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  • Perhaps the foremost example is some player's behavior. More than one person has created endless amusement by playing Adam Jensen as a psychopath.
  • While talking to Pritchard at Sarif Industries, one of the offhand comments he'll make during the conversation is "Jensen, I know your body's been going through a lot of changes lately, but you didn't become a woman. Stay out of the ladies restroom." The unexpectedness of it was a real treat.
    • It's a Shout-Out to the first game. When you first visited the UNATCO HQ, you could go into the woman's restrooms, where a woman using it would chide you for being in there. Manderley would later chew you out for being in there during the first debriefing.
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    • Even made more funny when you were sneaking into the Lady's Restroom to listen in on their chat only to then get berated with that comment.
  • You can sucker punch anyone (excluding certain zones). That's right: anyone. A small taste.
    • It's hilarious when used in context. The lady outside your apartment who scorns you for having augs? Cold cock her.
    • If you perform a non-lethal double takedown behind two enemies, Jensen could end up kicking one of them in the back of the knee and quickly grabbing the second person and positioning them. The first person will stand back up and take a swing at Jensen, but ends up knocking out the second person. Then Jensen finishes the first person off with a few body shots and a hard throw to the floor.
    • Equally hilarious is the variant Adam does when he's facing someone. No special moves. He just hauls off and decks them.
    • Another one, hilarious in its brutal simplicity compared with other, more complex ones, is that Jensen just grabs the first target and headbutts him/her, then turns, grabs the second one, headbutts him/her, and walks on.
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    • Several of the two-person non-lethal takedowns start by your targets attacking Jensen first and him expertly countering their assaults. However, since you can do it on any two people, you're just as likely to counter two hardened security officers as street prostitutes.
    • What a shame.
    • One lethal take down has Jensen picking up one of the enemies, and dropping him onto the other followed by a quick stab through both. Bloody Hilarious at its finest.
    • You could perform feats of Predator-like badassery just by generally cloaking up and then performing a takedown, or sometimes the multiple takedown. Its downright hilarious to see yet another guy look around for you, unsure where you are, and perform yet another takedown, uncloaking in the process. It might be highly energy consuming but it's worth it.
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    • The ultimate example of Jensen's epic-level face punching prowess is that, during the boss battle with Namir, with the right timing the player can trigger a takedown and kill him with a single punch to the jaw.
      • The first time, it was a Good Bad Bug and fixed for the Director's Cut, but apparently he retains the takedown vulnerability when he decloaks after throwing gas grenades. So you can still lay him out in ONE PUUUUUNCH.
  • Jensen's dance moves.
    • Somebody else has suggested muting that video, and substituting this song from Orgazmo.
  • "Malik? Remind me to never piss you off."Context 
    • Malik mentioned that Lee Hong is not the smartest tool in the shed. How dumb is he, exactly? Just take the code on his door: 1234.
    • From the same mission, if you kill Lee Hong rather than do as Faridah asks:
    Malik: What the hell, Jensen, I never said anything about killing him!
    Adam: Would you believe me if I said it was an accident?
    • Or if you knock him unconscious before talking to him:
    Malik: Jensen! Why did you do that? How exactly do you plan on getting a confession out of someone who's unconscious!
    Adam: Shit happens. I'm sorry.
  • Omega Ranch is a secret facility of secret facilities. It's patrolled regularly by guards, robots, the best electronic security that you can get...and they still get spammed by Nigerian Scam emails.
    • Possibly due to how the security team keeps downloading animal porn and putting it on one of the scientists computers to mess with him.
  • Finding a "Final Fantasy XXVII" poster in Pritchard's office and the Omega Ranch was a nice bit of self-referential humor from Square Enix.
    • Amusingly in Omega Ranch the posters are in the barracks room of some soldier. That guy must be a serious geek when he isn't guarding a top secret facility for an evil conspiracy.
  • At the Omega Ranch, you can read elaborately-worded emails sent by an angry scientist complaining that someone keeps putting animal porn on his computer. He requests security help him catch the perpetrator. When you get further inside the Ranch, however, it becomes apparent that the security guards are the ones pranking him. They also did something with his stapler.
