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Awesome / The School for Good and Evil

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Book 1

  • Agatha granting the wish of a girl who was transformed into a small school of fish and turning her into a human again. This earns her first rank in Animal Communication and is something only some of the most gifted princesses can do.
  • Agatha climbs the Tower of the School Master to rescue Sophie, despite all that Sophie has done to her, and rescues her friend, wrapping her in a tight embrace and pitching them backwards out of the window to the frigid water below.
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  • Agatha, confronted by the School Master, who is trying to reclaim Sophie, flat out tells him, "Over my dead body!"
  • Sophie then gets one as she makes a Heroic Sacrifice, taking the fatal blow meant for Agatha then telling Agatha that she loved her with her last breath.

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