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The best pro wrestling forum on this platform, or ANY platform for that matter...north, south, east, west, frontwards, backwards, sideways, ANY WHICH WAY you look at it!

The Wrestling Kennection is a local award-winning talk show about, well, "kennecting" the audience to Professional Wrestling.

Originally broadcasted on Bedford Community Access TV from Bedford, Massachusetts, as well as streamed live on the channel's YouTube page, the show covers a number of topics within the realm of professional wrestling, mostly if not all of it having to do with the WWE.

The show was created by long-time pro wrestling enthusiast Ken Hillnote  and is currently hosted by Daniel Kaufman (2018-)note , along with producers Greg Dolan (2014-2018), Brian Dorrington, Jr. (2014-2015), Nick Giglio (2016-2019), and Julie Manoogian (2015-2019).

The Wrestling Kennection goes over news and current events in wrestling, reviews WWE's weekly shows as well as those of other wrestling promotions, occasionally demonstrates wrestling moves and holds (with PLENTY of forewarning by the non-professionals) and calls out personalities, superstars, management or even the WWE itself with a wake-up call or a harsh dose of reality.

The Wrestling Kennection has an hour dedicated to the weeks before and after pay-per-views, where Ken or Dan preview/review the most recent pay-per-view; along with the preview, picks would be made by Ken and everyone else (collectively known as the "WK Krew") and the winner with the most correct predictions would retain/be crowned the "WK King of PPV" Champion for the month.

The show's official Facebook page is here. The show also has its own YouTube channel and can be found here and the show's Twitter can be found here.

The show's OFFICIAL website can be found here.

WK Championships

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    WK King of PPV
It's good to be the king...
WK King of PPV Championship - The "crown jewel" of The Wrestling Kennection, the King of PPV title would be held by the competitor who made the most correct predictions for an upcoming PPV. Ken stated that it's not a title won through blood, sweat and tears, but rather it is won by intelligence, integrity and well you truly know professional wrestling and how the industry works.

    WK Big 4 PPV Championship
WK Big 4 PPV Championship: The WK's official secondary title, the "Big 4" Championship, was created to honor Zack's several close calls at winning the King of PPV championship. This title, akin to TNA's X-Division Title and WWE Money in the Bank, was used to give its a holder an advantage in winning the King of PPV title. By cashing it in, the titleholder could double up on one of their PPV predictions if correct, or risk losing a point if wrong. As the name indicated, the championship could only be won at predictions for WWE's four major PPV events (Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam, and Survivor Series) with the title being awarded to the second place competitor.note 


