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  • Gloria Swanson gets one for her performance as Norma Desmond, particularly the scene in which she returns to Paramount and is recognized by her old friend. The crowd gathers around her, and her reaction is... stunningly well acted, so much so that it is likely to leave the viewer in tears. And that was before the final scene.
    • When the film was screened to a select audience of Hollywood stars, many of them were overwhelmed by Swanson's performance. Barbara Stanwyck bent down and kissed the hem of Swanson's dress.
  • Most of Norma's one-liners fall into this thanks to Gloria Swanson's supreme acting backing them up.
    • "We didn't need dialogues, we had faces."
    • "I can say anything I want with my eyes."
    • "I am 'big'. It's the PICTURES that got 'small'" could easily come across as a Badass Boast if you sympathize with Norma's plight.
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  • Joe managing to get the courage to stand up to Norma and go for his own beliefs. Even though this doesn't last long and Norma manages to convince Joe to hang out with her again, it's nice to see a previous victim grow a backbone.


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