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Uber Drama Island features a cast of 24 different characters, each with a different strategy and moral outlook. The sequal, Uber Drama Action, features another cast of 24 with just as much diversity and variety.

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     Uber Drama Island contestants 


From the darkness I will watch; through the shadows I will strike.

A somewhat creepy boy who has a habit of randomly appearing and disappearing. He is dark, but definitely not evil.


I'm a bit boy crazy. But with a big beautiful body like this, can you blame me?

A plus sized flirt who loves boys. She's a bit crazy, but has a heart of gold.


I come from a farm where life follows a simple code: if you work hard, you get rewarded. So I'm going to work my hardest to win.

A farm boy who works hard and frowns on foul play. A physical powerhouse, but a bit of a follower.


In previous years there has never been a contestant of my age group due to fear of lack of demograph and legal restrictions. But if you examine the intelligence of the contestants you will find that mine is far superior.

A prodigy child; she has a lot of brain power, but no physical power. Can brain make up for a lack of brawn?


I may be a bit of a geek, but I warn you, I'm no pushover.

A geek with a tongue as sharp as a +1 Holy sword. Smart and snappy, he doesn't mess around.


Once everyone sees me, they'll be so starstruck that they'll let me walk right over them.

A girl who is beyond convinced she is famous and better than everyone else. Can she back up her gargantuan ego?


My name is Destiny. My parents called me that because since the day I was born they knew I was destined for greatness. Winning Total Drama will be just one stepping stone in my journey.

A champion competitor who always wins at what she does. Will she be able to handle the possibility of failure?


I am a creature of the wild; I don't need a team holding me down.

A wild gal of the jungle; she's as feral as an untamed animal. Will her untamed nature help her or hinder her?


Dad thought I needed to do more outside activities and meet new friends. I agreed. Mom suggested I try out for Total Drama. I agreed.

A doormat who does whatever anybody tells him to, no matter how insane the demand. Will he learn to think for himself?


All I wanna do is surf.

An airheaded surfer dude; will he be able to focus on more than just surfing?


There is only one thing you need to know about me. You mess with me, you die.

The leader of a violent gang. Here comes trouble!


All I want to be when I grow up is a loving mother and wife. And I can get some practise by taking care of my team.

Sweetness incarnate, a girl who wants to be a mother and housewife. A meek girl, will she learn to stand up for herself?



A girl who wants to play the game, but is unable to because for some reason nobody can see her.

  • Cosmic Plaything
  • The Determinator
  • Invisible to Normals: Sometimes
  • Irony: She spends all of UDI trying to convince people that she is a contestant, not an intern. Come UDA, she actually does become an intern, though everyone seems to think she's now a contestant.
  • You Can See Me?: In the very last scene of the fic, Johnny of all people approaches her in a friendly manner.


There is no room for friends in this game. If you want to win you've got to be willing to hurt 23 other people.

A cold and calculating strategist; will Nathaniel see there is more to the game than just startergy?


Vroom, vroom! Bang, bang! Pew, pew!

A boy who loves to tinker and makes gadgets and inventions. Will his inventive skill see him through?


Perhaps you recognise me. I've been a singer, actor, dancer, model. And I'm about to add reality show winner to the list.

A teen star; he is a little aloof and full of himself, but deep down he has a golden heart.


Nothing in this world is single: all things by law divine in another being mingle, why not with thine? ... Shelley said that.

A poet obsessed with the idea of romance; he rhymes everything he says. Will rhyming be enough?


I'm sixteen, but I've been told I look young for my age. I think this will work to my advantage, after all, who could vote off a cute lil kid?

A cutsey child looking teen; is he all cuteness, or is he darker than he seems?


I wrote a book on how to win this game ... and here it is.

An avid fan of the show, she knows all the tricks and things to watch out far; is she truly Genre Savvy, or is she Too Clever by Half?


Boo hoo, I'm a poor sad girl who no one understands; please take me all the way to the final 2 ... heh, I so got this.

A master of the Wounded Gazelle Gambit; she's a mean girl who puts on a face of sweetness to lure suckers in. Will this strategy work, or fall flat?


Yeah, I've slept with every guy in my school ... whatevs.

A slut who smokes, sleeps around all the time and is possibly dying as we speak.