  • Always Someone Better: Zack felt this way after so many close calls in winning the King of PPV title, particularly the 2016 Royal Rumble, where he only lost out to Greg due to the tiebreaker. Ken and company agreed; part of the reason for the introduction of the Big 4 championship was to give Zack and others who hadn't held the King of PPV title often (or at all) a fair shake at winning it. Finally subverted after WrestleMania 32, where Zack came away with the "King of PPV" championship, having beaten Miss Julie in a tiebreaker to win it.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Anything or anyone in wrestling that messed with the legend of the Undertaker would guarantee an emotional, rage-filled "Zack Attack", especially given that Zack all but stated that Taker is his idol in professional wrestling.
    • To a somewhat lesser degree, the maltreatment CM Punk received in his final years is one for Ken. While the host agreed that Punk could've taken care of his medical situation sooner, Ken seriously took the WWE to task for not only cajoling Punk into returning in mid-2013 when he was still nursing injuries, but (following his walk-out in early 2014) sending him his formal release papers...on his wedding day.
      • This particular button for Ken all but vanished in 2016; after Punk's public spectacle in documenting his walk-out of WWE and even getting paid $500,000 by UFC to be curb-stomped in the same arena in which he walked out on his former company, Ken, while he still understood Punk's bitterness towards WWE, had little to no sympathy for him.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: Ken felt this way about the majority of the Women's division up until the Woman's Revolution in WWE. He felt that the ladies, when motivated, could be capable of putting on matches as competitive and entertaining as the men. After it was reported that WWE hired Sara Del Rey to train the women around the mid 2010s, Ken said he hoped a fire could be lit under girls who, like A.J. Lee and Paige, cared about being the best female wrestler as much as being a female superstar.
  • Can't Get Away with Nuthin': Played with. How enforced the rules are for Pay-Per-Pre Views usually boils down to whether Ken truly cares; often times, he'll allow a break in the rules assuming it won't matter much in the long run, like declaring a unreal match timenote  for a Main Event Time-Breaker or making a last-minute switch for a previously-made match predictionnote .
    • On the occasion that those allowances did matter, like the person who switched his prediction winning the King of PPV title, it came down to how adamant Ken previous was in enforcing the rule before; if he maintained that what the person is doing goes against the rules, they'd grudgingly concede that he was right and forfeited their win. However, if Ken went more along the lines of simply throwing his hands up and saying "Sure, why not", he couldn't object later on since he hadn't really enforced the rule to begin with.
  • Companion Cube: In the 1st and 2nd season, "The Almighty Printer" was this for Greg.
    • Shortly after he was introduced in the 3rd season, Nick took to using an magic 8-Ball for his Pay-Per-Pre View picks, even having taken on the moniker of "Mr. 8-Ball" after winning the King of PPV Championship, as well as having the 8-Ball "hijack" parts of the show, not unlike when Greg...ahem, "The Almighty Printer" won the title.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Ken is a treasure trove of these:
  • Commuting on a Bus: Episode #110 was Brian's last one as a regular, with his new job at Lowell Telecommunications, but he'll stop in from time to time as a guest speaker.
  • Determinator: After 250 episodes and 5 years on the air, Ken hadn't missed one episode. Not even having mono or a blood clot scare kept him from delivering all the news on professional wrestling!
    • Ken finally tapped out after 259 episodes due to outside work commitments preventing him from hosting, but still, what a run.
  • Do Not Try This at Home: Zack and Ken stressed before each demonstration in "What A Maneuver!" to seriously not try these moves at home. Hilariously emphasized when Zack puts a little too much effort into selling the Chokeslam.
  • Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male: Ken discussed this at length during a Season 4 episode, concerning Stephanie McMahon's on-air authority character, feeling that, aside from an accidental spear from Roman at WM 32note , she hadn't gotten the comeuppance her character truly deserved after 4+ years of emasculating nearly the entire WWE roster.
    • To further his point, he cites Chynanote , Litanote , Trish Stratusnote  and Mae Youngnote , in her eighties, mind you, as women in the wrestling industry who weren't afraid or even told the males to deliver bumps to them with the same force they'd deliver to a fellow male wrestler.
    • Ken also acknowledged that he doesn't think that males getting physical revenge on females should be a regular thing, but rather it should be reserved for the point of a storyline where it would have the most impact and resonate well with the live audience.
  • Enemy Mine: While the "WK King of PPV" Championship was hotly contested between all of the WK Krew, Brian, Zack and Ken agreed that any one of them holding the belt would be better than the, ahem, "Almighty Printer" having it at all.
