I'll be in the back.
  • The other Titans aren't especially enamored with Beast Boy's new job:
    Robin: Don't you think this place is a little... weird?
    Beast Boy: Dude, they have fries made out of meat. Yes, this place is weird, and I hate it!
    • Especially Raven:
      Raven (about to take a bite of her burger and stops, halfway setting it down and pointing): Okay... I can't eat until that thing stops looking at me.
      Said Thing (turns out to be a giant steak with googly eyes and flailing bendy arms with its tongue between its teeth speaking in a high pitched voice): It's meeeeeaaaaat-tastic!
  • Also:
    Bob: Say goodbye, Tammy.
    Beast Boy: [incensed] Dude, that's a GIRL NAME!
  • Beast Boy neglecting to deal with the destruction device only to later find it has a simple off switch.
    • When he hits the off-switch, the alien ships that were attacking the Titans turn into tofu cubes and then into cows, and the rest of the team is just surrounded by a massive herd of cows in the middle of the street:
      Robin: Can this day get any weirder?


  • From an otherwise serious conversation in "Troq".
    Starfire: You know what it feels like to be judged simply because of how you look?
    Cyborg: Course I do. (beat) I'm part-robot.

The Prophecy

  • When Robin decides to just jump down the very long passageway of stairs.
    Cyborg: Uh, maybe you didn't get the memo Robin: You and me can't fly!
    • And as soon as he sees the spirtual creatures surrounding him he proceeds to cannonball down. The fact that he holds his breath is what really sells it.
  • After fighting a monster with scream-based attacks that attacked a communications satellite, Robin and Starfire are congratulating each other on their seamless teamwork (keep in mind Starfire is luminescent blushing the whole time):
    Robin: "Nice work, Starfire!" (friendly dig in the arm)
    Starfire: "I could not have done it without your assistance!" (punches him off camera)
    Robin (comes back into view, wincing): "Uh...nice arm."
    Starfire (beaming): "I too admire your abundant limb strength!"
    • Cyborg teases that Robin might want to stay there "goofin' around with [his] girlfriend". Robin immediately freezes up, heartbeat going a mile a minute, and has to actually stand there catching his breath while Starfire looks on in confusion and the other three just stare at him.
    • When he collects himself, Robin says about the worst thing he could have said about someone with whom he's had a Will They or Won't They? relationship for three and a half seasons:
      Starfire (so confused she fell over in shock): I am not your friend?
      Robin: Uh...
      Starfire: I am not a girl?
    • Right afterwards the Titans are attacked by the monster again, causing Robin to look back and forth between it and Starfire as if he honestly can't decide which one is more alarming.
      Starfire: If I am not your "girlfriend", then what am I?
      • The Visual Pun of "SHE'S GONNA BLOW!" applying to either an angry Starfire or the satellite they're currently on is hilarious.
  • The team eventually separates due to a miscommunication and they all crashland on a distant planet, and Robin desperately tries to find them; eventually he's rescued from an alien slug by Starfire, who is still not happy with him:
    Robin: You're still thinking about that? Starfire, we're stranded on a hostile alien planet!
    Starfire: I know. Did you hope the perilous space-station explosion, followed by our calamitous crash and combat with the horrible slug creature would make me forget?
    Robin: Uh...yes.
    • Aw man, that episode was chock full of these.
    Robin: Look, will you please just stop and talk to me?
    Starfire: So, you are now prepared to explain why I am neither a girl nor your friend?
    Robin (fiddles with his collar nervously as a crater lets off steam in the background): I—w—well..
    Starfire: It appears that the grishnik has got your tongue. (walks away)
    Robin: *facepalms* Shoulda let that slug eat me when I had the chance.
  • At first he tries to handwave the problem as being simply that she's an alien and doesn't know what a girlfriend is. She immediately makes it clear that the problem is that she knows perfectly well what they're talking about and he's not getting out of the doghouse that easily:
    Robin: I don't think you understand. On our planet, "girlfriend" means—
    Starfire: —a female with whom you have a pleasant and special association, including the sharing of enjoyable recreation and occasionally the buying of bountiful floral arrangements.
    Robin: Okay... maybe you do understand.
  • Cyborg, meanwhile, came apart when he crashlanded, and Beast Boy finds him and has to put him back together. Cut to a legless, armless Cyborg lying on a rock looking up in horror as Beast Boy starts smashing him with a sledgehammer:
    Beast Boy: Ta-da! (discreetly slides the remaining pile of metal away) Um... did I do it right?
    Cyborg (turned into a chicken, somehow): Does this look right to you?
    • While Beast Boy is hammering and the nuts and bolts are flying around, you can see Silkie soaring gracefully through the air.
    • On the second try, Beast Boy turns into a Wookiee and somehow manages to turn Cyborg into Giant Robo, complete with himself as Daisaku.
      Cyborg: What is the matter with you?! Do you even have opposable thumbs!?
      Beast Boy: Most of the time!
    • Eventually Beast Boy does manage to pull it off, but they're still missing Cyborg's hands, which means Cyborg has to talk him through fixing their parts of the T-Ship and finding their friends. Cyborg doesn't get why Beast Boy can't learn to call a part a "configuration disc", and Beast Boy doesn't get why Cyborg can't just call it a "thingy that looks like a pizza with eyeballs".
      • As they're about to crash into a mountain, Cyborg first tells Beast Boy to "engage the thruster mechanism", then resigns himself to using Buffy Speak and yells at him to "pull the red candy-cane thingamahoozit, now!"
  • Lastly, there's Raven, who runs into a pack of adorable little bulb-headed alien creatures that worship her, constantly going "Shala!!" after repeating everything she says. At first she thinks it's annoying and she wants to leave to find her friends, but by the end she's getting pampered like a goddess.


