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Awesome / Carnival Row

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  • Vignette kicks off the series by attacking a werewolf and strangling it with its own chain.
  • The fact that Darius managed to fight off a Werewolf that had gotten so far as to bite him. That must have taken some serious Off Screen Moment Of Awesome-ing.
  • Runyan Milworthy has found employment as Jonah Breakspear's latest tutor, only to be blown off and offered a bribe to give a good report to Absalom. He proceeds to tell the rich brat precisely where he can shove his hush money: "I’ve been brought in to equip you with a little wisdom, so you might vaguely become a more tolerable human being. Take it or leave it, but don’t think you can pay me to lie for you."
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  • When Vignette kicks Dombey in the face. That guy's so much of a Hate Sink that the audience cheers.
  • When Ezra discovers that Imogen and Agreus are lovers, he attacks them and Agreus injures him in self-defence. Imogen not only holds her brother at bay with a gun but willingly flees with Agreus, saving him not only from being arrested for harming a human but escaping being sent to the ghetto that Carnival Row has become.

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