  • Fan Boy: Greg, of the Big Show. One of Greg's early Running Gags would be to often cue Big Show's music at an often inopportune time, much to the consternation of Zack and Ken. His fan worship only grew more and more exaggerated as the show went on, even to the point that during a prediction show for the 2016 Royal Rumble, Greg's picks for the Rumble match all consisted of Show's various wrestling "aliases", even including Show's real name, Paul Wight.
  • Halloween Episode: To differentiate from their typical wackiness for Halloween, Zack donned an "Iconic" outfit while Ken decided to "Follow the Buzzards", both seen here.
  • Here We Go Again!: Ken's mindset on Episode #192, having voiced his extreme displeasure of Stephanie McMahon returning to WWE television without an iota of her character changed, i.e. Emasculating the RAW GM and not getting even an ounce of true comeuppance, verbal or otherwise; Ken even referred to it as "stepping into a six-month time warp."
  • Incredibly Lame Pun: For Episode #188, the HIAC prediction show, Nick went with the theme of Ken doing the show from behind virtual jail bars, or, as Ken himself amusedly realized, "HILL In A Cell!"
  • Insane Troll Logic: ANY of Greg's picks; justified since, unlike fellow producer Brian, who was an on-and-off fan of WWE, Greg had ZERO knowledge of professional wrestling (outside of old-school ECW) and made picks as he saw fit. Somehow it worked, as he ended up being "WK King of PPV" Champion seven times since the title had been introduced mid-2014.
  • I Told You So: During the 2017 Royal Rumbler prediction show, everyone felt that Roman Reigns was going to take the Universal Title from Owens with Jericho out of the equation...that is, everyone except for Ken, who believed the situation was too obvious and that someone else (namely Braun Strowman) would cost Roman the title, only to be scoffed at. Come the Royal Rumble PPV...
    • Ken nailed it on the head again for the 2017 Elimination Chamber preview, stating that WWE wouldn't divert from the simmering Orton-Wyatt storyline just to Troll their hardcore fanbase by keeping the World Title on John Cena (though he DID pick Cena as his 2nd pick to win the EC match, more or less admitting that you can't put anything past Vince McMahon's whims).
  • Just for Pun: The intro video for "Ken's Den" features a still of Ken interposed in a den of wolves, with howling in the background.
  • Know-Nothing Know-It-All: This was discussed by Brian and Greg a number of times during their tenure, concerning Ken's sharp knowledge of professional wrestling and little else; mostly justified by the fact that it is a wrestling show, along with Ken's Aspergers narrowing his interests to a select few, among them pro wrestling. This often lead the two producers to, once in a while, drop a "Hot Topic" such as fantasy football or proper infant care to test Ken's more general knowledge of the outside world. For the most part, Ken does a fair job in providing a topical outlook on the different subjects. Just don't bring up politics like "Kentucky State Legislature", as Ken's fully admitted that politics and autism, in his mind, go together as well as oil and water.
  • Long Runner: Over 250 episodes in five years and counting. This status even resulted in the show being the inaugural inductee in 2016 into Bedford TV's newly-formed "Centennial Club", a honor for shows at Bedford TV which have hit the century mark in terms of episodes broadcasted.
  • Midseason Upgrade: For the show's set; the first few episodes were done on a simple black backdrop, before moving on to using an actual green screen to display the WK logo, photos and arena backgrounds.
    • Starting with Episode 127, every episode can now be seen live on the Bedford TV YouTube channel's live stream.
  • Mind Screw: Let's just say that the intro video to the "WrestleMania Roundtable" was to Zack and Ken as "Worker and Parasite" was to Krusty the Clown...
  • The Nicknamer: During his time on the show, Julian developed a habit, particularly on Facebook, of finding a name that he feels fits Ken, like "Mr. Kennection" or "Mr. Kentastic", much to Ken's chagrin.
    • Ken's certainly relaxed on this front and has even taken it upon himself in Season 4 to gift himself with a new nickname every so or often, like "The Perfect Ken" and "The Pontiff of the Pro Wrestling Populace."
  • Odd Couple: This article depicts Ken and Zack as such, portraying Ken as a soft-spoken narrator who likes to take a step back and take it all in, while Zack is described as a high-decibel, rapid-rate speaker unafraid to mix things up.
  • Only Sane Man: Ken has his moments and outbursts, but when Zack would get amped up for a certain match or calling out a particular wrestler, look out!
  • Na´ve Newcomer: Gus and Maria, Bedford TV interns who didn't know much, if anything, about professional wrestling. Gus actually subverted this somewhat in picking up the basics well enough, and even put in a great showing in his first "Pay-Per-Pre View" special (Battleground 2016), having tied Ken and Nick for 1st place (Nick ultimately won the "Time-breaker").