  • One of Cyborg's uses of his extra time is to market "CyBQ sauce—the official marinade of the Teen Titans".
  • When chasing Billy Numerous, Starfire gets so exhausted she falls asleep midflight...and dents a telephone pole, which she then folds up into a pillow in her sleep!
  • While Raven, Starfire, and Robin were reading the Max-7 instruction manuals, Beast Boy makes origami animals and a paper hat.
    • Comes back later when Beast Boy tries to encourage Cyborg:
      Beast Boy: I can turn into the biggest, strongest, fastest animals on Earth, but y'know what, dude? Sometimes it's best to be a slow, tiny turtle. -holds out origami turtle-
      Raven: That would've been a lot more profound without the hat.
  • The framed photos on Cyborg's wall include him and Jinx at the HIVE Academy dance from "Deception", him and Robin holding up two tiny fish from a fishing trip, and a Super-Deformed Cyborg cuddling the T-Car.

Mother Mae-Eye

  • The premise itself. The Titans wake up to find a motherly witch named Mother Mae-Eye in the tower and they're all obviously brainwashed into thinking she's their mother. Seeing the Titans, even Raven, acting like pampered little kids is bound to at least get a chuckle.
    • The Titans getting dressed up "properly" by Mother Mae-Eye. Robin just gets his hair combed flat, Starfire is put into a large Christmas wool sweater, Raven ends up in a bright yellow dress with her hair tied into two braided pigtails tied with large matching yellow bows, looking like a little girl's doll, Cyborg puts on a large yellow raincoat with oversized galoshes and a yellow rainhat, and Beast Boy is put into a pink fluffy bunny pajama costume!
    • After putting Raven in the dress and changing her hairstyle, Mother leans over and tells her "Just because you're evil on the inside (referring to how she was created by Trigon to allow him access into the world to destroy it), doesn't mean you can't look pretty on the outside", before pinching and pulling on Raven's cheek, causing her to giggle.
    • Cyborg appears already dressed in his outfit by himself to surprise mother, likely to try and earn "favorite" points. Mother than asks him if he cleaned his room, and his smile deflates as he stomps away grumbling Angrish.
  • Cyborg getting a bib reading "I'M A BIG BOY!" and gabbling happily at it. This is than followed by Raven getting her face scrubbed clean of pie filling by Mother until Raven's face is literally sparkling because of how clean it is. All the while, Raven giggles and hearts float up from her head.
  • The Titans being given a "5:00 beddy bye", and Mother tucking them in while calling them nicknames (Beasty Boo, Rae Rae, Borgy Bear, Robby Wobby, and Twinkle Star). During this, she pinches and pulls on Raven's cheek a second time!
  • "Turbo Love Pie 3000 XL"
  • "You're gonna get in trouble! You're gonna get in trouble!"
    • Especially the parts when Robin says "You broke Mother's cookies" and Raven and Cyborg go "Ohhhhh...!", as well as the part where they continue the chant while doing the Ring Around the Rosie.
