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  • The ending theme from NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, Dreams Dreams. Doubles as Heartwarming Music, especially after the way its remix was used in the final stage, Bell Bridge. The Sweet Snow version is more touching in that it takes a more soft approach to the lyrics in a manner fitting of its title.
  • Also from that game, there is the Sky Concert mission. For that mission, you essentially fly through the sky hitting musical notes on your way, and the better you do, the more beautiful the song becomes. This is what a perfect score sounds like.
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  • Growing Wings, for that matter, a triumphant instrumental version of "Dreams, Dreams" used in Twin Seeds in Into Dreams and Bellbridge in Journey of Dreams. Goes with a pretty awesome segment of each game, too.
  • Drifting Donbalon. The sheer awesomeness of its haunting male choir and creepy circus music will make you wish the music didn't stop after pressing pause.
  • Crystal Choir is very soothing.
  • D'Force Master takes the final boss theme of the first game and kicks it up to epic proportions, growing in intensity as the song proceeds.


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