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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • David Mitchell's reaction upon finding out that the story about British radio and television presenter Mike Read doing a 10-minute political rap at the Conservative Party Conference was true.
    David: How are [the Tories] ever going to get back into office? Are they trying? Is it match-fixing? Is someone bribing them to be terrible at politics? Mike Read! Ten minutes! Rapping?! What the fuck is that?! [goes briefly incoherent] The reason Tony Blair can start wars for no- you know, without asking people - is that there's no opposition! It's their fault! It's Mike Read's fault! The deaths of our servicemen are on his conscience!
    Angus Deayton: I do hope Mike Read is watching this.
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  • Stephen Mangan successfully convincing Lee's team that he had nicknames for both his big toes.
  • Lee, when he was claiming his "Possession" was a coconut that nearly killed him:
    Trisha Goddard: I'm suspicious because you're not allowed to bring any fruits or vegetables from foreign countries in—
    Lee: Well, you've made the classic mistake there, Trisha, because a coconut isn't a fruit or a vegetable. It is in fact a seed.
  • Jimmy Carr straight-up admitting he'd lost his virginity at 26. He did it as a Truth/Lie, but didn't in fact feel the need to justify it like some others would.
  • Greg Davies hardly said anything that wasn't great, but his Moment Of Awesome came when he managed to convince Lee's team that his statement (which they were sure was a lie) was true simply by saying "This is true" with as much conviction as possible.
    Greg [turning to his captain]: Do you feel, David, any genuine sense of competition in this game?
    David: Yes, I do, yeah.
    Greg: Then I think you're going to like me very much. It was a lie.
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  • It's something very minor, but when David says that peacocks are very posh animals Lee corrects him saying that people do farm peacocks and that these are found in very rural places (which is, by the way, true): for a moment it seems that David is going to explode, but then he stops and realises that he doesn't actually know. He then goes off with a rant anyway, but...
    David: No, no, peacocks are in very posh places and very formal places.
    Lee: In very rural places, generally.
    David: No, no, it's not like, you don't farm peacocks!
    Lee: Yes they do. People do farm peacocks.
    David: No but no wha... (beat; raises arms) Okay!
  • Bob Mortimer demonstrating breaking an apple in two with his bare hands. Viewers who have seen Shooting Stars will have known his story was true from the start, because he once did the same thing on that show, but with a coconut!
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  • Miranda Hart catching a cricket ball. Her arm moves super fast.
  • Kevin Bridges' story about accidentally buying a horse that thought he was renting, masterfully convincing the entire room that it was a badly improvised lie. It wasn't.
  • Terry "The Mean Machine" Frazier scaring the entire panel with one very loud wrestling demonstration.
  • Henning Wehn's rambling tale about being picked up on a train in Spain by a random Moroccan man, and his attempts to justify his behavior.
    Henning: Well, I'd never been outside Europe, I for penny, in for pound.
    David: So you were picked up by a strange Moroccan on a train and agreed to go back home with him?
    Henning: ...what's the worst that could happen?
  • Alex Jones persuading David's team that she can tell if people are good dancers based on their smiles by baldly going round almost every panelist and coming up with a complicated explanation about the length of their teeth being the telling sign.
  • Claudia Winkleman has often shown herself to be one of the greatest deceivers of anyone in the show, consistently tripping up opposing teams and getting them to incorrectly guess whether she's telling the truth or lying. She often manages this by playing up Obfuscating Stupidity for claims that are actually true so that her interrogators believe they've caught her revealing inconsistencies (such as appearing unsure of herself while retelling the story of a builder who helped fix her TV) while displaying fierce improvisation and commitment toward statements that are actually false (coming up with animals to associate with everyone on the show and justifying the rationale for each by saying that it's something that just comes to her instantly).
  • Craig Parkinson successfully managing to convince Lee's team that he was a huge Steve Davis fan when Davis was one of Lee's teammates.
  • Series 12's opening episode ends with another Bob Mortimer tale: that he apparently cracks an egg in his bath. David, having wised up to Bob's increasingly bizarre stories, takes it this time as something so unlikely it might as well be true. Bob, in a clear triumphant tone, reveals it's a lie. The discovery clearly broke David.
  • Lee Mack winning the 2019 BAFTA for Best Entertainment Performance for his performance on the show, after his first nomination in the category, was absolutely made of win and awesome. His hilarious acceptance speech was just the icing on the cake.

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