  • Starfire being forced to snap the other Titans out of their trance the only way available to her: by bashing their heads in with a rolling pin.
  • When the Titans are freed, Robin asks "Why am I in a giant pie?" Beast Boy than asks "Why am I in a bunny suit?" We than cut to a furious Raven who asks "Why am I in a dress?!"
  • How it all started: Cyborg was just walking home one night through an alley and came across a gypsy selling "mystical items at reasonable prices." Three of said items at the booth are the Puppet King, Control Freak's remote, and a rubber chicken!
    Cyborg: And I'm like "cool! What should I get? Brain in a jar...monkey's paw...Ooh! Pie!." Seemed like a good idea at the time...
  • After they defeat Mother Mae-Eye:
    Beast Boy: So... she's trapped in the pie?
    Raven: Eh, sure, why not.
    Starfire: And what are we to do with this evil confection?
    Cyborg: We could eat it! (Everyone sends dirty looks at him for that suggestion since it what got them into this mess) I'm just kidding! ... mostly.

The End Parts 1, 2, & 3

  • It's both heartwarming and heartbreaking knowing why she's doing it, but the whole sequence with Raven's disastrous attempt at pancakes is iconic.
    • The scene opens with a camera panning up what appears to be a griddle covered in steaks with some kind of white growths bubbling on them. Raven pulls one up with a spatula, but whatever she did to it makes it stick so hard that when she finally flips it, it flies back into Robin's plate hard enough to throw him onto the floor.
    • They taste bad enough that all three boys are revolted and spit them out, but Robin, seeing that Raven is upset enough to have her own Personal Raincloud, at least tries to be diplomatic about it:
      Robin: Don't you think it's nice of Raven to make us breakfast?
      Cyborg [dumping syrup all over his plate]: Even though the girl has no clue how to cook.
      [Robin elbows Cyborg and points to Raven, whose raincloud has produced a flood deep enough for Beast Boy to swim in shark form]
      Cyborg: Oops, did I say that out loud? YUM!
    • Starfire describes them as "burnt on the outside, yet runny on the inside"...and delightedly compares them to incinerated glorka roaches from Tamaran, calling them "a glorious way to start the day". The boys immediately give her the rest of their helpings.
    • Raven turns to see Starfire cheerfully squirting mustard on her stack, while Cyborg pours maple syrup into Beast Boy's mouth and Robin makes a "CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG" gesture.
    • Finally, Raven's attempt at a friendly smile when she suggests they hang out later that day. You can hear the bones in her face cracking.
  • Beast Boy's "patented wet-willy maneuver". Also a Moment of Awesome, because it made Trigon cry in pain.
    • Starfire's funniest moment had to be this exchange, in part because it's played so completely straight as the Titans are losing a dramatic battle:
    Beast Boy: My butt can't take much more kicking.
    Starfire: It can, and it will!
    Season 5 

