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This is the character sheet for MythQuest

    Bellows Family 

Alex Bellows
Played By: Christopher Jacot

Matt Bellow's son and sister to Cleo. He is overly protective of his family, and gets jealous quite easily. He is the first to go into a myth, and worries greatly whenever Cleo is in the mythworld.

Cleo Bellows
Played By: Meredith Henderson

Daughter of Matt Bellows and sister to Alex. Confined to a wheelchair because of an accident when she was young, but she is determined not to let it affect her or what she can do. She's quite bull-headed and often throws caution to the wind.

  • Bad Liar: She accidentally reveals the teens' secret to Max Asher while repeatedly trying to get information about things she shouldn't know about.
  • Brother-Sister Team: With Alex, her older brother.
  • Don't You Dare Pity Me!: She's quite resentful of attempts to help her.

Matt Bellows
Played By: Joseph Kell

The father of the teen protagonists and an eccentric archaeologist. He's a workaholic that consistently stays up all night without realizing it. He accidentally released Gorgos and then got trapped in the myth world with him. He's also shown to be dangerous when his children are threatened.

  • Disappeared Dad: He vanished into the CyberMuseum whilst studying the Gorgos stone, and now his children are looking for him.
  • Badass Bookworm: He's scrawny, but he took out two armed guards that threatened him and his daughter.
  • Tranquil Fury: He never raises his voice or acts irrationally when angered, but his quiet tone and the words he chooses after Gorgos lets Alex die reveal how utterly pissed he can get.

Lily Bellows

Played By: Wendy Anderson

Wife of Matt Bellows, and mother to the teens. She's never let in on the teens' secret, but she is a loving wife and easily-worried mother. Owns a catering service and cooking show that keeps her out of the house.

    Recurring Characters 


Played By: David Gant, Gerald Lenton Young, Earl Pastko, Domenic Zanpronga

A trickster/changeling god whose sole existence is dedicated to interfering with the other gods and mythology of humanity. He was trapped by the other gods in a special stone, from which Matt Bellows accidentally released him.

  • Big Bad: His goal is the unraveling of human mythology.
  • Bad Samaritan: He usually trys to get the teens to derail the myth by pretending to be a helpful friend.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: When he was trapped in the Gorgos Stone. Now that he's stuck in the CyberMuseum, he's still in a can, it's just a lot bigger, and it's got airholes.

Max Asher
Played By: Matthew Walker

A prominent archaeologist and good friend of the Bellows family. He eventually learns what the teens are up to and offers to help.

  • Mr. Exposition: He is supposedly an Egyptologist, but he knows about Native American mythology and can read Japanese. Whenever he's on screen, he's usually explaining something.

Barbra Fraizer
Played By: Leslie Malton

Matt Bellow's junior colleague, who is suspicious of the circumstances around Matt Bellow's disappearance. She is quick to blame the family and remains antagonistic throughout the show.

Detective Saybrook
Played By: Shaun Johnston

The detective assigned to investigate Matt Bellows' disappearance. He is sympathetic to the family, but his job requires him to be distant and suspicious.

Played By: Bill Switzer

Alex's best friend who is kept out of the loop. However, he quickly picks up on the fact that the teens are hiding something. He is hurt by the changes in Alex's behavior.


Played By: Jessica Harvey

Cleo's best friend, who listens to Cleo's problems and gives her advice.


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