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WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

  • While Frank is desperately trying to protect the Reaper's next victim, The Judge comes in out of nowhere and starts firing off his ghostly rounds at the evil specter. The Judge himself notes with glee that it's the first time his ghostly bullets have ever actually done any damage to anything! Sadly, the malicious spirit quickly overcomes The Judge and sends his soul into The Light to prevent him from interfering further.
    The Judge: Looks like I ain't shooting with blanks no more! [laughs enthusiastically]
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  • Lucy sneaking into the Bradley house by herself to try and help Patricia. The woman's got guts.
  • Cyrus fighting the Reaper to buy Frank and Lucy the time to escape.
    • In the same scene, Lucy distracts Dammers, who's holding Frank at gunpoint, before spraying him with a fire extinguisher.
  • Frank, in his new ghostly form, goes after the Reaper, wielding two M60 machine guns that originally belonged to Hiles.
  • When Patricia and Bartlett are FINALLY sent to where they belong...
    • Before that, after being strangled to death by Patricia, Frank returns as a ghost (again), pops up behind Patricia as she's about to kill Lucy, grabs hold of her, rips her soul out of her body, and proceeds to hold her hostage against Bartlett to force him to enter the Light, ultimately resulting in the above line.
  • A meta one: The movie managing to make Patricia a convincing victim of circumstance before later revealing it's all an act. One would never suspect this scared and bruised woman was just as psychotic as her boyfriend all this time.
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  • Admit it, watching Dammers' head get blown off by Patricia is cathartic as hell after all the shit he puts Frank and Lucy through.


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