Homecoming Parts 1 & 2

  • There's evidently been a bit of a lull in crime lately, because Beast Boy has been performing "comedy" skits where he pretends to advertise the "tuborkel":
    Beast Boy: There's nothing more annoying than when you can't play your tuba in the bathtub!
    Raven: More annoying than this?
  • When Cyborg rescues Elastigirl:
    Elastigirl: Good shot! ...Whoever you are.
    Cyborg: "Whoever you are"? Hey, I've saved the Earth! Several times!
  • The end of “part 2, where the rest of the Titans discovers Beast Boy’s Embarrassing First Name.
    Cyborg: Garfield?
    Beast Boy: (laughs nervously)
    Raven (smirking devilishly): Oh, I’m gonna get a loooot of mileage out of this one.


For Real

  • Control Freak tries to surprise the Titans with his new "Ultimate Titans Challenge"...except they're not there, because they're traveling around the world fighting the Brotherhood of Evil. Cue a montage of him popping up all over the Tower, repeatedly announcing himself in a bombastic voice, before just giving up and crashing in Starfire's bedroom.
    • Silkie then crawls up to him, and Control Freak immediately leaps away in horror and lets out a high-pitched girly scream.
    • When Control Freak throws the sheets off dramatically, Silkie is launched upward and continues doing midair somersaults until Control Freak finishes his rant.
  • Cyborg asks the Titans East not to eat the turkey leg in the fridge since he's saving it. When they enter the tower, Control Freak hears it and pops up over the fridge door, shouting "Titans!" through a mouthful of turkey.
  • When Control Freak startles the Titans East, the four guys are hiding behind Bumblebee; Más y Menos pop their heads out of her hair puffs.
  • The different costumes Control Freak wears to imitate the Titans. At one point when he's cosplaying as Cyborg, he shoots his sonic cannon only for Silkie to fly out.
    • Control Freak's fanboy-gushing over Starfire:
      Control Freak: She's too good for Robin; he'll never appreciate her.
      Más y Menos: Sí!
    • During this rant, Bumblebee, Aqualad, and Speedy have made their way to the couch and are just staring at him, aghast, while eating popcorn.
    • He's also rather irked that the Titans didn't include him on their list of villains the Titans East need to watch for:
    Control Freak: The Puppet King!? They only fought him once! I'm a recurring villain!
  • Control Freak, furious that the Titans East easily beat challenges that were meant for Robin's team, is so upset that he...throws a tantrum, calls their powers "stupid", warps back into the TV screen, and pulls his eyelid down and sticks his tongue out.
  • When Cyborg calls to check in because the Tower's sensors showed weapons fire, Aqualad starts to tell him about Control Freak, but Bumblebee (not wanting Cyborg to think they can't handle things) immediately cuts in and blames it on Silkie, shoving Aqualad away so hard that he's hurled off-camera.
  • The Titans East run into Andre LeBlanc stealing from the Bank of Pèrez. Speedy simply gives Bumblebee an "after you" gesture, and she promptly begins wailing on the guy. There's a brief cut to the rest of the guys wincing before LeBlanc is thrown across the bank.
  • After Bumblebee saves some construction workers, an old woman confuses her with "Starborg". She's so aggravated that her hair puffs just fall off her head.
  • At the end, Control Freak is carried away in a straightjacket and a face mask to rival Hannibal Lector's.



  • The Teen Titans end up face-to-face with velociraptors, and try to make use of Beast Boy's abilities to communicate with them:
    Starfire: Beast Boy, perhaps you can communicate with them.
    Beast Boy (timidly): Um ... nice dinos?
    (Raptors growl)
    Raven: Hey, genius, I think she means try it in their language.
    (Beast Boy turns into a raptor, exchanges a few yips and hoots with them and then returns)
    Robin: What did they say?
    Beast Boy: Well, they want to eat us.
    (Cue Oh, Crap! expression from the Titans as the raptors attack)

