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It Makes Sense in Context and it's hilarious.

WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages.


  • Mae's open dislike of Steve Scriggins.
    Mae: Scriggins! Bite my entire ass!
    Steve: What?
    Mae: Go legally brain dead from lack of oxygen due to choking on my entire ass!
    Steve: I... I... What?
  • Mae's conversations with her mom about the books she's reading, which are all either dramatic unsolved mysteries or ridiculously tragic survival stories, like the story of a boy who lived at the bottom of a well and was raised by eels.
    Candy: Eels, honey!
  • When the gang eats pizza, pick up the piece closest to Angus and watch as he cannot seem to reach the second piece.
  • Pick up the single most disgusting combinations for Dinner at Bea's, though this may be the implication.
  • Bea discussing losing her virginity at, of all places, math camp.
    Goth Teen: What is math camp?
    Bea: You go and do math stuff, and camp stuff.
    Mae: And apparently have lots of sex?!?
    Bea: It wasn't good. Top notch math though.
  • What exactly happened between Mae and Cole on their disastrous prom night remains very much a Noodle Incident throughout most of the game... Unless you choose to select "One time in High School..." as the answer to Mae's most embarrassing moment when questioned by the Goth Teens. Mae then goes on to recount the entire messy story from start to finish.
    Goth Teen: That was seriously messed up.
    Bea: Can we pass now?
    Goth Teen: Yeah, nobody's going to top that.
    • All three stories are callbacks to Mae's three answers to Selmers' question: "You know what's great?" All of which Mae outright denies ever happening when Selmers asks her about it.
  • Mae and Gregg working together to revive one of the animatronics from the closed-down Food Donkey. It ends with Mae on the floor reeling from an electric shock, Gregg flailing in joy, and Angus coming home to everything and being mildly concerned about both of these things.
    • Also, the first time she got electrocuted from the Car Battery, she had a vision of Sharkle in her near death experience, (actually Gregg posing as Sharkle in the real world) who either tells her she's dead or not, and if she's dead, Sharkle would tell her he either take her to Heaven or Hell. And the Interactions are just hilarious.
      • If you select that Mae is dead and "Uh... could have gone better":
      Mae: Ah Frig.
      Sharkle: I'm sorry, but it's off to Hell for you.
      Mae: Dang.
      Sharkle: Mae Borrowski, I declare thee danged.
      Mae: Oh well.
      Sharkle: You're in good company. Lots of folks been danged.
      Mae: I regret nothing.
      • If you select that Mae is dead and "Tonight you shall join you ancestors in the stars":
      Mae: Oh. That's nice.
      Sharkle: Yes. Yes it is nice.
      Mae: So like, all of my ancestors.
      Sharkle: Yes. All of them.
      Mae: Like back to the Fishes and Dinosaurs? Because Evolution?
      Sharkle: Yes. Probably.
      Mae: That's neat.
      • If you select that Mae is not dead and selecting "Yes" that she is meant for great things:
      Mae: Wow.
      Sharkle: Yes.
      Mae: Can you be any more specific?
      Sharkle: Nope.
      Mae: OK.
      • If you select that Mae is not dead and selecting "Not Really, no":
      Mae: Oh.
      Sharkle: Yeah, I'm not gonna lie here.
      Mae: I appreciate it.
      Sharkle: This is awkward.
      Mae: Don't feel bad, Sharkle.
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  • Mae and Gregg's running joke of "Too bad you didn't *insert ridiculous and painful death here*"
  • Mae thanking the gang for gathering together to discuss the ghost, only for Angus to point out that they're meeting in his and Gregg's living room. Twice.
  • Gregg just casually working at the Snack Falcon with soda cups on his ears. When Mae starts talking to him he just says "Got cups on my ears." like it's a normal thing.
  • Germ telling Mae about the rabid possum he saw crawling across the road:
    Mae: Had it been hit by a car?
    Germ: Naw, just rabid.
    Mae: What happened to it?
  • Mae breaking a tree branch in order to collapse a gate at the cemetery in order to let Bea inside. Bea commends Mae's skill for athletics and breaking things.
    Mae, who just fell down and landed in a heap: My back hurts.
  • Half of Mae's dialogue is crazy and/or deadpan funny. Bea is highly sarcastic. Angus is often a bit slow and takes many things serious and literal. And Gregg is Gregg. 90% of any conversation with these characters that aren't dramatic could easily be quoted here.
    Angus: Why is this a douchebag song???
  • If you feed the rats, the endgame has them taking over the abandoned Food Donkey... and also Bea's hardware store and parts of downtown. Mae is clearly overjoyed. Then Bea bursts her bubble.
    "Yeah, we literally sell rat poison. They're going down."
  • Disappointed with how badly the trip to Donut Wolf is going, Mae excuses herself to the bathroom solely to mope about the situation before deciding to trash the place. The long and glorious sequence is interrupted by Gregg, who came to find her.
    Gregg: Kind of a weird question, but did you go before you decided to trash the bathroom, or...?
    Mae: God Gregg, I didn't even have to go.
    Gregg: OK! Geez!
    Gregg: We have a table for when you're done.
    Mae: Leave.
    Gregg: Right, OK.
  • After Gregg talks with Mae about having arguments with Angus in the woods at sunset, we get a hilarious Mood Whiplash:
    Gregg: Angus is good. Nice, smart, hot, cool dude. Down to chill. Et cetra.
    Mae: Greggcetra.
    Gregg: And you know...
    Gregg: He's got that ass.
    Mae: Oh my God, *thank you* for finally saying it.
    Gregg: It's a fantastic ass right?
    Mae: Fantastic. (nods in agreement)
    Gregg: Okay, I don't feel comfortable with you objectifying my boyfriend.
    Mae: Only his ass.
    • If Mae took Angus first to Possum Jump to see the constellations and the ghost and then got to the laptop to chat, she can chat with Gregg, who says that he'll get Angus to borrow his chat avatar for a bit. While she and Angus chat about what the ghost looks like, Gregg takes a moment to briefly hijack Angus' chat avatar and comment on how Angus has a "delicate ass" and post an indecent drawing before heading back. When Mae clicks on Angus' chat avatar afterward, she sees Gregg's witty and obscene comments before Angus speaks up again, looking all confused about the picture Gregg just drew.
  • When the group ends up trapped in the mine before Angus sees the air coming though and starts finding a way out, Gregg follows the whole Dying Declaration of Love trope and...