Back home I'm the best babysitter in the area. If I have to treat my team like a group of rowdy five year olds, I'll do it.

A babysitter obsessed with rules and being moral; will her rules be obeyed, or will she break her own rules due to pressure?


I'm just a normal guy, but don't tell the others that. The more mystery I keep around myself, the more they'll want to keep me around.

He's a normal guy, but is he really? I don't know, he's so mysterious!

  • Diabolus ex Machina: The team swap put him from frontrunner to next voted out.
  • Genre Savvy: His strategy is to act mysterious so people will keep him around to learn his backstory.
  • Nice Guy


I have a short temper, but I should be fine as long as no one pisses me off. YOU HERE THAT! YOU'D BETTER NOT PISS ME OFF!

watch your step around this guy; he has a temper shorter than a flea on its hind legs. Not a bad guy at heart, but if you get him angry then watch out!

     Uber Drama Action contestants. 


I'm not here to win this contest. I'll probably be gone in the first few episodes. I just want to get my gorgeous face on TV so I can be discovered by a director or modelling agency.

Self absorbed, shallow and a little whiny perhaps, but beyond his clear flaws he's a much better player than he seems.


A lot of my friends describe me as an oddball, but really ... hey, did you know that Flamingo's can only eat upside down!? I didn't know that! Fascinating, right?!

Kooky and quirky to the max, she's silly and nuttier than a fruitcake, but also as sweet as honey.


I am so tired of people seeing me as a pretty face and nothing more. I am not going to flirt my way to the end of this game, I am going to play the strategic game like it was meant to be played.

Beautiful, but also smart and logical, she's here to show she's not a an empty headed flirt ... too bad somebody won't be convinced she isn't...


For nearly half my life I have worked in my family's restaurant. I know what hard work is and that is what I expect from everyone on my team. I will NOT tolerate floaters!

A girl who isn't afraid of hard work; if you're on her side she'll be civil and polite, but if you so much as breathe too loudly then you're in for a WORLD of endless hurt!


I can guarantee you that no one else in this game can come close to matching my intelligence. The very notion that this is a competition is nothing more than a farce.

He has an ego the size of China and more brains than a high school biology classroom on dissection day; can he prove that his ego is very much justified?


Honestly, I'd never even heard of Total Drama until a few months ago. I just auditioned on a dare, I never thought I'd actually get in.

He's a nice guy, but a total NOOB to the concept of Total Drama and what it means. Will his naivity to the game cost him, or will he be a fast learner?


Duncan is my idol. He's so awesome. My goal is to be just like him in this game, My entire strategy is based on 'what would Duncan do?'

He puts all other Duncan fans to shame; dressed up like his 'hero' and rocking the forced tough guy attitude, can he continue Duncan's legacy of always making it super far?


My uh ... my language? My language is uh ... not good ... but I still try my best.

She comes from a faraway land and is still learning how to speak English; can she adapt to this crazy new country and learn English too?


You can have all the alliances you want, but no one is telling me what to do in this game. The only person I am playing for is myself.

He's tough, cold, rugged and a true loner. Is he really icy cold and uninterested? Or is there a good heart deep down in him?


My name is Judie, but I go by the codename Nighthawk. Silent like the night, swift like the hawk. You want to mess with me? Fine. Go ahead. No one's stopping you. Stop. BOOM! You're dead. Struck down by the Nighthawk.

A sort of agent or vigilante kind of girl; can she back up her ego and prove she is actually a serious force to be reckoned with? Word of advice, wear armour around her!


All my life I've been the sweet nice girl. This is my chance to be something different. This is my chance to be really bad.

After a life of sweetness the gloves are coming off; beware this girl, all she wants to do is be mean and cause havoc and unrest!


I'm a Ninja ... Ninja's don't talk.

Swift, skilled and honourable; he'd be a strong contender if not for his vow of silence.


I'm crazy and you'll love me!

She wants attention and wants it NOW, and will do whatever it takes to get screentime and be the one everybody looks at.


As long as you do what I say we'll get along fine. If you don't do what I say you must be pretty dumb because that is the worst decision you'll ever make.

This guy is the best villain to ever compete, everything will go his way and nobody can stop him ... NOT! He's really all talk and and all gut.


Yeah, I'm an honour roll athlete student, but in this game it doesn't pay to be the tallest sunflower. I'd be more than happy to find someone who's willing to shine and let them overshadow me.

