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The Wrestling Kennection has a wide range of cast members from the serious to the seriously nutty...

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    Ken Hill 

The Hostnote /Producernote
"Your Kennection to the Wrestling World!"

The man responsible for the show and its namesake, whom takes professional wrestling as seriously as he does his many fedoras. His dream is to one day become the first autistic announcer in professional wrestling history, and make it to the WWE.

17-time WK King of PPV Champion.
4-time WK Big 4 PPV Champion

  • The Ace: Award-winning host and creator of The Wrestling Kennection? Check. Most King of PPV title reigns among the WK Krew? Check. Highest PPV prediction success rate for 2016 (.567)? Check.
  • Added Alliterative Appeal: Likes to develop segment names and nicknames that roll of the tongue easier, like "Dirt Sheet Dilemma" and calling the cast his "WK Krew."
  • Always Someone Better: Deconstructed between him and Zack; while Zack's been on nearly as long as Ken and, up until WrestleMania 32, never held the "King of PPV" championship next to Ken's multiple reigns (something Zack occasionally groused about), Ken's pointed out that Zack would do better if he chose more picks with logic rather than rely on his feelings as a FanBoy of certain wrestlers. Zack would eventually admit that Ken was right, and changing up his prediction strategy worked wonders, as his first "King of PPV" reign can attest to.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis; Growing up, both Ken and Zack studied wrestlers' in-ring psychology to better understand body language as a whole to overcome that particular deficit of Asperger individuals.
  • Berserk Button: WWE Corporate being vindictive to its past and current crop of wrestlers was one for Ken; he's called out Vince McMahon for cutting the legs out from under a number of NXT superstars making their main roster debuts, as well as taking the WWE itself to task for mailing release papers to the erstwhile CM Punk...on his wedding day.
    • With CM Punk's recent UFC antics, i.e. taking a $500,000 payday to be on the wrong end of a 2-minute Curb-Stomp Battle, hosting a documentary on his walking out on WWE, and having said "battle" take place in the same arena he walked out of on WWE, this particular button for Ken has virtually disappeared. Ken still understood why Punk was bitter at the WWE at the time, but he doesn't hold any sympathy for him.
    • Another lesser trigger for Ken was people who'd question whether hosting a pro wrestling talk show was what he wanted to do for a living, having brought his passion for wrestling into an unflattering light.
    • Ken understands part of Triple H's and the McMahons' characters are all about Shameless Self-Promotion, but doing it at the expense of other wrestlers or even the entirety of a PPV card, in Ken's mind, does nothing but undercut WWE, its performers and its fan base, and tends to be a real sore spot for the host. Just see his rant from Episode #109.
    • Ken puts up with a lot of the antics from Greg, Nick and others because he knows they're just having fun and know not to push him too far. But when someone like Mikhail, who literally held the title up in Ken's face, told Ken to "All Hail Mikhail" and made light of possibly taking over the show, pushes it...Ken will verbally scorch you.
  • Catchphrase: "Welcome to the most must-see show on the Bedford TV airwaves...or any airwaves, for that matter, The Wrestling Kennection!"
    • Intro: "I am your host, 'Your Kennection to the Wrestling World', the 'Fedora-ble Felon' himself, Ken Hill!"
    • Outro: "And remember...Be Kennected, Get Kennected, Stay Kennected!"
  • Character Tic: Even after 250 episodes, Ken still had the occasional stutter and wouldn't quite stare straight at the camera when he spoke.
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Determinator: Dude's dealt with head colds, influenza and even mono throughout the first two years of the show...hasn't missed a single episode. If that's not dedication to one's craft, what is?
    • Taken Up to Eleven when it turned out during a couple weeks in the third season that he'd been dealing with DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis), i.e. a very bad blood clot, and still took the time to come in and do the show, bad leg and all!
  • Hidden Depths: Watch the others' reactions when he solo sings the "modified" Rainbow "Kennection" ending theme song; dude's got some pipes on him.
  • Irony: Sort of; Ken created both the King of PPV and Big 4 Championship, and while he's a 15-time King of PPV Champion, he's never managed a second-place finish where the Big 4 title was in play...
    • ...until Money In The Bank 2017, where the title was deferred to him after the then-Big 4 PPV champion Julie Mannogian won the "Queen" of PPV Championshipnote 
  • I Told You So: If he's alone in a prediction he made for a preview show and turns out to be right, let's just say his modesty will take a hike for the next episode.
