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  • The ending of "Dynamite Lover". That is all.
  • Vicki Lawrence, all of nineteen when she joined the cast, depended heavily in the early years on learning her trade from the other, more experienced cast members. In the famous Mama's family "Elephant Sketch," she is the one who makes Tim Conway lose his composure, and the only one who (barely) keeps a straight face as her castmates dissolve into hysterics.
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  • One skit had Carol playing a substitute teacher to a music class that included the Jackson Five. An earthquake occurs on the set, startling everyone and making them forget their lines until Carol, staying in character, calms everyone (including the audience) by saying (in a deadpan voice) "No visiting. The earth just moved."
  • One sketch had a wealthy couple (Korman and Lewis) being so utterly detached that they have a fight by proxy with their servants (Burnett and Conway). So as they argue, it is the butler and the maid who are actually slapping each other, throwing food at each other, etc. Finally the wife says, "I've had enough of all this fighting." (look of relief on the maid's face) "...I'm going to commit suicide." (Oh, Crap! on the maid's face) The maid actually shoots herself. The husband begins crying as though his wife really is dead and says he can't live without her. The butler says "Sure you can!".
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  • One "Family" sketch had Eunice begging Ellen to take Thelma to live with her and then Ellen, the one who could do no wrong, ends up screaming about how she could do without the love of her tacky, uncouth, rude, lower class Mother when Thelma appears to hear it and before they leave, they make it clear to Ellen's guests that Ellen would not offer her sister and mother any treats or beer and Thelma tells Ellen that she was always "a cold, ungrateful stuck-up little snip since the day you were born" and while it is clear that Eunice would never gain Thelma's love or respect, it was nice to see her get one over her "perfect" sister.

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