    Gregg: Angus?
    Angus: Yes?
  • From Mae's monologue when examining herself in the mirror before the first party, if you choose the less self-critical thoughts:
    Mae: I'm being body positive! Just like the Internet said.
  • After an especially disconcerting nightmare, Gregg tries to cheer Mae up. Good lord, he tries.
    Gregg: Can I offer you a complimentary slushie?
    Mae: To replace the idea of a caring god?
    Gregg: I can throw in some chips???
  • Drunk Mae, full stop.
    Mae: I'm gonna go run around naked in the wooooooods!!!!!
    Bea: Go. Sit. Now.
    Mae: (regarding her college experience) All those rich kids and hot people, all writing sex and having papers with each other!
    Angus: Close enough!
  • Mae and Selmers, when discussing the laundromat.
    Mae: One time, Gregg got locked in one of the tumble dryers.
    Selmers: Did he die?
    Mae: He wanted me to start it, but I chickened out.
    Selmers: He definitely would've died.
    Mae: Tell him that! He's still mad.
  • This exchange, if you go with Bea to Mrs. Miranda's.
    Mrs. Miranda: Thank you for coming on such short notice.
    Bea: It's no problem.
    Mrs. Miranda: I can sleep through a four-alarm fire, but that furnace...
    Bea: We'll take a look at it.
    Mrs. Miranda: Ever since Gene passed, I just can't abide that thumping.
    Bea: Understandable.
    Mrs. Miranda: Gene was such a darling man.
    Mae: (to Bea) Hey, what did you mean by, "Hold that thought?"
    Bea: (to Mae) Wait for it...
    Mrs. Miranda: I'll never forgive them for taking him away...
    Bea: Uh-huh.
    Mrs. Miranda: Ain't like I didn't treat him right... I looked it up on the internet. He didn't smell or nothing!
    Bea: (to Mae) Wait... for... it...
    Mrs. Miranda: You can't take a woman's husband just because he's dead!
    Bea: There it is.
    Mae: Holy God.
    Mrs. Miranda: Took him right off that couch.
    Bea: It's a crime.
    Mae: Yeah, a crime was definitely committed, alright...
  • Mae repeatedly frying her eyes when trying to look for Dusk Stars because she neglected to put the filter on first. It happens enough that eventually she either catches on or just stops mentioning it.
  • The fact that the Janitor, note  rigged a soda machine to get free soda. With the rationale of "it's after hours so it's not stealing".
  • In Lost Constellation, at the part where Adina arrives to where the Forest God reside, you get to control Adina to walk off the cliff, and instead of a game over, Mae will interrupt her grandfather's storytelling that she jump off the cliff, which he immediately denies it. But, even the scene change back to where Adina was, the player can keep on sending her off the cliff, which led to Mae interrupting again, to which her grandfather switching to "Charity Bearity" while Adina continues to jump off the cliff.
    • And to make it final, her grandfather reaffirm that Adina never jumps off the cliff no matter what, and finally continues where they left off. Then when you control Adina again, you met with an invisible wall that prevents her from jumping off again. Don't believe me? Here's the video.
  • Various product names mentioned throughout the game can be worth a chuckle, like the soda company called Fiasco and its mascot Fiasco Fox, as well as soda names like "Fiascola" (which Mae calls "Freeasscola" when she hands it to the Janitor) and "Lime Fiasco". Also the "Bluclear Squeezer" Mae mentions when talking about juice.
  • Mae trying to resign herself to drinking beer at parties, even though she finds it disgusting.
    Mae: I guess beer is just one of those horrible things adults do. Like doing taxes and having babies.
  • Mae's first conversation with Angus' coworker.
    Coworker: Can I help you?
    Mae: Where's Angus?
    Coworker: Oh he works dayshift?
    Mae: It is day?
    Coworker: I got here early?
    Mae: Any idea where he is?
    Coworker: I assume he went home? He lives next door? Go inside and ring the buzzer?
    Mae: Really?
    Coworker: Yeah?
    Mae: Huh?
  • Most of the doodles in Mae's journal are downright hilarious. To start:
    • Every interaction with Gregg ends with a Running Gag of Gregg's head and "Gregg rulz ok". In the Weird Autumn Edition, if she meets with his cousin Jen near Bruce's hideout, her doodle writes up a picture of Jen, ending with "Gregg's cousin ok".
      • After dinner at the Clik Clak Diner, her journal shows a depiction of "Greggory's Pizza Chart", with "Fancy" depicted as "Too fancy", "Normal Delivery", "Frozen", "Cheap", and "Bad" depicted as "Good as hell", and "Uneatable" depicted as "Avoid". Followed, as usual, with Gregg's head and "Gregg rulz ok".
      • In the Weird Autumn Edition, after Mae plays "Space Dragon" on her bass in her attic room, her journal shows doodles of attempts to write a space dragon head before giving up and ending with the words "How the hell do you draw a space dragon?"
    • One of the pages shows a doodle of comic strip panels in a horizontal way, with Gregg saying, "Hello Bea" and "Did u get my texts".
    • After an incident at a forest party, the doodle on her journal page says, "Thought: Never drink again or go in public", below which is Mae's dizzy head with vomit traces on her mouth saying "Blah blah dumb shit".
      • Right before the party, though, when Mae meets up with Molly, who warns her about the dangers of a party after the arm incident at the Clik Clak Diner, the journal page says, "Thought: Aunt Mallcop is planning to kill me", followed by two pics of Molly's head wearing a police cap, and repeated words of "ACAB".
    • When Mae chats with her mother Candy after the party, her journal page shows a doodle of a smiling Mae walking on a telephone pole wire, and inscribed on the bottom are the words that would make Ice Cube and N.W.A. proud: "EFF THE COPS".
    • When Mae sees the sewer mural getting vandalized, her journal doodle says "Thought:", at the bottom of which is a mushroom cloud explosion that says "Nuke Possum Springs" and a few people getting blown up.
    • When Mae enters a music club on a roof and sees Sadie playing a sax and surrounded by pigeons, her doodle page shows a pic of said pigeons with the inscription "Hella birds".
    • After Bea's third hangout, Mae's journal doodle depicts Bea and a list of bad things Mae has done before concluding with "I am garbage!"... followed by Mr. Santello's head saying "Football".
    • After listening to Fisherman Joe's second poem in the tunnel, especially his attempt to rhyme storm with "horm" (home), Mae doodles a fish with a hat and a briefcase saying "Honey, I'm Horm".