  • Know-Nothing Know-It-All: Played With. Ken, despite having narrow interests as an autistic, does have a topical knowledge of outside-world subjects, but would rather stick to his "bread and butter" of professional wrestling. However, Greg would often drop an unexpected "Hot Topic" segment on Ken from time to time, to test his mettle on non-wrestling topics.
  • The Leader: Unabashedly so.
  • Power Trio: With Zack and Julian as "The Stronghold."
  • Never Heard That One Before: After 17 years, Ken gets just a little tired of hearing all the 'wrestling is fake, gay, pumped up on steroids, etc.' jokes and so-called "arguments"; not so much that it's become a Berserk Button, but he'd prefer a more serious discussion rather than having to constantly defend his passion for the industry.
  • Nice Hat: They don't call him "The Fedora-ble Felon" for nothing!
  • Only Sane Man: Most times Ken would roll along with the randomness thrown his way during an episode, other times he'd look exasperated as he'd be in the middle of making what he thought to be an important point and suddenly a giant baby or dancing man appears on-screen.
  • Put on a Bus: Shocking to Dan and others it may have been when the moment came, but Ken had stated several times throughout Season 5 he'd be going full-time at DHL at some point and would have to leave the show. Lo and behold, that time came early on in Season 6 around March 2019, leaving Dan in charge of the show.
  • Red Baron: "Your Kennection to the Wrestling World", "The Pontiff of Professional Wrestling", "Your Kencyclopedia of Professional Wrestling", "The Fedora-ble Felon", "The Perfect Ken"...not to mention the innumerable nicknames brought up by Julian.
  • The Rival: To Brian, when it came time for a "Pay-Per-Pre View" prediction show; the two men even lampshaded how often it came down to them to the point of needing a tiebreaker.
  • Serious Business: Pro wrestling, natch.
  • Shout-Out: Several, in fact.
    • Ken's occasional wardrobe of a touristy shirt and fedora were modeled after Bray Wyatt's ensemble, and even went so far as to dress the part for a Halloween episode, beard, lantern, rocking chair and all!
    • His "What A Maneuver!" segment was named after one of Vince McMahon's catchphrases during his time as a ringside announcer.
    • Even his introduction is a paraphrase of The Miz's intro for pay-per-views/Miz TV.
  • The Smart Guy: He's "The Mind" of the above Power Trio for a reason; dude knows his wrestling history and facts, enough so that he developed a segment called "Pro Wrestling 101", where he delves into his "Kencylopedia of Professional Wrestling" to teach the audience on the various terms and slang used in the realm of professional wrestling.
    • Even outside of wresting, a Cum Laude graduate of Salem State University and possesses a 145 IQ...guy's got a sharp mind all around.
  • Straight Man: To Zack's Wise Guy.
  • Take a Third Option: When posed with a fan's question about deciding between a passion for pro wrestling and a girlfriend who dislikes it, Ken instead suggested the fan try and compromise with the girlfriend, like taking her to a live event for a date night. If she turns out to like it, great. If not, the fan can say he tried, and should try getting out of their "squared circle" and find another mutual interest that he and the girlfriend can enjoy together.
    • Ken actually went so far as to deconstruct the notion of being a "hardcore" wrestling fan over having a relationship with someone who doesn't "get" wrestling, stating that wrestling-related media is so much more accessible nowadays than in past eras and that fans should be able to find a balance between their passion and making time for their significant others:
      Ken: "I mean, wrestling, you can catch all over the place. You can catch replays online, you can check recaps, like on YouTube, you can check dirt sheets for all the's not the end of the world if you miss one episode of Raw or Smackdown! because you had a special date night or an anniversary!"
      Ken: "You have so much time to catch up on wrestling, news, your favorite TV shows, you have so many ways to catch up on those...I mean, you only have so few chances to find the love of your life, or a girlfriend, or even a simple, wholesome relationship."
    • Ken was also faced with a dilemma concerning the outcome of Roadblock: End of the Line (Nick and Julie had tied, but Nick picked an illegal match time for the main event, and Julie's predicted time exceeded that of the actual match time, so she was disqualified as well). Rather than defer the King of PPV title back to the previous titleholder (himself), Ken declared the title vacant until the next PPV (Royal Rumble 2017).
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Zack and Ken would often exchange verbal jabs on the show, but there was never a doubt that they are the best of friends and passionate about professional wrestling.


