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  • Almost any time a case receives an Update, it's enough to fill any viewer with glee.
    • Even more so when a criminal is shown being led into jail, or when lost loved ones are reunited thanks to the show.
  • Awesome Music in the case of Gary Remal Malkin's amazing theme.
  • Texas Most Wanted begins with a Mama Bear finding an intruder in her bathroom with a butcher knife. Her reaction? Scream like a banshee and start hitting and yelling at him and kicking him, she then chases him with her pistol and fires at his car until he goes away. Keep in mind that this man killed a man in cold blood, exposed himself to children, and raped women.
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  • Fritz and the Soldiers tells the story about Fritz, who was a young boy, when he and his mother moved into a cabin outside of Berlin in 1944. On Christmas Eve, she opened a knocked door and saw several GI's holding their wounded comrade, she welcomed them even though such an action could get her horribly punished and though the only language either of them could speak to her was French. Later, German soldiers came, she told them and later the GIs to leave their weapons aside and told them she doesn't want any violence and just wants a nice Christmas for her son. This starts a CMOH and is even more remarkable due to a devoted, caring, yet no-nonsense mother who would tell two different kinds of men, who can easily threaten her and her son, to leave all differences aside.
  • At one point the show was so effective, one criminal turned herself in after seeing her case in the next episode's promos.
  • While not crime-related or a tale of missing love, the story of Philip Pauli — an eight-year-old child prodigy — received a heartwarming update years later. At age 11, he completed an internship (which he had just started at the time the episode aired) at the Denver Museum of Natural History; at the age of nineteen, he became the youngest person to ever attend the Federal Law Enforcement Training Academy; the update ended by noting that he had begun studying theology and philosophy at Oxford University (especially touching given that as a boy, Philip was deeply concerned about the state of humanity).
    • After the show ended, he went on to become the director for a non-profit group fighting stigma and advancing job opportunities for disabled people.
  • 42 years after his first rape in the Sacramento area and 16 years after the original episode about his crimes aired on the show, the East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker was identified and arrested as Joseph James Deangelo Jr, on April 25th 2018.
  • For those disappointed in the Dennis Farina reruns or frustrated with YouTube's removal of clips that people posted, the fact that all episodes, in full, have legitimately been posted on the site, free for anyone to watch.
  • Thank You, Lt. Stephens: James Meade Jr. was looking for Lt. Karen (Betty) Stephens, the nurse who helped him recover, both physically and emotionally, after he sustained a nearly fatal traumatic brain injury in Vietnam. At one point during the reenactment, Meade falls during physical therapy and two fellow soldiers mock him and laugh at him. Lt. Stephens, furious, proceeds to eviscerate the bullies, reminding them that Meade has been to war and is struggling to do things that come naturally to them, and then throws them out. Even more awesome is that Meade was not only able to make a complete recovery and reunite with Stephens thanks to the show, but went on to earn his doctorate and pen several inspirational self-help books.
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  • Robert Stack. His pitch and delivery of each segment was excellent, and once you heard his voice, you weren't going to get out of that grip until the show faded to black after credits. He was THAT good of a host. There's a reason the 2020 Netflix series has no host at all, and the intro ends with a ghostly shot of Stack, over a quiet reworking of Gary Malkin's familiar theme.

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