  • One of the emails you read on the Omega Ranch is from the office administrator, who notes that people have been using equipment as benches due to a lack of chairs. After a long winded explanation of how the tensile strength is not enough to support a human's weight, he ends "In short, stop breaking shit with your fat asses. XOXOXO, The Management."
  • After you hack into Pritchard's computer, you will see his email regarding to his rejected drama script from Picus TV. The producer doesn't like his script about a super hacker who saves the world via desktop (like himself) and suggests that characters such as vigilante ex-cops who fight crime while trying to maintain their morals (like Jensen) are more popular. No wonder why he doesn't like Jensen that much.
  • In the Picus Sub-Basement, one employee complains via email that the partially holographic statue of the MJ-12 logo out front is a waste of money that looks like something out of a Bond movie. Another employee simply retorts that "It looks cool."
  • On a side mission to find out about the death of Malik's friend, Adam Jensen has to meet with someone called Anonymous X and say the phrase "Death and Life have their determined appointments." To which he would reply "Riches and honor depend upon heaven." Adam comments it sounds like a bad spy movie but the real gem is when you meet with Anonymous X. Adam can be professional and say the phrase, he can be impatient and just demand Anonymous X to give Adam what he wants or he can be dismissive and the conversation goes as such:
    Adam Jensen: Something, something, Death and taxes. Confucius.
    Anonymous X: What? Wait, that - that's not it at all! That's not even close!
    Adam Jensen: Does it matter?
    Anonymous X: Of course it matters! Otherwise, how am I supposed to know you're- You were supposed to say 'death and life have their determined appointments'! Then I say 'riches and honor depend upon heaven'!
    Adam Jensen: Okay. 'Death and life have their determined appointments'.
    Anonymous X: Riches and hon- oh nevermind! You ruined the whole thing!
    • The best thing about Anonymous X is his #Chan hat.
      • As soon as Malik first says the name "Anonymous X" she immediately follows with "I know, I know..." as if saying "Yes, that Anonymous".
    • The real kicker is the way Jensen says the "Something, something" line. Which is to say that he delivers it with his usual dead-serious Guttural Growler tone.
    • Even more fantastic; take the third choice:
    Jensen: Nice hat. I'm here for Evelyn's autopsy report.
    Anonymous X: What? Are you mad?!
    Jensen: No, just impatient.
    • The capstone to the entire thing, though, is to pay off Anonymous X when he asks for his money, and then knock him out and take your cash back. There's no real reason to do this (you can just refuse to pay him and walk away over his protests) except because you can. Hell, it's arguably just as entertaining to refuse to pay.
    Jensen: Word to the wise. If you're going to extort money from someone, don't wait until after you've given them what they want.
    • Then punch him in the face anyway.
  • After Pritchard relays Jensen a message from Zeke Sanders, Jensen takes the opportunity to correct Pritchard's pronunciation of the word "cholo" in the most condescending tone possible.
  • Just this:
    Gang member: Rest in peace, Big Rizzle.
    Jensen: (completely uninterested) Yeah, RIP.
  • In a brilliant case of Developers' Foresight, you might feel so inclined to break into all the officers at Sarif HQ to steal anything you can, especially when you get asked to investigate some offices. Well do that, then when you revisit the building later on, be sure to check your office e-mails. You discover that there has been an office bandit' going around stealing everything, with wild accusations flying around. You get asked to investigate but of course you find no leads.
  • Overhearing the argument between Mei and her manager at the Hung Hua Hotel will get you this:
    Mei: Tell your customers to get augmentations themselves and go fuck themselves!
  • On the sidequest to rescue a kidnapped prostitute in Hengsha, Jensen has to talk to an informant who demands a bribe. If you refuse, he'll point out that you can't expect to just knock him out, as he doesn't just conveniently carry that information on him. If you do knock him out....he really won't have that information anywhere on him. On the other hand, after you pay him, there's nothing stopping you from knocking him out and getting your money back.
  • Trying to use the Social Enhancer on Malik.
