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Quotes / Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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Adam Jensen: I never asked for this. ... (vision of Megan Reed's abduction by the Tyrants) She was lost to me... If you wanna make enemies — try to change something. The year, is 2027. It is a time of great innovation and technological advancement. It's also a time of chaos and conspiracy. ... I don't even know whose side I'm on.
Eliza Cassan: Breaking news: the riots continue in the streets of Detroit. Protesters rallying outside of Sarif Industries. One of the world's leaders in the controversial science of human augmentation.
David Sarif: These people Adam, they're like ghosts, always in the shadows. Always hiding behind lies, and proxy soldiers. I need you to find them. They can not stop us. They can not stop the future.
Adam: I never had a choice with what happened to me...
LIMB Trauma Surgeon: How do you feel, Adam? The body may heal, but the mind is not always so resilient.
Adam: Corporations have more power than the government. Everyone is fighting for power. For control.
Lawrence Barrett: You'll never find them!
Adam: I'll never stop looking.