Hide and Seek

  • The premise itself. Everyone else is occupied, so Raven is tasked with getting three young superheroes to a safehouse in the mountains away from the Brotherhood of Evil...except these kids are a six-year-old, a toddler, and an infant.
    • Raven immediately contacts Robin on finding this out, only to keep getting Beast Boy, who has to relay messages between the two. The only time Robin is ever actually seen is the second time Beast Boy answers the communicator, and the whole conversation reads like someone mediating a fight between two siblings.
      Beast Boy (as Robin handsprings away from explosions in the background): Uh...he's kinda in the middle of something.
      Raven: Well, tell him I don't do babysitting!
      Beast Boy (hollering off-frame): Raven told me to tell you she doesn't babysit! -pauses to listen, then turns back- Robin says you have to.
  • Raven's attempt at a bedtime story is to recount the Nightmare Fuel-ridden events of "The End".
    "Last year on my birthday, my friends got me a cake and some balloons..." -kids make happy face- "...but I couldn't enjoy it because my dad Trigon, this scary red demon with horns, took over the world and there was fire everywhere and this other guy Slade who wore a skeleton for a face came after me and..." -kids are recoiling in terror- " friends saved me and we all had cake! THE END!"
    • She also tries and fails hilariously to make a funny face at Teether, terrifying him and making him cry even harder.


  • Billy Numerous. Just him talking to his clones as if they're other people is funny, and he has some really memorable quotes.
  • An unknown red-and-gold blur keeps ruining the HIVE Five's heists.
    • Billy Numerous crashes a junior league hockey game:
    Billy 1 (shoves away the referee): "Billy Numerous owns the ice!"
    Billy 2 (riding a zamboni): "Lookie here, Billy! I stole me one of sweeper thingies!"
    Billy 3 (also riding a zamboni): I'll race ya, Billy!
    • Followed by all of the clones getting thrown into the goal before they can even think about what just happened. The dumbfounded expressions on their faces as the goal buzzer keeps sounding are gold.
    • Mammoth leaves a shop with a snack bar...promptly stolen by Kid Flash the same way he had just foiled the rest of the group. Mammoth is indignant:
      "I paid for that!"
  • When Jinx leaves in frustration over her teammates' immaturity:
    Billy Numerous: ...Y'all wanna build a fort out of sofa cushions?
    -everyone nods in agreement, including Kyd Wykkyd-
  • "Run, run, run, as fast as you can! You can't catch me...uh, catch you...I'M BILLY NUMEROUS!"
  • The HIVE Five manage to cage Kid Flash and are discussing what to do with him...while Kid Flash sneaks out of the cage twice to get some snacks. Including Mammoth's chips.
    Kid Flash: If you're called the Hive Five, how comes there are six of you?
    See-More: Because... it sounds...cooler?"
    • He asks Jinx if he can just ask her one thing. The setup looks very dramatic, like he's going to question why she's evil...and he holds up his stolen sandwich, asking if she has any mustard.
  • Kid Flash escapes and starts wrecking the HIVE hideout, not breaking from his cheerful demeanor the whole time.
    • During the high-speed chase through their hideout, he not only breaks into Jinx's room but starts flipping through her sketchbook. "I never took you for the unicorn type!" Jinx is so furious she starts hexing at him, but he's naturally too fast for her and she's just destroyed her own room. Cue an unbridled scream of rage.
  • After being chased by Madame Rouge, who cornered him by pretending to be Jinx, Kid Flash is noticeably uneasy about chatting with Jinx when she shows up.
    Kid Flash: Jinx! Are
    Jinx: -hexes the floor so a pipe bursts, soaking Kid Flash-
    Kid Flash: It's you.

