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Trivia / Night in the Woods

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  • Avoid the Dreaded G Rating: Inverted, as according Word of God: Game's usage of the Unusual Euphemism "eff" instead of "fuck" was to avoid getting the game labelled with an "M" rating.
  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: An article from Game Informer incorrectly says Gregg is a wolf.
  • Jossed:
    • The Weird Autumn update seems to be this for the theory that Aunt Molly was part of the cult, as she shows up in the epilogue and presses Mae for what happened a night ago, and seems to legitimately have no clue about the events that passed. The same goes for all four members of the town council, who are angrily debating the salting of roads after the sealing of the Cult.
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    • The fanon that all the characters are actually non-furry humans and Mae is just hallucinating them as anthropomorphic animals was quite bluntly debunked by Word of God: "it's not a metaphor".
    • A lot of fans, especially fanfiction writers, thought Casey was the one who wrote the song "Die Anywhere Else", but that has been debunked.
  • Missing Trailer Scene:
    • Mae telling Gregg that "Everything sucks forever", as mentioned in the quote. In the game proper, Lori M. says this line in the epilogue.
    • One of the pre-release screenshots had the red-furred mouse girl who hangs out with the other teens in the tunnel saying, "Our parents told us not to talk to you." As with the above, this line was given to Lori M. instead, another mouse, at the statue near the Ol' Pickaxe.
  • Unwinnable by Mistake: Not 'unwinnable' per-se, but as of writing, several of the achievements on Steam are bugged, including ones gotten for completing playthroughs of the game and doing certain tasks, such as shooting the dummy of the Forest God in the head with the crossbow or giving the tooth Mae finds in the crawlspace to her father.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • One last outing with Germ and his family was planned, but cut for unknown reasons. It's still in the files, but with a lot of graphics missing. Oddly enough, the description of for the achievement associated with Germ's relationship line references a trampoline, which is present in this scene, albeit without any graphics. With the Weird Autumn update, this scene has been fully introduced.
    • There was originally a scene about Jackie's transition, but it was cut and forgot to be moved somewhere else. The dev has expressed interest in implementing it in a patch when he can find somewhere he can put it naturally. While not gone into in any great detail, the Weird Autumn update now has Mae and Bea briefly mention Jackie being trans during their last hangout.
    • The whole game, really. Looking at the Kickstarter description, it talks about how Mae starts to acquire "mysterious abilities", like astral projection that would allow her to explore different areas of the town. In the game proper, however, Mae only has the ability to jump, with the different parts of town being unlocked progressively during the game. These astral projections were most likely recycled into the dreams that Mae has.
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    • Bruce and Pastor K's story arc could have originally ended with Bruce taking up residence in a room behind the unusable door in Mallard's Tomb. A hidden room in the same map can be entered with noclip, and it turns out to be in pretty good condition compared to the rest of the tomb with a bed, a dresser, and a refrigerator; the religious iconography above the bed suggests that Pastor K might have had a hand in setting up the room. Mae also uses the opportunity to discuss her otherwise-unmentioned grandmother. The room is accessible in the Weird Autumn update, but doesn't elaborate on the Bruce and Pastor K situation at all.
    Mae: Pour one out for grandmama.
    • There's a few scenes and conversations still left in the game's files from demo versions, such as Mae extending her monologue about burning her room around her to imitate an estate agent attempting to sell the house afterwards (and mentioning the shrieking ghost of the girl that haunts the house), to Mae's mom discussing a movie she's planning on watching with Mae. Mae would also meet Bruce and Pastor K in town instead of outside the church, with the latter trying to persuade Bruce to eat in the Clik Clak. Lori M. also reveals that the other mouse that hangs around with the teenagers in the tunnel is actually her sister and also readily accuses Steve Scriggins of vandalizing the tunnel mural when questioned about it.
  • Word of God: As found on the developer's curiouscat:


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