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Awesome Music / Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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  • If these two trailers are anything to go by, Deus Ex: Human Revolution with have a truly epic soundtrack. The trailer music is actually available for download here.
  • The trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution features "Icarus" by the game's composer, Michael McCann. Even better, the DX:HR website now has it available for free download due to the interest in it. The full version of Icarus plays over the end credits. And it is glorious.
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  • The ambient theme playing while in the Sarif Industries HQ (also doubles as one of the menu themes) is very soothing and peaceful. Misha Mansoor of Periphery made a heavier rearrangement of this song for the ending credits of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The heavy and intense nature of this version perfectly fits the sequel's darker atmosphere and is nothing short of awesome to listen to.
  • Pretty much the entire soundtrack qualifies, as well. Enjoy.
  • The original Deus Ex theme coming back after the credits and The Stinger.
  • A scratchy version of the original Deus Ex theme playable on a gramophone in Megan's "white" room towards the end of the game
  • The fight music for the Detroit police station is engaging enough you actually want to get into fights with heavily-armed cops.
  • The ambient themes that play while roaming the streets of Detroit and Hengsha certainly add to the atmosphere of the cities. Detroits fight Themes are especially awesome.
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  • The intro sequence, when the soundtrack starts paraphrasing theme from UNATCO as you enter Sarif's office.
  • Opening credits. There, on the operating table a human named Adam Jensen died. A new entity, however, sprang to life. Half-human, half-machine, half-god. 150% awesome.
  • A very intense song plays while infiltrating the secret FEMA facility.
  • The songs that play in the Detroit Limb Clinic and the one in Hengsha respectively, capture the feel of getting augmented.
  • Anything from Picus, really.
  • "Men Like Us", or the boss theme from when you fight Jaron.
  • The music when you enter the Tai Yong Medical office in Upper Hengsha. It starts off as breathtakingly beautiful and relaxing before suddenly crashing into an intense and epic track, perfectly capturing the intense fights you could get into against the Belltower guards.
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  • Dat club music.
  • The Mole, which feels like it's channelling Deus Ex with some of the better parts of the Mass Effect trilogy soundtrack.
  • It's fan music, but Miracle of Sound's 'The New Black Gold qualifies. The tune of the song fits in perfectly with the game's actual songs and the lyrics ring true to the game's struggles. Now has an improved version in celebration of his 100th video.


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