Revved Up

  • Starfire and Raven, unable to fly, need to get transportation; they end up finding a bus that looks like it's headed to the villain-wannabe equivalent of Comic-Con and pretend to be the evil "Dr. Amazing Mumgon the Terrible" and "Henchy" to catch a ride, with Starfire failing at it.
    • And one of the villains recommends that "Henchy" should break out on her own, since "Dr. Mumgon" is clearly holding her back.
      Starfire: And then, after I took control of the city, I required my likeness to be carved from solid cheese, in every home.
    • It doesn't take long for them to be found out, as Raven's allergy to chicken feathers flares up and knocks the fake horns off her head and Starfire says "Galufnog" in her normal voice. Almost immediately, Starfire and Raven beat up all the passengers and take control of the bus themselves.
  • The wrecked T-Car goes through a tunnel and emerges from it at the end as Cyborg on a single axle with Beast Boy as a horse on the reins.
    Cyborg: That's right, no one can stop the T-Car!


  • In the episode in which our heroes meet and become a team, Starfire and Robin get into an argument. If you listen closely, you can hear Starfire yelling in her native language, and Robin angrily screaming "I CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU'RE SAYING!" at the top of his lungs.
  • When Robin announces he's going to track down Starfire "to find out if she's a threat":
    Cyborg: "More like find out if she'll give him another kiss."

Calling All Titans

  • Beast Boy is sent to give a communicator to Jericho, who is playing guitar atop a high mountain. Naturally, Beast Boy has to climb the whole way up, and grumbles about Robin the entire time.
    • When he finally gets to the top:
      Beast Boy: I told Robin we shouldn't separate, but he sent me up here and I just climbed up to this big mountain, and so here's your stupid communicator! -Jericho takes it- If bad guys come, you know what to do! -promptly pitches forward onto his face-

Titans Together

  • When Beast Boy tosses the Brain into the flash freezer, he points out to all the world's Titans that it's a "brain freeze". Every single one of them groans.
  • The Titans head back to the Tower after the battle, glad to be home. Immediately, Kid Flash runs up to them looking out the window and asks if they've got food. Pan over to all the Honorary Titans gathered in the Titans' living room. The main five just stare at them bug-eyed.

Things Change

  • The short "Blackfire's Babysitter". Happy Mother's Day!
  • Raven is generally a goldmine for these. Here's some good moments.
  • The end of the "Mayhem At First Sight" short.
    Slade: How come I never get to sing?
  • On the DVD commentary bits "Know Your Villains" it lists each villain, who their "nemesis" is, and where they are currently. For some of the lighter villains this can get pretty hilarious, such as The Source is currently "Lunch", Mother Mae-Eye is currently "serving pie to the H.I.V.E Five", etc.
  • Pretty much every time the characters become super-deformed. The best examples include the scene in "Masks" where Robin gets a little too aggressive in fighting Slade's robot minions and starts disturbing the rest of the team and the scene in "Winner Take All" when Wildebeest reacts to Beast Boy turning into a skunk and spraying him.
  • The short where the Titans finally catch Red X and take of his mask - to reveal several masks, including Jason Todd, Speedy, Alfred, Batman, Slade, and finally, a bomb.
    Beast Boy: I still think you're Jason Todd!
  • Just about anything Dr. Light says or does. Rodger Bumpass is a gem!
  • Any time Starfire makes that high-pitched "Eep!" sound.
    • Of course, Starfire's high-pitched squeaks don't compare to Cyborg's scream. The tallest, buffest member of the Titans Screams Like a Little Girl.
  • Gamma Rays and You
  • The beginning of "The Lost Episode" has Robin and Cyborg playing a video game, Starfire cooking alien food, and Raven reading her book when Beast Boy comes in with a boombox turned up loud and decides to crank it up more by plugging it into the main power grid, which causes everything to go haywire and the tower loses power and everything goes dark. In true Steve Urkel fashion, Beast Boy just says "Did I do that?"
    • At the end, when he's once again blasting his boombox, Beast Boy (noticing the others ignoring him) rants to the others about how he was able to beat Punk Rocket due to having his ears plugged up, only to give up and leave when they continue to ignore him. Once he does, all four pull out the cotton they had stuffed into their ears and shout "What?!".
      Cyborg: ...did he say something?

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