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The soundtrack is composed by Alec Holowka and does a good job complimenting the different kinds of emotions that Night in the Woods represents. Take a listen to the entire OST; it's pretty nice.

  • The songs used for the trailers are a great way to set the mood. The first one is a somewhat melancholic that shows the somewhat realistic and slice-of-life side of the game, while the second one portrays its weirdness.
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  • Look no further than the title screen music, with its surreal blend of electric guitar and orchestral elements. It's like a mix between The X-Files and Stranger Things.
  • The band is actually pretty good, with songs that might obviously come from a garage band but are still a joy to listen to. "Die Anywhere Else" deserves special mention for its simple yet amazing sound.
    • "Weird Autumn". A song with memorable enough lyrics that its title was used to name the update.
    • "Pumpkin Head Guy", a punk rock track; everyone who played it was understandably caught off guard, but that still doesn't stop it from being a pretty awesome song.
  • The Astral Band makes for some amazing music. It's even more awesome in the game itself, when the instruments are added to the background music one by one, as you find the musicians. "Astral Alley", "Astral Coal", "Astral Train" and "Astral Fish" are simply awesome. Here's a playlist for the build-up versions.
  • "Fireflies on the Porch" is simply lovely. It has a serene, magical feel to it, and is very soothing to listen to.
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  • "Knife Fight", an awesome, bouncy, and pumping piece that is sure to get you hyped for knife fights against the Lord of The Snack Falcons.
  • "Possum Springs" sounds the way coming home feels.
  • "Rainy Day" is melancholy, but beautiful, and really does make you feel like you're wandering through the rain.
  • "Witch Dagger", an awesome Symphonic Doom Metal song that would surprise you for existing in this kind of game.
  • "Skate Wolf", the song that plays on the game that Germ is playing, might just give people a little bit of nostalgia for the Tony Hawk games.
  • With the release of the Weird Autumn Update, a lot of new awesome songs were added, and some are available to play in Bass Practice in Mae's room.
  • "Mallard's Tomb" wraps you up in a warm blanket, feeds you pretzels and leaves you feeling safe and loved.
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  • "Dance Party", an amazing track played in the dance club Mae and Bea visited. There's a good chance you'll find yourself wanting to dance along with Mae (who displays some pretty sweet dance animations at that point) while listening to that tune.

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