Let's Plays/Meta

  • Jesse Cox and Dodger both played this game on Twitch, which led to some funny moments (watch Jesse's playthrough here and Dodger's here):
    • The twitch chats kept saying "EELS HONEY" whenever Mae's mom was on screen and "CRIMES" when Gregg showed up.
    • Dodger grew up in a small town similar to this one and kept relating stories about things that had happened to her that were exactly like stuff in the game.
    • The chats decided Mae was Dodger, Gregg was Jesse, Angus was TB and Germ was Crendor (aka "Crenbird").
    • When talking about the game on the Co-Optional Podcast, Jesse describes the game as being basically Dodger's subconsious.
  • Cryaotic also plays it. While mostly like most other Let's Plays, it is undeniably funny when he decided in Episode 3 to change the voice for Mae's mom to that of a baritone heavy smoker. Angel (who plays with him) is stuck laughing about it for minutes and cracks up whenever he uses it.
  • NicoB plays this in his livestreams, using his unique voices for the main cast: Mae (Futaba voice), Bea (Kirigiri voice), Gregg (Majima voice), Angus (Kiryu voice) and of course, Germ (Shuichi voice) aka "Shuichi Bird".
  • From a Word of God post concerning Mae's sexuality:
    Scott Benson: "like mae probably hasn't discovered the word "pansexual" yet. mae barely knows that whales aren't fish or that you shouldn't microwave silverware."
  • Voidburger of Retsupurae fame took 11 minutes to get one jump right, except for the one time she didn't.
  • The image on this page was passed around on social media by someone who described as "Night in the Woods in one image". Sure enough a lot of people agreed.
  • Jacksepticeye has some prescient moments while playing, mostly because he connects most with Gregg. Specifically at the party. Jack sees the guitar player and says there's a douchebag at every party who's playing a guitar. He makes up a song poking fun at the guitar player. A few minutes later Gregg says the guitar player is doing the douchebag hits, while Mae says there's one at every party.
  • The Accurate NITW, Incorrect NITW Quote and NITW Edits (too bad that they stopped making it) Tumblrs are quite the gold mines for laughs.


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