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Awesome / The Rise of Darth Vulcan

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  • Vulcan vs. Discord. It ends in a stalemate.
  • Arguably, the entirety of chapter 10 is this. Vulcan, for reasons not yet known, is a prisoner to Celestia and Luna, yet he still manages to damage their psyche and confidence far more than they do with just words.
  • Vulcan's entire escape from Canterlot in chapter 20.
  • Chapter 39. Diamond Tiara shows off her strategy skills. It's enough to trigger Pinkie Sense over "a gamechanger" being brought into the fray.
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  • The entirety of Ted/Vulcan's heist plan from Chapter 42. From misguiding the Princesses and the guards with bogus info in Dodger's dreams to copy-pasting the entire library in a SD drive. Even if he didn't come out of it unscathed, it's nothing short of awesome.
  • Leo Hart, who the Mane Six and the princesses thought was a dud when they summoned him as part of a multilayered plan to deal with Vulcan, proves his worth by saving Apple Bloom and Zecora from a maddened manticore by smashing a fallen tree trunk to its face.
  • How does Vulcan get his new pirate fleet past a Royal Navy blockade? He has the Flim-Flams rig the ships with Magitek engines based on jet skis, which takes them right past the Equestrian ships.
  • Leo beating the crap out of Vulcan in their fight. If it weren't for a last minute turn around, he'd probably have put an end to Vulcan then and there.

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