    • Once again subverted with rare special guest Prakharnote , who had put up a good first PPV showing and for a brief time took up the noteworthy task of trying to achieve a "perfect" zero in PPV predictions from Nick, who had tried and came close to doing so throughout most of 2017.
    • Certainly subverted with Bedford TV intern Christoph, Ken's one-time protege, who was deeply invested in pro wrestling months prior to his debut on Episode #190 and put in a good showing, finishing in a third-place tie with Nick and fellow newcomer Evan at TLC 2017 with a solid 5 points.
  • Power Trio: Zack, Ken and Julian; collectively known as "The Stronghold."
  • Pun-Based Title: Named by and for the creator of the show, but Ken himself balked at the producers' ideas for more name-based segments, joking that "the last thing I need is an ego bigger than my stomach." Ken, for the most part, has relaxed on this front, such as his "Pro Wrestling 101" segment where he taps into his "Kencyclopedia" of wrestling knowledge to give tidbits on certain aspects of pro wrestling.
  • Put on a Bus: Zack after Episode 16.
    • The Bus Came Back: After Zack left after Episode 16, Ken announced that he and Zack had worked out their creative differences and welcomed him back onto the show at the end of Episode 23. And once again when Zack and Julian made their dramatic return in episode 99.
    • Commuting on a Bus: A downplayed example, as Zack and Julian were gone for the entirety of Season 4, but Ken still made shout outs to both of his former co-hosts when he could, including the mention of Julian's first in-ring action in TRPnote  since entering into wrestling school last year.
  • Race Against the Clock: On occasion, there would be a tie between two or more of the WK Krew when making predictions for a PPV; in case of such a situation, the winner would come down to whoever comes closest to picking the main event's actual match time without going over, ala The Price Is Right, dubbed the "Main Event Time-Breaker."
    • If everyone involved in the 'Time-Breaker' went over, then it simply came down to whomever came closest to the main event's match time.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech:
    • Often the focal point of the "Ken's Den" and "Zack Attack" segments, in which either man would call out a particular wrestling personality or performer. On rare occasions, they'd go outside the realm of professional wrestling to call someone out, such as when Ken called himself out on waffling between wanting to do regular sports broadcasting and wanting to announce for the WWE since his college graduation in 2012.
    • Ken went outside the box again in Episode 16, calling out Zack after he not only no-showed, but quit due to "creative differences" without Ken knowing until the last minute. Cue one of the most impassioned "Ken's Den" to date, seen here.
    • In Episode #108, Ken delivered an absolutely BRUTAL 10+ minute criticism to WWE, not just for going backwards on their booking of Roman Reigns, but their outright lack of creative effort in building up the show, as well as having Stephanie McMahon essentially undercut the entire WrestleMania card just to promote her husband. It's to the point where, for the first time in 15 years, Ken questions whether he as a wrestling fan wants to see WrestleMania.
    • Ken pulled no punches during the HIAC prediction show when Jinder Mahal's match with Shinsuke Nakamura came up, delivering a 13-minute poison-tipped bullet point presentation on why the "experiment" of Mahal as WWE Champion was an absolute, abject failure:
      • For starters, declining WWE subscription rates and TV ratings in India for the 3 months Mahal had been champion, the irony being that capitalizing on pro wrestling-related media in the Indian market was a big part of having Mahal AS the champion to begin with...note 
      • The fact that there are over 60 different language-based groups in the Southeast Asian region, and Mahal claimed that he represented all 1.3 billion citizens of India while he spoke only in Punjabi, which only roughly 30 million people, a mere 2.3% of the entire country, even speak...
      • Mahal garnering not even a remote shred of decent heel heat through his blatantly racist, low-brow promos towards Nakamura. While Ken attributed part of the blame to Road Dogg and other Smackdown writers for having come up with said jokes in the first place, he feels Mahal hadn't exactly helped himself either with his unenthusiastic deadpan delivery, a problem which Ken noted had plagued Mahal after he won the title...
      • Finally, Ken simply acknowledged the well-known fact that Mahal WASN'T wholly from India, but rather had been born in Calgary, Canada BY WAY of India, or as he more succinctly put it:
        Ken Hill: "He's CANADIAN! Canadian with Indian roots ripe for Vince and WWE to exploit, but he's as Canadian as a Hart Attack!"
  • Red Baron
    • Ken: "Your Kennection to the Wrestling World", "The Kencyclopedia of Pro Wrestling", "Mr. Kennection."
    • Zack: "The Madd Wolf", "The Zack Attack."
    • Julian: "Mr. J", "Soul of the Stronghold."
  • Robot Me: "The Almighty Printer," a.k.a. a seemingly sentient printer voice-synthesized by Greg, that NOBODY liked, particularly Zack, whose already short temper turned hair-trigger at the mere sight of it.