    Zack Martinkus 

"The Anaconda Wolf!"

The high-decibel, fast-talkin' on-again, off-again, on-again, off-again co-host whose dream is to become a bonafide professional wrestler, no matter how hard or how long it takes.

2-time WK King of PPV Champion
1-time WK Big 4 PPV Champion.

  • Always Second Best: A notion which, up until WrestleMania 32, plagued Zack ever since the WK King of PPV title was introduced to the show in mid-2014, coming close several times in prediction shows, but never coming away with the belt; a particularly frustrating occasion came on the heels of the 2016 Royal Rumble, where Zack tied with Greg for the most correct picks, only to lose out on the main event time-based tiebreaker.
    • Zack would get hit with this again at Payback 2016, where he lost the King of PPV title back to Ken because of the Main Event "Time"-breaker...which he lost by 2 seconds. Irony is not a kind mistress to Zack.
  • Always Someone Better: Deconstructed between him and Ken; while Zack's been on nearly as long as Ken and, up until WrestleMania 32, never held the "King of PPV" championship next to Ken's multiple reigns (something Zack occasionally groused about), Ken's pointed out that Zack would do better if he chose more picks with logic rather than rely on his feelings as a FanBoy of certain wrestlers. Zack would eventually admit that Ken was right, and changing up his prediction strategy worked wonders, as his first "King of PPV" reign can attest to.
  • Ascended Fanboy: A fan of wrestling growing up, Zack's lifelong dream is to become a champion pro wrestler, going to wrestling school and attending local promotions to hone his passion.
  • Berserk Button: Anyone or any article seemingly attacking The Undertaker for his age or lack of ability was one for Zack in earlier episodes, as he's considered "The Phenom" his prime inspiration for getting into professional wrestling. It's lessened up in later episodes, following Taker's streak being ended by Brock Lesnar, to the point Zack agrees that Taker is getting on in years and should be considering retirement soon.
  • Commuting on a Bus: Zack was Ken's primary co-host, but even he fell prey to scheduling and personal issues and often disappears anywhere ranging from a couple of episodes to a couple dozen.
    • Put on a Bus: Disappeared altogether after the third season, although he still shows up for specials like the 200th episode.
  • Cool Shades: An iconic part of his wardrobe, Zack could be seen sporting a dark pair of shades every episode he's on.
  • Dark Horse Victory: Much like another "Zack" at WrestleMania 32, Zack didn't look he'd come out even near the top after losing out on his "Big 4 PPV"-boosted pick (i.e. lost a point), but as it turns out, the usual top contenders in Brian and Ken didn't have such a good night either...
  • Irony: Dude's nicknamed "The Body"; while he's pretty toned, Zack's gone on record saying he's worked out hardly a day in his life.
  • Motor Mouth: Once he'd get started on a subject, it wasn't always easy for Ken or Brian to get him to stop.
  • Red Baron: "The Madd Wolf", "The Anaconda Wolf", kid had a theme going for him...
  • Serious Business: Just like Ken, wrestling's a serious subject for Zack.
  • Think of the Censors: Zack often didn't, which was a problem for Ken and company when trying to keep the show PG-rated and Zack would get too "passionate" about a certain topic. It was a Downplayed Trope, since Ken often checked with the producers to make sure certain words were permissible, but Zack would still occasionally slip up with a choice cuss word or two.
  • This Means Warpaint: Wasn't afraid to don a full-on facial get-up, whether as Sting for Halloween, or just about any episode when the mood suited him.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Zack and Ken often exchanged verbal jabs on the show, but there was never a doubt they were the best of friends and passionate about professional wrestling.

