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Tear Jerker / United States of Tara

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  • "Crunchy Ice" in its entirety. Bryce apparently kills off all of the other alters while driving the rest of the family nuts. Everyone begins to question whether sticking around for Tara is the best option and if she should be put in a home. More than one "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight is attempted, but each fail horribly. When Tara resurfaces, Bryce had left her relationship with her entire family, especially Marshall, in shambles. At the end of the episode Tara attempts suicide.
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  • The end of Abundance. Alice believing she was pregnant was treated as a silly annoyance that Max and the others simply humor her with. But it stops being funny once she has an emotional breakdown after she believes she has had a miscarriage, as Max tries in vain to console her.
  • When Marshall watches the tape of Lionel saying what he would do in ten years. When the camera pans to Marshall's face and he is in grief-stricken tears, it's heartbreaking.
  • In season 3, each of the alters deaths, and their final moments. Half the season was devoted to showing the alters working with Tara and becoming a family of close friends helping her life instead of stealing it. We finally no longer saw them as dangers. And then we watch them die, as Tara is powerless to protect them. Each of their final last words to whoever is there, even if comical, is incredibly emotional knowing that this is their final goodbyes before knowingly walking to their death. Alice's midsentence murder while trying to console Marshall was what finally tipped him over the edge.

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