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Warning! Spoilers Off for moment pages. You Have Been Warned.

Story Mode

  • Iden escaping the Rebels by jettison herself into space.
    • Not forgetting that she escaped thanks to ID10, her droid who has shown to be a tiny Badass of its own right.
  • Inferno Squad defeating a Rebel-controlled AT-ST.
  • Commander Versio and Del Meeko's Heel–Face Turn by refusing to abandon civilians when Operation:Cinder commenced. They may be loyal to the Empire, but dammit, they have morals and aren’t about to slaughter innocents to prove a point, even if it means they’ll be labeled as traitors and marked for death by their own government.
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  • Face it, you squeel in glee when you took over an AT-AT and blow everything that got in your way.
  • Theed's Defense Systems shutting down all of the Empire's machines and weapon allowing a swift New Republic victory.
  • Iden and Del try to pursue Hask on Bespin, but then run out of vehicle options, so they reluctantly settle for a puny Cloud Car. Not only do they manage to outmaneuver an entire squadron of TIE Fighters with it, but then they proceed to blow some Tibana gas stations to deprive the Empire of valuable supplies, taking out not one, but three Star Destroyers in one fell swoop.
  • It's been two years in the making, but we finally get to see the battle we've been waiting for and read about play out before our eyes: THE BATTLE OF JAKKU! Throughout the battle, Iden accomplishes several feats in crippling the Empire's fleet.
    • She and Shriv use a remote detonator blow up several TIE Bombers stuck in a downed Star Destroyer.
    • They then move on to another position that's besieged by Imperial walkers, calling on orbital strikes from the Starhawk Unity.
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    • Iden then takes to the skies and defends the Corvus from fighters and bombers, until a squadron led by Hask personally comes for her. She wins the dogfight anyway.
    • Then, there's the final section; when Iden's X-Wing gets shot down on her way to the Eviscerator, she doesn't flinch and crashes on the Star Destroyer's starboard, before getting out and fighting her way to the bridge.
  • Del managing to fool Kylo Ren in the epilogue. After supposedly being broken by Kylo’s mental probing, he gives the dark Jedi the alleged location of the map to Luke Skywalker. Anyone who’s seen The Force Awakens will automatically realize that the planet he mentioned wasn’t Jakku. Meaning Del likely led Kylo on a wild goose chase, allowing Poe to find the map first. If it wasn’t for this action, the Resistance would've never found Luke's location and the sequel trilogy would've been over before it began.


  • Space battles. PERIOD. They are a visual spectacle to behold, and quite fun, at that.
  • Let's not forget Galactic Assault's many maps now, shall we?
    • Kashyyyk's Kachirho Beach map is as a whole quite scenic, with the Clone Troopers and Separatist droids going up against each other while they either take down the MTTs with Ion Disruptors or protect the troop transports respectively in the first phase, the second phase involving the Turbotanks that have to be defended from runner droids with bombs and the final phase involving two fuel lines. Either way, the final result screens for both factions are equally good, with the republic blowing up the MTTs in their victories and the Venator being blown up by the droids.
    • Crait. The battle in the film is a sight to behold, but being in it takes it to a whole new level, especially in the Walker phase. Whether you're on the ground watching the walkers advance and seeing the speeders kick up red jets of sand, or underground as explosions sound overhead, the whole thing is awesome.
    • Even running to the battle sight is awesome sometimes. If you're in Mos Eisley as the Empire, you dash to the first control points as Stormtroopers clear the battlefield and Jawas dash out of your way in terror before the battle starts.
  • Playing as any lightsaber hero. You carve through normal characters like they're butter while jumping like a madman and flying forward with your specials.
  • Hearing your own or a friendly officer's Battle Command rally can make you feel like quite the badass grunt, even as a Stormtrooper. Bonus Points for the following voice lines:
    • "We're Clones! We Fight, We Win!"
    • "For the honor of our Brothers!"
    • "In Palpatine's name, forward!"
    • "Ten thousand systems rely on us!"
    • "Rally, soldiers! We Stand Together!"
    • "For the Rebel Alliance!
    • "Shield the helpless with our lives!"
    • "Exterminate the Republic Forces!"
    • "The Supreme Leader guides us!"
    • "The Supreme Leader sends us forth!"
  • With the latest update, you can now play as an Ewok. Yes, those same little teddy bears who beat the Empire in Return of the Jedi are now a playable reinforcement for the Rebellion. And they are as deadly as they were on Endor. And what's better is that you can play as them on ALL Original Trilogy maps.


  • This game is right up there with Star Wars: The Clone Wars as a prime example of Vindicated by History. Following a disastrous launch with lootboxes and a baffling progression system, DICE not only removed the pay to win aspect of the game completely and made progression linear, but also added plenty of new content ranging from iconic heroes like General Grievous, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Count Dooku, and Anakin Skywalker, to breathtaking locations such as Geonosis, Felucia, Ajan Kloss, and Scarif. The new game modes Capital Supremacy (later renamed to just Supremacy) and Co-Op became instant fan favorites, and plenty of customization has been added to every single faction. The once notorious game has come such a long way, having been transformed into an incredible experience that transports players directly into that galaxy far far away.

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