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Trivia / The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge

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  • No Export for You: The Xbox version was never released in Japan and is exclusive to North American and European releases.
  • Non-Singing Voice: Averted. Instead of having Danny Elfman do Jack's singing voice like in the original movie, Chris Sarandon does both Jack's singing and speaking voices this time around.
  • The Other Darrin: Only Jack, Oogie, the Mayor, Mr. Hyde, Behemoth, the Small Witch, Corpse Kid, and Lock have their original voices. The others were either too busy or deceased.
    • Sally and Shock are both played by Kath Soucie instead of Catherine O'Hara.
    • Jess Harnell replaces William Hickey as Dr. Finklestein.
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    • Barrel and the Clown with the Tear-Away Face are voiced by Dee Bradley Baker (who also voices the Hanging Tree) instead of Danny Elfman.
    • Corey Burton replaces Ed Ivory as Santa Claus and the Narrator.
    • Rob Paulsen replaces Joe Ranft as Igor.
    • Susan Blakeslee replaces Susan McBride as the voice of the Tall Witch.
  • Sequel in Another Medium
  • What Could Have Been: This game is based on a film Sequel that got cancelled because Tim Burton convinced Disney not to do it. Plus the film would have been CGI had it been made.

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