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  • Alfred spends the pilot episode as kind of a mess, but has an awesome, character-defining moment as he sits in Sinclair's office and Mayhew argues that he shouldn't be there. Mayhew gives a laundry list of Alfred's faults, while Alfred sits meekly by, until Mayhew says Alfred doesn't even know what Camp X is about, at which point Alfred calmly interjects.
    Alfred: I think I do know what you do here. I saw through the windows. You have networks in Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, North Africa, and France where there are cells— I don't know what that means. (says something in French)...six members... (more French)... eleven. Weather charts. Tide charts. You're monitoring the moon phase for a Norway drop. The next full moon is Saturday, April 30. (speaks in Morse code dahs and dits) A-I-R-L- airlift. Villmarie. Priority. (pauses) What's happening in Villmarie?
Mayhew looks at Alfred, gobsmacked. Alfred gets the job.
  • In "Kiss of Death," Aurora takes down a Nazi torturer by slipping him a poison pill during a kiss, then tells him who she is and why she did it as he's dying at her feet.
  • Also in "Kiss of Death," Alfred's first kill. We see him get schooled by Neil in the beginning of the episode, as Neil continually disarms Alfred. When the SS soldier approached Alfred with a gun, Alfred mimics what Neil did to him, disarming and killing him. The cinematography for this scene is equally awesome, as we see the officer approach, Alfred have a flashback of Neil "killing" him (complete with Neil saying "bang" rather than a gunshot) and then Alfred standing over the dead SS guy.
  • In "In Enemy Hands," Tom hears Aurora in trouble with the German soldiers upstairs, and manages to strip their prisoner of his uniform, get dressed, and go help her out in about sixty seconds. He does an awesome job pretending to be a naughty German soldier, too.
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  • Could be considered a crowning moment of stupidity as well, since he should have just shot the guy, but Neil's fight with the French collaborator he was assigned to assassinate in "Quislings" is pretty awesome. He ends up killing the guy without a weapon.
  • The team's orchestration of Alfred's rescue in "Night Will End," from Sinclair dealing with his German friend to Aurora planting the papers and bribing the accordionist to Harry jamming the radio to Neil stealing batteries and giving a most excellent performance as a drunken Frenchman. And then there's the actual shootout...
  • Alfred, who spent the majority of season one being quiet and meek, speaking up for himself to Sinclair after his rescue in "Sein und Schein."
    Alfred: You know what I remember? That I thought I would die. In that cell. Alone. And I didn't really think that I'd be standing here with you calling me a traitor....I didn't break. I would remember if I did.
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  • Aurora getting Faber to let her leave the train in "Fatherland."
  • In "One for the Moon," Harry figuring out a way to broadcast over Hitler's speech and avoid detection, and Neil giving the speech in Rigaud's absence and making up the second half of it on the fly, including giving tribute to Miri.
  • Aurora killing Heidi in "Naqam," and telling her, "You were killed by a Jew" as she dies.
  • Sinclair's final moments in "Friendly Fire" as he orchestrates Neil's escape and takes down Oster, among others.
  • Aurora lifting the cartridge from Schmit's gun because she needs the bullets to cause an explosion/ distraction in "Remembrance."

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