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Awesome / The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge

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  • The fact that a movie made twelve years ago could get a video game sequel that not only reunites a good number of the original cast, but also manages to be a case of No Problem with Licensed Games.
  • Oogie graduates from a Plot-Irrelevant Villain to a Manipulative Bastard who almost takes over the seven major Holidays. His lair even goes from a mysterious casino design to a combination of a casino and HELL.
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  • Dr. Finklestein's Villain Song. Its the only original song in the soundtrack, and maybe it'd be out of place in the film, but it fits right in for the game. And it shockingly does a great job at conveying Jack and Finklestein's friendship while Jack tries to literally change his mind.
  • Mega/Trash Oogie. Considering it didn't seem like going One-Winged Angel was part of the plan, its safe to assume, given enough junk laying around, Oogie could have done this at ANY TIME.
  • A minor one, but it's pretty cathartic to see Jack finally calling Shock, Lock and Barrel out on their all their nastiness.
    Jack: If I've told you once I've told you twice to straighten out your act!
    You'll never get away with this and that, you BRATS is fact!
  • A Filthy Finale. All of it. One final musical battle with tiny Jack versus giant Oogie. Jack's been buffed to the max, with his musical powers being strong enough to hurt giants, and being able to summon towers of flame and meteors of ice with his costumes, all while he and Oogie duke it out in glorious musical Ham-to-Ham Combat.
    • This exchange sums it up perfectly:

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