  • Second Place Is for Losers: The WK "Big 4 PPV" Championship was one big zig-zag of this trope; whoever came in 2nd for predictions following the Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam, or Survivor Series won the Big 4 championship, and, up until the next "Big 4" PPV, could cash the belt in for an opportunity to double up on points for any prediction at any PPV, including a "Lock of the Night" pick, meaning they could've potentially won 4 points for a pick.
    • However, it could've ended up being played straight if the prediction came up wrong, in which case the chooser lost a point. It was risk or reward at its finest.
  • Shout-Out:
    • The name for the "What A Maneuver!" segment came from one of a cacophony of catchphrases Vince McMahon used in his time as a ringside announcer.
    • Ken's wardrobe on-air consisted mainly of a fedora and tourist-shirt combo; he credited Bray Wyatt for the fashion choice.
    • The intro video for the first couple years included "Also Sprach Zarathustra", theme song of "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair, as well as a clip of Mick Foley and his historic drop off Hell in the Cell at the 1998 King of the Ring PPV.
  • Shown Their Work:
    • Ken put in a lot of effort and research when it came to highlighting a wrestler's career or talking about the history of a particular wrestling maneuver, and it showed in the details he provided in each segment, such as pre-WWE wrestling careers and origins of a wrestling move spanning back further than originally thought by many, such as the Camel Clutch being innovated by Gory Guerrero rather than the Iron Sheik (who more or less popularized it).
    • This is the reason Ken would often let Zack or his other friends type up a solemn, dutiful piece for their Facebook page, such as a wrestler recently passing away, as Ken preferred that it come from the heart rather than having had to Wikipedia a wrestler's bio.
  • So Proud of You: Typically, Ken was often reluctant to hand over the "King of PPV" championship after being bested, but when Zack finally won it at WrestleMania 32 despite losing out on his "Big 4"-boosted pick, the host couldn't have been happier to award it to his long-time friend and co-host.
  • Straight Man and Wise Guy: This was often the dichotomy, with Ken being the Straight Man to Zack's zany, hardcore wrestling Wise Guy tendencies. Justified since Ken admitted at the time to having seen the highs and lows of 15 years' worth of pro wrestling and tended to look at it with a more critical, less fanatical eye, whereas Zack was fully intent on actually becoming a professional wrestler and making it to the WWE, and didn't hesitate to go into what Ken called "promo mode" when calling out someone. Both men admitted that it created a great chemistry for the show.
  • Taking a Third Option: Following the controversy at Roadblock: End of the Linenote , Ken decided that since neither person was qualified to win the King of PPV championship and that there was no one else to contend for it (Ken himself and Greg had tied for third, out of the running for the title), he'd vacate it until the next PPV, that being the 2017 Royal Rumble.
  • Ur-Example: The first show in Bedford TV's broadcast history to air over 100 episodes, leading to an award honoring the show for hitting the century mark, aptly named the "Centennial Club."
  • Verbal Tic: Ken has a noticeable nervous stutter. He admitted this is partly because he tries to improvise his lines rather than rehearse as he feels they would come out more stilted; the other reason being, in his words, "seven years behind the camera does nothing to prepare for 30 minutes in front of it."note 
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Zack's (then) girlfriend Ashleigh Gagnon, who was only on for a couple episodes, mostly to appeal to the female demographic of wrestling fans. After she disappeared, Ken started talking more about the WWE/NXT women anyway to cover for the lack of coverage concerning women's wrestling. "Miss Julie" Manoogian would later take part in the show, bolstering discussion about not only the Divas, but the portrayal of women in wrestling overall.
  • Wham Episode: Episode #190 (Season 4), with the shocking announcement that Ken had decided to take on a protege in Bedford TV intern Christoph, someone whom, as Ken discovered, shared the same passionate spark for professional wrestling as he did and wanted to share with Christoph everything he knew about the ins and outs of pro wrestling and running "The Wrestling Kennection" before ultimately having to step away.note 
    • Episode #100 (Season 2) served not only as a landmark episode for the show, but also for Bedford TV as a whole, since "The Wrestling Kennection" became the first show in the TV studio's broadcast history to air 100 episodes.
    • Episode #133 (Season 3), with Greg surprising Ken and Zack with the announcement that "The Wrestling Kennection" had won the 2016 ACM-NE (Alliance for Community Media - Northeast Region) award for Best Professional Talk Show.
    • Episode #259 (Season 6) has Ken announcing he's going full-time at DHL, which means two things: 1. He was no longer going to be hosting the show and 2. He no longer had to abide by the show's rules, meaning the Undisputed WK Championship would be on the line at Fastlane 2019, and if Ken won...he'd be leaving and taking the title with him.
