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Whether you're a wrestling buff like Ken, Zack and Julian, or a non-enthusiast like Greg, there's a lot about The Wrestling Kennection to bring a smile to your face and a gut-busting laugh from your stomach.

  • Pretty much any time Zack goes on one of his promo-style rants. Full of Narm and Zack's typical crazy energy, you'll either be rooting along with him, laughing out loud, or feeling for Ken as the Only Sane Man of the show as he covers his face with his signature fedora to hide his reaction to said crazy rant.
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  • Whenever the "Almighty Printer" or "Mr. 8-Ball" shows up, and you can see that Ken's temper is Not So Different from Zack's when it comes to "seemingly" Animate Inanimate Objects trying to hijack his show.
  • After his back-and-forth argument with Ken over whether Bray Wyatt would win the WWE World Title (Ken) or John Cena would win so Vince could Troll the WWE's hardcore fans (Brian), Mr. Dorrington, Jr. reportedly had this to say to Ken after the 2017 Elimination Chamber PPV:
  • During the Season 3 review's WK Awards, Greg pointed out his PPV prediction success rate was better than Julie's (she came in last), but Nick's was better than the both of them, leading to this quip from the WK Krew's resident gambler.
    Nick: You both a coin.
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  • During Bedford TV's 2nd Annual Volunteer Awards, Ken and The Wrestling Kennection were nominated for 5 different categories (Ensemble Cast, Episode of the Year, Fish Out of Water, Viewer's Choice), the last of them being "Most Surreal Moment of the Year", for Ken's impersonation as Goldust from the SummerSlam 2017 Pay-Per-Pre View. Ken purportedly told Julie following their "red-carpet interview" that if there was any award he was sure he'd win, it'd be that one...cue some time later when the "Surreal Moment" nominees' clips are being shown, Ken's "Goldust" impression leaves the crowd collectively busting a gut, and he could only slide his trademark fedora over his face in mock embarrassment and mumbles a resigned "I Knew It!" when Greg announces him as the winner.

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