  • Absolutely anything involving vending machines or refrigerators. Especially this.
  • Adam Jensen walks into a bar...
  • "Nice sunglasses. But it's night-time, you dig?" (Note, the music doesn't actually play in the game itself.)
  • When Pritchard calls Jensen to bug him about an early mission if you've been roaming around instead of, you know, completing the objective, Jensen formally calls him "Francis".
  • When Jensen meets a corrupt cop (posing as a hired killer to murder a witness), one of the responses is pretty funny:
    O'Malley: Were you followed?
  • Some of the Picus news crawls are hilarious.
    Wisconsin cheese-eating champion dead of lactose intolerance.
    "So You Think You Can Dodge Traffic" was pulled from the network today.
  • Anyone you end up bribing or otherwise paying money to can be immediately cold-cocked in the face to get your money back. You can even bypass the entire conversation/sidequest with Brian Tindell by simply rolling up to him while he's sitting there and walloping him in the nose, then taking the recording from him.
    • Take down the two drug dealers before you talk to him, then agree to help him. When Brian tells Adam the names of the drug dealers, Adam's response is along the lines of: "Wait, those guys? Yeah, they're actually out of the picture. They'd... already stepped on the wrong toes."
  • When Tong contacts you directly though your personal communications link:
    Jensen: Tong! How did you get my frequency?
    • Tong in general is hilarious when he's playing dumb with Jensen...
    Jensen: I'm looking for a man named Arie van Bruggen.
    Tong: Never heard of him. What he do? Steal your girl? Owe you money?
    • Or...
    Jensen: Vasili Sevchenko.
    Tong: Never touch the stuff.
    • Which leads to some fridge humor since Tong is currently wearing Sevchenko's arm, so he is actually touching Vasili.
  • Windmill's apartment in Hengsha has a bunch of post-it notes stuck to his workstation. Several of them have girls' phone numbers on them... along with doodles of the Forever Alone guy.
  • Everyone can get Jensen's frequency, from random hackers to crimelords. And he's always surprised.
  • In the Picus sub-basement you can find an email regarding their plans to discredit someone capable of exposing Taggart's ties to Purity First by forging and leaking an incriminating video. Said e-mail asks the recipient for input as to what the video will contain: "home porno or racist drug-induced violent episode?"
  • What could pretty much count as the abridged version of Deus Ex Human Revolution: Adam Jensen, augmented people person.
  • When in the FEMA internment camp you can find a guard with the key code for his quarters in his pocket. You will also find a note from the IT guy announcing that after all the times that guy's forgotten his code, he's getting the damn thing written down so the guy will stop pestering him, no matter how many security protocols it breaks.
  • Failing the dialogue with Wayne Haas in the Police Department gives you a two-way snark exchange between Jensen and his boss.
    Jensen: Hey, uh, boss. How badly do you want that report?
    Sarif: If you're considering multiple homicides to get it, I suggest you back off and look for a less, uh... conspicuous way in. From outside the building.
  • When Adam finds Sarif in his apartment, he gets out two glasses, a bottle of whiskey, and pours himself a glass while he asks Sarif a question. He clearly doesn't like Sarif's answer, and doesn't pour Sarif a glass as a result.
  • Before you go to the convention center to confront Taggart about Sandoval's involvement with the kidnapping, Sarif tells you that the guy is having a press conference.
    Sarif: Bitch even sent me an invite.
  • The whiskey you can find in the game is of the distinguished Tango Foxtrot brand.
  • Fan-run Deus Ex Wiki has a funny idea of explaining Typhoon Explosive System.
  • Meta Example: Megan Reed is voiced by Michelle Boback, who is married to Adam Jensen's voice actor; Elias Toufexis. According to this video, Elias and Michelle got into an argument on the morning of the day they were to record Adam and Megan arguing after Adam rescues her at the Omega Ranch and confronts her about using his DNA for her research. Both decided not to make up until afterwards and thus were ''genuinely'' angry at each other when recording the scene.
    Elias: So the point is, fight with your wife as much as possible.

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