    Brian Dorrington, Jr. 

"Mooooving on..."

Most often the voice of reason during his tenure on the show, Brian did his best to keep the show on pace, but wasn't above surprising Ken and company with a new segment or a surprise video on occasion. Worked full-time for the show up until WrestleMania 32 before leaving for a job at Lowell Telecommunications, but will stop in from time to time to help out or guest host.

8-time WK King of PPV Champion
1-time Big 4 PPV Champion

  • Combat Pragmatist: When it came to the "Pay-Per-Pre View" prediction shows; Brian explicitly stated he kept emotions out of play and used the best logic when making his choices for every PPV, and it served him quite well, as his eight "King of PPV" reigns could attest to.
  • Commuting on a Bus
  • Deadpan Snarker: Not as often as Ken, but he had his moments.
  • Everyone Has Standards: While Brian would have fun with Greg and "The Printer's" antics at first, even helping produce a "Printer Kennection" promo video when "it" won the King of PPV title, he eventually got tired of it as well and let Zack go postal on "The Printer" (or at least an Expy of it) for the 100th episode.
  • Fan Boy: Of WWE. Brian was a former fan who'd stopped watching around middle to high school, but producing the show with Zack and Ken reignited his love for wrestling.
  • Hidden Depths: You wouldn't really see it early on in the show, but as Ken would have Brian more involved in the show's forum in later episodes, you started to see a more analytical side to Brian, who broke down the shows and PP Vs as well as Ken did. In fact, it was a big part of the reason Ken would bring him on a on-air co-host in Brian's final days with Bedford TV.
  • Only Sane Man: As you can tell by his picture quote, he tried to keep the show on track, which could be a challenge with eclectic personalities like Ken, Zack and Julian. Although he did have his moments of derailing the show with a surprise or two every so often...
  • The Rival: To Ken, when it came time for a "Pay-Per-PreView" prediction show; the two men even lampshaded how often it came down to them to the point of needing a tiebreaker.
  • The Smart Guy: Not only for his video and editing skills, but kept up with Ken in the prediction/analysis department as he had won the King of PPV championship eight times since its introduction in the summer of 2014.

    Greg Dolan 

Executive Producer/Directornote
The WK's resident master of Insane Troll Logic

Production manager over at Bedford TV, Greg never claimed to be the most knowledgeable when it came to wrestling (aside from some old-school ECW and being an over-the-top Fan Boy of The Big Show), but was't afraid to mix it up in the "Pay-Per-Pre View" specials. He certainly wasn't afraid to interject his own wacky brand of humor on the show, often to the point of having hijacked it with his seemingly endless non-sequiturs and random pics/videos.

8-time WK King of PPV Champion
5-time WK Big 4 PPV Champion

  • Crippling Overspecialization: While Greg's zany logic occasionally served him well, it more often than not came back to bite him in the backside. On PP Vs where he was supposed to defend the King of PPV championship, Greg's "tactic" for outlandish picks often backfired, especially when he picked wrestlers that wern't even on the PPV he was making predictions for.
  • Fan Boy: Of The Big Show.
    • Lampshaded by Ken during Episode #136, where while discussing potential opponents for Braun Strowmann, Ken parodied Greg's "logical" choice by basically saying "Big Show" half a dozen times.
  • Insane Troll Logic: As stated in the caption, this was basically Greg's M.O. for making PPV predictions, analyzing wrestling news and shows...basically anything that required his opinion, you can count on Greg to take it in a totally random direction.
    • It's been lampshaded so often by the rest of the "WK Krew" to the point that they make a guessing game as to the "theme" of his logic when predicting PPV matches.
  • Lethal Joke Character: Don't let the above Insane Troll Logic fool you, as Greg won the King of PPV title 8 times, so there's a method to his madness...
  • Put on a Bus: Left midway through Season 5, as he had accepted a job as Executive Director at Danvers Community Access TV.
  • Robot Me: "The Almighty Printer", a seemingly sentient printer that "coincidentally" picked PPV matches in the same manner as Greg, actually won and held the King of PPV championship, and at one point hijacked the show and (briefly) turned it into "The Printer Kennection," trolling Zack and Ken every chance it got.
    • The Scrappy: Safe to say, he was NOT universally loved by many on the show, especially Zack, who was incensed at losing out on the King of PPV title to a machine, among other things.
    • Put on a Bus: Shortly after losing the championship, and would make very sporadic appearances, before showing up along with everyone else at the 100th episode spectacular. Zack would welcome him back...with both feet.

