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A show as off-the-wall and crazy as The Wrestling Kennection is bound to have some Crazy Awesome moments.

  • The show being the first in Bedford TV history to produce 100 episodes, resulting in Ken becoming the inaugural inductee into Bedford TV's "Centennial Club", which was said to be remarkable for a local TV show and its host given they accomplished said landmark within just a couple years.

  • The show winning the 2016 award from the ACM-NE (Academy for Community Media - Northeast Region) for best professional talk show in all of New England.

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  • Zack finally winning the King of PPV title following WrestleMania 32, after a year and a half of close calls and losing out to Ken, Brian and others on the WK Krew. You really felt for the guy finally pulling out a victory after so long.

  • Greg turning Ken's Exact Words against him during the Fastlane Pay-Per-re:View (Episode #158), showing footage from the previous week that Ken did indeed give him permission to switch his pick despite the precedent set two years earlier that PPV predictions put down to paper couldn't be switched.
    • And to really stick a pin in it, Greg stated that Ken could either award Greg the WK King of PPV title and save face, or award the belt to Brian and look like a hypocrite for flip-flopping on his own rules. Ken was positively seething and had no choice but to award Greg the championship.
  • After a dismal third season without winning a single championship and having the lowest winning percentage when it came to PPV predictions, Julie comes OUTTA NOWHERE to win her 2nd "Queen" of PPV title at Backlash 2017, followed right after by a Big 4 PPV title victory at Extreme Rules 2017!note 

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