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  • When Buck beats up Kate's first boyfriend because he was being rough with her. Then Marshall has his own when he joins in.
  • Season One, Episode 6, "Transition." For the entire episode, Tara's parents have been trying to get the kids to stay with them and attend private school. This even after Max has told Tara's dad to mind his own business ("Maybe you should have paid more attention to your own kids"). But they keep waking up with a wet bed. As it turns out, it's Gimme, but they don't know this. Max uses this to his advantage, and tells them "Don't worry, I'll take care of the sheets. Your secret is safe with me. How do you expect to take care of anyone else when you can't take care of yourself?"
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  • Grandma Sandi's Kirk Summation for Bryce Craine. She was the only one who was able to actually stand up to him, and it was so unexpected because she's a doe-eyed hoarder and Cloudcuckoolander. The scene was even set up as a Kick the Dog moment, but The Dog Bites Back.


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