    "Mr. J" Julian Warren 

King Jay!

Brought on as a co-host in Season 2, Julian, like Zack, has big aspirations of one day making it as a big-time professional wrestler. He brought a different kind of energy to the show and would often surprise the others with his in-depth knowledge of international wrestling...that is, when they could get him to stop.

2-time WK King of PPV Champion

  • Big Fun
  • Commuting on a Bus: He depended mostly on Zack for transportation, so if Zack couldn't make it for a show, Julian most likely wouldn't either.
    • Put on a Bus: Stopped appearing on the show altogether after the third season, but shows up along with Zack for specials like the 200th episode.
    • It came back to bite him a couple times, as he was unable to officially accept the King of PPV Championship either time he won it and had to vacate it both times due to absence. Ironically, both of his victories came at WWE Money In The Bank events.
  • Hidden Depths: While having the same kind of manic energy as Zack, Julian's quite knowledgeable of the wrestling world and would drop the occasional bit of little-known wrestling trivia or lore that stumped even Ken on occasion.
  • Motor Mouth: Sometimes even more than Zack, if that was possible.
  • Red Baron: "King Jay", "Prince of Insanity", "Soul of the Stronghold."

    Julie Manoogian 

Assistant Producernote
The WK's "First Lady!"

Former Bedford TV assistant producer and the "first lady" of "The Wrestling Kennection", Julie brought a fun, loop-de-loop brand of energy to the show!

Often known to her WK cohorts as "Miss Julie", she was new to the wrestling scene in Season 2, but took to the wrestling world like a duck to water in Season 3 and would possess an active, spoken mind for WWE's Woman's Division, as well the overall portrayal of women in professional wrestling.

5-time WK "Queen" of PPV Champion
4-time WK Big 4 PPV Champion

  • Affirmative Action Girl: As the longest-tenured woman on the show, Julie took it upon herself to be very studious and aware of not only WWE's Woman's Division, but also how women in professional wrestling are generally portrayed.
    • She wasn't too shabby in the prediction/analysis department either, having 2 "Queen" of PPV reigns and a Big 4 PPV title reign to her name.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: She's sweet and demure as can be, but god help you if you're a promotion like WWE that tends to stereotype its female performers, like with the Lana/Rusev/Summer Rae Love Triangle. She did not mince words about how low-brow and insulting it was to women.
  • Cool Loser: She was awarded with the "Least Kennected" award (that is, the person with the worst winning percentage based on PPV predictions) during the 2016 WK Year-End Awards, and wore it like a badge of honor.
    • Finally shook off the "loser" notion at Backlash 2017, where she picked up a tiebreaker win to secure her 2nd "Queen" of PPV title reign.
  • Phrase Catcher: "Miss Julie Ma-NOOOO-gian!"
  • Put on a Bus: Departed along with Greg mid-way through Season 5.
  • She Cleans Up Nicely: Made a not-at-all-shabby Cleopatra for Halloween.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Went from being mostly naive to the ebb and flow of professional wrestling in Season 2, to being able to follow right along with the storylines in Season 3, as well as keep up with the guys when it comes to the "Pay-Per-Pre View" specials.
    • Julie credited Ken for giving her a crash course on trends in professional wrestling off-camera, helping her get a better grasp on what goes on in WWE and indie promotions.
    • After taking the "honor" of the worst winning percentage coming out of the third season, Julie came back strong in the first half of the fourth season with a "Queen of PPV" and Big 4 PPV championship win, back-to-back!

    Niccholas "Nick" Giglio 

Digital Media Specialistnote
"The WK's One-Stop Magic Shop!"

