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     Pre Secret Wars 2015 

  • On a meta level, this book existing at all, harkening to Stan Lee saying that Marvel listens to the fans.
  • The freakin' design of the Spider-Gwen outfit, the use of negative space, the perfect inversion of colors, the way it is at once similar and unique from the original Spider-suit, all of it is breathtaking the more you look at it.
  • Also meta, but Gwen Stacy has a trope named for her: I Let Gwen Stacy Die, and is one of the first victims you think of when you hear "Stuffed into the Fridge." Here, Gwen metatextually clawed her way out of the fridge and back up on to that bridge, proving that she has just as much potential as the character whose story she was originally killed off to facilitate.
  • Issue#2, Gwen whipping up some web glide wings to save herself from being tossed off a bridge.
  • Issue#3 Gwen taking down Frank Castle.
  • Ben Parker charged into a dangerous situation to save his neighbor, Capt. George Stacy.

     Post Secret Wars 

  • Samantha Wilson, aka Captain America, manages to land a solid punch in on Spider-Woman, rendering her unconscious.
  • Gwen goes Determinator trying to stop the new batch of Lizards from getting out, and, with Captain America's help, brings the roof down on them.
    Captain America: Damn it, Spider-Woman, put your back into it!
  • Considering how the relationship between Spider-Heroes and Goblins usually goes,the fact that Gwen was able to resolve things peacefully with her Goblin is both awesome and heartwarming.
  • The Spider-Gwen Annual reveals that this world's version of the Burglar was knocked out by Uncle Ben before he could shoot Ben.
  • Samantha Wilson as Captain America continues to be awesome, as Gwen describes a story where she fought Baron Blood (who looks incredibly like Prince) and then, later on, she fights M.O.D.A.A.K. (who looks and acts incredibly like future President Donald Trump).
  • Matt Murdock finally gets what's coming to him. With the Hand utterly fed up with his lack of discretion and respect, Gwen shows up to deliver a "Reason You Suck" Speech calling him out for using the suffering of others to cover up that there is nothing of value inside himself. She also figured out that sound isn't a weakness of her version of Venom, but he put the idea that it was in her head so that she wouldn't think to use it against him. While incapacitating him by blasting one of her band's songs directly into his brain, her symbiote changes back into her original costume's design, showing once and for all that his manipulations and corruption didn't take. In the end, he's broken, defeated, and all but begging for her to kill him herself rather than leave him alive with the Hand relentlessly hunting him.


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