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  • The satisfaction of completing the Master Stages in the original Super Monkey Ball for the first time. Even reaching them is a feat in of itself!
    • Reaching (and beating) the Master Stages (and Master EX in 2 and Deluxe) of any of the games can also count as this, doubly so if you manage to beat them without losing a continue or even life.
  • In Super Monkey Ball 2, Dr. Bad-Boon has used a shrink ray to shrink Aiai, Meemee, Baby, and Gongon. Bad-Boon gives Meemee an ultimatum: either marry him or watch her friends be cooked. Meemee just snaps and flies up Bad-Boon's nostril, making him sneeze, which blows away the other monkeys, giving them a chance to escape.
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  • Also in Super Monkey Ball 2, the very final level, Master Extra 10, is a beautifully accurate model of the Nintendo GameCube, down to every bump and curve. Even the labels are readable. The objective is to survive on all six sides as it rotates. It is fittingly one of, if not THE hardest stage in the game.
  • The fan mods. Levels in these may be ball-bustingly hard but you cannot deny how well done they can be. Case in point, Super Monkey Ball Gaiden which includes a complete set of original worlds replacing the story mode levels including backgrounds, new music, and of course, levels fit for a master!
  • In a meta example, Sega of Japan specifically has shown a surprising amount of care and attention to detail with Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania, posting near daily runs of the games rebuilt stages on Twitter and going as far as bringing in one of Japan's best speedrunners of Super Monkey Ball 2, Yutori, for a gameplay presentation, only for them to show the old speedrun strategy for one of the stages STILL WORKS. The amount of acknowledgement to the speedrunning side of Monkey Ball and meticulous detail to keep the physics engine of Banana Mania close enough to the older games for this to work is amazing in and of itself.