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Awesome / The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

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The Suite Life of Zack and Cody:

Quite a few:
  • Moseby saves the Tipton from trouble. He manages to stop the dogs by saying a single command, he then provided special bonuses to the more important guests and orders Esteban to have gift baskets for everyone.
    • Points to the Tipton Review Board who defends Moseby from Ilsa and later fire her for her incompetence.
    • Esteban mocks Ilsa needs to be credited as well.
  • Zack and Maddie's slow dance in the episode A Prom Story, punctuated with background music by Kim Rhodes.
  • London's sentiment on a forbidden boyfriend; "I'd love him even if he were poor" in "Cookin' with Romeo and Juliet".
    • And then Moseby tells her that he approves of her forbidden romance, even if doing so costs him his job, because "if you really love someone, then you have to think of them before yourself". Whoever came up with the idea for this episode is a genius.
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  • Cody and Barbara Brownstein at the ending of "Orchestra".
  • When a rival volleyball player calls London dumb and asks if she was speaking too fast, London responds by slamming the volleyball over the net during the game and then asks, "Did I hit that too hard?"
  • Moseby's version of the 'Stay at the Tipton' commercial is awesome.
  • The fact that Moseby basically has the ultimate job security. Like London is ever going to let him be fired!
  • A minor but still badass moment for Bob: when a bitchy employee from a necklace store insults Zack, Cody and Bob he remarks: I actually intended to buy this necklace, but you can forget this now!


The Suite Life on Deck:

  • Zack and Woody's performance from the air band competition, which is a parody of Guns N' Roses.
  • Rat Man. 'Nuff said.
  • Also, Tutweiler and Moseby were once arguing over the Sky Deck (both of them wanted to hold a dance on it at the same time) and Woody said:
    Woody: Shut up! You're all acting like spoiled brats!
    • The moment before he says that line is also awesome. Moseby and Tutweiler's argument escalates to them charging at each other with weapon props. Woody grabs two swords and knocks the weapons out their hands at the same time!
  • Moseby, Tutweiler and Cody helping to save Zack, Woody, London and Maya's lives in "Das Boots".
  • In "Love and War," Bailey getting the rowdy daycare kids into a corner after they tormented London so much she had to hide in the playhouse.
    Bailey: (after rounding up the kids) I got 'er done!
  • Mosbey getting rid of the snakes in "Snakes On A Boat"
  • Moseby defying Mr. Tipton was pretty awesome, considering his devotion to his employer.
    • To elaborate, in the finale, Mr. Tipton wanted to dismantle the cruise ship the cast was on to start a new business practice. Calling in the dismantlers right in the middle of the kids' graduation. Moseby calls him to try to at least have the dissimulation held off till after but Mr. Tipton won't budge (rather Jerkass of him considering it's his own daughter's graduation too). After a brief pause, Moseby tells him off and the graduation goes on as planned. Even the crew that was hired by Mr. Tipton are impressed and allowed the graduation to continue.
      • The way he says "Good day, Mr. Tipton." was just awesome personified.
      • Plus, when Zack congratulates him on it, Moseby responds with a cocky tone, "It's my last day. What's he gonna do, fire me?" Cue fist bump with Zack.
      • Even better when Jessie reveals he either didn't lose his job — or did, and London probably rehired him!

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