She sticks to the shadows and acts sweet, but she'll plot your downfall if she gets a better deal ... or if she gets bored.


I know what you're thinking. This show is only for kids? WRONG! If that O'Halloran lady can get on, then my lawyer can make sure a 45 year old woman like me can get on this show too

Cranky and naggy, this woman hates kids and everything new and young. Will she be able to survive in a cast of 'hellions'?


I like to think about a lot of things. Like, don't you think most of the world's problems could be solved over a cup of tea? I rather like tea.

She's airheaded, dreamy and often in her own world; will her lack of attention and logic spell her end, or can she get my with her alternative way of thinking?


I am strongly dedicated to academic achievement ... social life? Ha, what's that?

She's brainy and by the book, but has the social graces of a sack of wet dormice. Will her brain make up for her awkward social skills?


I like to think I'm a nice guy ... but maybe a little too nice for the real world. I'm hoping being on this show will help me to toughen up a little bit.

He's a nice guy with a good heart, but he wants to play tough. Can he do it, but is he simply too morally nice to play that way?

Steven/The Professor

pay no attention to the title box you see before you! My name is simply The Professor.

He knows he is in a fictional cartoon ... and he takes full advantage. Can crazy cartoon physics related shenanigans keep him safe from elimination?


I'll be the first to admit I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, so I'll leave the strategy stuff to others. Me, I'm just gonna rely on my muscles to get me through. I plan to win every challenge right up to the end.

A strong guy who, though dim, has the muscle to make up for it. Can he really win every challenge in the season? ... Well what do you think?


My parents died when I was just a kid. I've been essentially living on the streets ever since. A lot of people may want to win this show, but I NEED to win that money.

Homeless, but not hapless; he has a good heart but is willing to play hard and keep himself safe, all while staying true to himself. Can he really get the happy ending he wants?


I have been dedicated to this show since it began and I can tell you right now it has a serious problem. Every season has its goddess, LeShawna, Lindsay, Sierra, Zoey, yet none of them ever win. For this season I will make sure the season's reigning queen actually finishes in first place like she deserves.

An odd sort, he clings to whoever he deems 'worthy' and ensures they will win. He doesn't care about winning, so the question is if his chosen 'Goddesses' will win the show or not.


I am star balerina. Compahred to zat, zis vill be fahr to easy fohr me.

She has a quirky accent, but don't be fooled; this girl has serious skill and knows how to win and get the results that she wants. Will her Jack-of-All-Stats skill-set see her through, or spell her doom?

  • Aloof Ally: She's overconfident and looks down on others, but she'll willingly work with others for a common goal.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Will betray an alliance if she sees a better chance with another one.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: While Yvonne is not exactly evil, she is somewhat unpleasant and mean yet was very disgusted at how Kendall was acting.
  • Funetik Aksent: Her accent is noticeably Eastern European.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: Has no real specialization in anything, but is very well-rounded in intelligence, speed, strength and endurance.
  • Jerkass
  • Odd Friendship: With Jarred.
  • Out of Focus: She had a rather slow start to the story in terms of screentime and plot involvement.
  • Smug Snake: Averted; she acknolweges when her enemies have a point and is Genre Savvy enough to know not to underestimate her foes.

     Uber Drama: Mountain of Madness contestants 


I am quite literally the best. Every sense of the word to the fullest.

A rather arrogant girl who thinks she is the best thing since sliced bread.


I'm not gonna kid myself, I'm gonna bomb these challenges. But that just means I have to work harder to get people to love me.

An out of shape girl who wants to work the social game, but also has trouble with that.


Okay, my team is gonna get along, see. And if they don't I'll just tell them to get along, right. And then they'll have to; cool? Cool.

A guy who wants no fighting and feels he can stop it from happening.


I'm gonna be nothing but trouble for my team. Do I think it'll put a target on my back? Hell yeah! But I welcome the challenge, so much more fun than playing nice and boring.

A guy who likes to troll and pick on others for fun and challenge


If anyone tries to mess with me they're gonna get hurt ... of course I'm probably gonna get hurt too ... Come to think of it, some bystanders likely won't escape either ... it's gonna be messy.

A guy who is pretty friendly, but also quite a klutz.


