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  • Tara and Max making up in the season 2 finale.
    Max: If you're Tara, then I'm Max. If you're Gimme, then I'm Gotcha. If you're Buck, I'll be your bike. If you're Alice, then I'll be your astronaut. And if you're Chicken, I'll carry you to the car even when you're pretending to be asleep.
    • The scene directly following this when the family dance together
  • Marshall kissing Lionel's eyebrows is one of the gentlest and most heartwarming moments of season 2, especially since that scene abruptly follows our first glimpse into Lionel's possibly abusive/neglectful home life.
  • Neal changing Cassandra's diaper and telling a story about building a "shit Golem" in the basement. Awwww...
  • The entire ending of "Cracker Jack", when Kate pinned T down to prevent her from drunk driving and screamed that Tara has worked too hard to get better for T to mess everything up. T had punched Kate moments earlier, so the blood dripped on her face and she transitioned back to Tara; she then wiped the blood from Kate's nose. So heartwarming that it's tear inducing.
    Kate: If you fuck this up for her, you fuck this up for me and I need her to do this, you hear me?! I need her to do this! Don't take this away from her, don't take this away from us!
    [Tara wipes the blood from Kate's nose]
    Kate: Mommy?
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  • The series finale, "The Good Parts". Particularly at the end when the episode's Title Drop is made. Marshall and Tara had a slight falling out and had just made up the night before Tara was heading to Boston to get full-time psychiatric help.
    Marshall [hugging Tara]: Don't let them scrape out your good parts.
    Tara [grabs Kate into the hug]: You are my good parts.
  • Alice knew that Bryce would kill her if she showed up again but she truly wanted comfort Marshall and say she loved him.
  • Most of the scenes with Kate and Marshall together. You see how they really lean on each other in the face of all the crazy. One standout moment happens when Kate dumps her rich boyfriend for spewing right-wing anti-gay-marriage sentiment.


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