  • Wham Line:
    • Episode #259 (Season 6), Ken drops a payload of verbal bombshells that turned both the latest Pay-Per-Preview and the show itself entirely on its head:
      Ken: "You can't seem to wrap your head around the fact that I'm not this guy that likes to throw his weight around."
      Dan: "Yeah,'re portraying that for the cameras. Don't kid yourself, they can't see what I see, alright? It'd be nice if they could, but they can't, they have to go off on what they see."
      Ken: "Well, you see, I was going to wait until we were on social media, I was going to announce this on here is the big bombshell that I didn't even, I didn't even tell you...this is going to be my last show."
      (Dan's smirk drops, Ken's expression becomes a Tranquil Fury stare)
      Ken: "That's right. I just got promoted to full-time at DHL. And I know, most people would be saying 'Congratulations' (Dan gives a light smattering of Sarcastic Clapping). And don't know what that means, do you, you stupid, stupid idiot?...It means I've got nothing left to lose. It means that, oh, you WISH people could see me as you supposedly see me, throwing my weight around? (Ken leans in close to Dan) Be careful, be VERY careful, what you wish for, because you're going to get it! You're going to get it. Guess what, folks, guess what? Mr. Champion, Mr. 'Undisputed World Wrestling Kennection' Champion, guess what? Your going to be on the line at Fastlane."
      Ken: "As my last decree as host and leader of this show, your title is going to be on the line. There's not going to be a Bounce bonusnote . Oh, you get to have your handicapnote . And here's the thing...I want you to inflict that handicap on me, I WANT you to give that -1 handicap to me, because like I've said before, every time someone came along and knocked me off my supposed pedestal, I didn't whine, I didn't complain, I didn't moan. I gritted my teeth, I dug in my feet, and I climbed back up and (taps the title) TOOK! (tap) BACK! (tap) WHAT! (tap) WAS! (tap) MINE!, regardless of how daunting it was or how difficult the opponent might be to overcome, and each and every single time, I did it."
      Ken: "...when I win the World Wrestling Kennection championship, I'm not even going to walk off into the sunset, I'm going to ride off into the sunset with this,'s a win-win for me. It's a win-win, and do you know why, you know WHY, Dan? Because here's the thing: I either go down fighting, or I go out as champion. When I win, I'm taking the championship with me, which means all your little threats of making me a relic will be just like your head, EMPTY, and I will go out on top, as champion. OH...HILL...YEAH."
  • What Were You Thinking?:
    • Comparing a female Superstar to a pornstar...on live television. Not one of Zack's better moments.
    • This was essentially Ken's reaction to anything that WWE's Creative staff came up with that he found to be short-sighted or just outright ridiculous/insane.
    • Ken was (almost) stunned silent at the shocking release of Darren Young, not so much on the "creative has nothing for you" end, but that Young's release came on the heels of the recent Ultimate Warrior controversy.note  Ken noted that if WWE was truly trying to whitewash Warrior's past grievances with homosexuals and blacks, then releasing their only openly gay, black superstar was NOT the brightest move to make, "lack of creative direction" reasoning notwithstanding.
  • Worf Had the Flu: A big part of Zack having won his first "King of PPV" championship was that despite losing on his "Big 4" cash-in (i.e. he lost a point), he earned 6 out of a possible 15 points, which was still better than either of the usual top contenders in Brian or Ken, both of whom only managed 4 points.
  • Wrestling Family: A very loose example, but the cousin of Ken's great uncle was none other than the legendary Depression-era wrestler "The Golden Greek" Jim Londos.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are:
    • Part of Ken's segment "Ken's Den", aside from "The Reason You Suck" Speech(es), was also pointing out how wrestlers like Kane and Cody Rhodes, at the time (2014) had proven to function well on their own, rather than be bogged down in mediocre tag teams or factions, to the point of being contenders for a World Title. Considering that Kane had donned the mask again and single-handedly decimated Daniel Bryan after WM 30, and Cody's growing frustrations with his tag team losses eventually (after a refit as "Stardust") lead to he and Goldust splitting up, Ken may have been on to something...
    • He also says this about Rob Van Dam, whom Ken felt at the time of his latest return (circa 2014) had gotten complacent with his part-time schedule and should've at least put some attitude into his matches and promos, like RVD circa 2006 when he won the WWE Championship.
    • To a degree, all of the WK Krew felt this way about Roman Reigns, who they thought should either come off-the-cuff more with his promos rather than use lines spoon-fed by Vince McMahon, or simply go back to being the "silent assassin" that made him a standout member of the Shield to begin with, shades of which was seen at TLC 2015 before WWE's writers had apparently suffered a creative Snap Back.

"And remember...Be Kennected, Get Kennected, and STAY KENNECTED!"