I ain't gonna be exerting myself out here. Believe me, I'll do anything, just to get me out of having to do work.

A lazy guy who desires nothing more than doing no work at all.


Ok, so like, get this, I'm sort of the 'Head Bitch In Charge' at my school. I'm going to like be rude to people and then not apologise. *Chortle* It will be great!

A girl who is the head bitch and the queen bee ... in her own mind.


We're all in this game to do what it takes to win and I will not tolerate anyone telling me otherwise. Sure, we can be friends, but saying you're 'only here to make friends' is just rubbish.

A girl who is playing for herself mainly, but can be friendly too.


So, I heard my brother was applying for this game and I just had to get on board. The guys a real stick in the mud. He's gonna get his ass kicked without me at his side.

One of the twins, and the more rebellious, wild and fun one.


A lot of people seem to make the mistake of assuming I'm brain dead. And I'm fine with that. People love a dumb blonde so much more than the girl who's gonna kick them to the curb.

A smart girl who pretends to be dumb to exploit the dumb blond stereotype.


First? Last? All the numbers in-between? They are just that: numbers. It's the time spent getting there that matters and I intend to seize the most of mine.

A guy who is there for the experience, not to win.


If you look my way there will be only two possible outcomes. You be my friend or you be my enemy. And I destroy my enemies.

A girl who is nice to her friends, but a horror to her enemies.

  • Action Girl
  • Back for the Dead: Brought back in just to be a filler boot.
  • The Bus Came Back: This season's returnee.
  • Honor Before Reason: Her refusal to take Antonia behind the shed frequently causes problems.
  • Jerkass: To everyone not named Antonia.
  • Too Dumb to Live:
    • Allies herself only with the team's weak link, keeps her in over a couple other more capable/controllable teammates, causes fights with everyone else and asks to be voted off over said weak link.
    • She almost tops that with her second go by needlessly backstabbing Cesar, the leader of her alliance, and then trying to backstab Charlene too early, only to be voted off for being untrustworthy.


I know what you're thinking: "What is international music icon, Haylor Dash, doing on our quaint show?" Well I just felt it in my tender heart to give back to the media that has supported me by spicing up your adorably everyday cast.

A Taylor Swift parody and also a parody of stardom in general.


I intend to play this game perfectly, but of course my idiotic brother just had to tag along. I assure you, if I lose this game it will be him who ruined everything.

One of the twins, and the more logical, firm and grounded one.


I'm in this for the shot at fame and fortune, but people better not expect me to like sing camp songs or hold hands or ... talk to them in general.

A grouchy and antisocial girl who seems content as she is.


I was so eager to get in on this game that I love ... but I completely forgot about the whole 'survive the wilderness' thing ... oh boy, I think I may be in a bit over my head.

A super fan of the show, but in no way a wilderness survivor.


I've seen countless villains meet their downfalls due to the same mistakes. But I will not be the same! I know every possible pitfall and I know how to avoid all of them!

A savvy villain who claims to know how to play the perfect villain game.


Being anti-social is often seen as a detriment to this game, but I think it will benefit me. I will not get close to anyone, and thus, I will have no trouble cutting the throats of whoever I need to.

An antisocial girl who feels her weaknesses are moreso her strengths.


I know the key to victory is a strong strategy. Problem is ... I don't have any idea where to even begin with the stratergising.

A would-be strategist, if not for his extreme nerves.


I have a very particular way of doing things but as long as everyone follows it all will be well. I even prepared a list of rules. Rule #1 is to respect the amount of effort I put into this list.

A girl who relies on order and routine above all else.


I will be a very helpful asset for whoever chooses to accept my services. I have already spent years as my school's assistant secretary. Of course the place will probably go to ruin without me, but maybe they should have thought of that before telling me 'assistant secretary isn't actually a credit course'.

The ultimate assistant; a true sidekick.


I-I j-just hope th-that people l-like me—And if they don't I will claw their eyes right out! I JUST WANT TO BE LOVED, IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK!!!?

A bi-polar nut. Watch your step around her!


My soulmate is waiting for me in this cast; I can feel it in my heart.

A true romantic who thinks his true love is very close.


I've never been really good with people ... but I know that they'll look for any excuse to push you around. That's why I've been trying to pull off the whole Strong Silent Type.

A tough strong guy who isn't that great socially.


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