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The Awesome Moments page is for post-viewing discussion, so all spoilers are unmarked per wiki policy.

Uber Island:

  • Nicky's ability to MacGyver up anything manages to win several challenges for his team.
  • Johnny's Suicide by Cop inadvertently causes the biggest blindside of the season when he reveals the Chris Head (he intended to give it back to Chris, but Chris says that it counts as playing it), negating every vote (he voted for himself as well) and forcing everyone else to go into a tiebreaker, where Smug Snake Robyn loses.
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  • After spending damn near the entire pre-merge being put through the wringer, Courtney's Champions (which is down to Brett and Destiny), finally come in first place in a challenge.

Uber Action:

  • Boe's Suicide by Cop/Batman Gambit. She, minutes before the vote where her ally Victor is set to go, tears into everyone, pointing out what terrible human beings they all are, pissing them all off, and getting herself voted off instead, sparing Victor.
  • La Belle's plan in the Final 7: She turns everyone against Judie, and then tells Judie to play her Diamond Marshmallow, nullifying the votes against her, sending home Mona instead. This also has the hidden plus of getting rid of Judie's trump card, leaving "The Nighthawk" vulnerable to the vote.

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