Bedford TV's digital media guru who made his debut in Season 3 shortly after Brian left for his new job in Lowell. Like Greg, Nick was not well-versed about the pro wrestling industry, but certainly held his own in the "snark" department and, like Greg, had a penchant for producing nutty, gut-busting videos for the show.

He also didn't lack for entertainment, as his "Mystical, Magical Mr. 8-Ball" persona would tell you whenever it came up.

4-time WK King of PPV Champion
1-time WK "Big 4" PPV Champion

  • Character Tic: As part of his The Gambler motif, he not only used the 8-Ball to make predictions, but also coins and dice to help decide his match time for the "Main Event Time-Breaker."
  • Companion Cube: His "mystical, magical 8-Ball", which he broke out for Pay-Per-Pre View shows and during his stints as the King of PPV Champion.
  • Demoted to Extra: Quietly slid into a sightless background role after Dan came on Ken's new co-host in Season 5.
  • Distaff Counterpart: To Ken. Nick and Ken were the Only Sane Man behind and in front of the camera, respectively. However, whereas Ken preferred logic and cold, hard facts when it comes to his analysis of pro wrestling, Nick preferred to take wild guesses and gambles on the goings-on in pro wrestling.
  • The Gambler: Relied on luck, chance and good fortune in the predictions he makes for a PPV.
  • My Hero Zero: Was in pursuit of this, actually. Nick at one point noticed that although some WK members have gotten only 1 PPV match prediction right for an entire show on occasion, no one's ever actually been shut out completely. Nick made it his personal mission to score a "perfect" zero, which, when you think about in terms of probability, is in fact harder to do then finish first.note 
  • Nice Guy: Was probably the most level-headed among the WK Krew during his time on the show.
  • Only Sane Man: Much in the same vein as Brian, he usually tried to keep the show rolling along when it started to come off the tracks.
  • Red Baron: "Mr. 8-Ball"
  • Snark-to-Snark Combat: He and Ken would have the occasional back-and-forth battle of wits, whether it was about wrestling, the show itself, or simply when the mood struck.

     Dan Kaufman 

Co-Hostnote /Hostnote
"The WK's Resident Prizefighter!"

Dan came on as Ken's shiny new co-host at the beginning of Season 5 and instantly showed that he was tailor-made for the spotlight, being a presence when needed and a team player when necessary, a man who speaks with a purpose and backs it up with knowledge from the far corners of the wrestling world.

As his nickname indicates, Dan wasted no time laying claim to The Wrestling Kennection's top prize, winning the WK King of PPV Championship in his very first Pay-Per-Pre View appearancenote . He showed he was more than a match for Ken in the pro wrestling pundit department, having swapped and taken championships from the host on a number of occasions throughout his debut year...and coming out on top one last time during Ken's last Pay-Per-Preview at Fastlane 2019, with Dan securing his position as the new host with Ken departing to take on his full-time job at DHL.

3-time WK King of PPV Champion
3-time WK Big 4 PPV Champion

  • Bald of Awesome: Thinning out on top, but it doesn't make him any less of a presence on the show, keeping up with and often times overtaking Ken when it comes to competing with PPV predictions.
  • Passing the Torch: With Ken departing for his full-time work at DHL, Dan was promoted to host early on in Season 6.
  • Red Baron: Almost as many as Ken! "The Prizefighter of The Wrestling Kennection", "The Dragon with The Gold", "The Consumer of Wrestling Knowledge, "The Breaker of Kens", the last one being a friendly shot at how many times Dan's upended Ken when it's come to PPV predictions...including Ken's last go-around at Fastlane 2019, where Dan beat him out by a single point to bring an end to their not-so-friendly rivalry.
  • The Big Guy: Ken's no shrimp by any means, but Dan's got at least 3-4 inches of height on the host.
  • The Watson: Dan and Ken actually played this role quite effectively for one another. When one man had a segment or news piece they wanted to talk about on the show, the other would start a narrative seguing into that segment/piece, giving the speaker a running start of sorts, then offered bits of information throughout the segment that the speaker may not have known about or considered before, expanding not only the audience's views on the subject, but the speaker's as well.


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