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     Pre Secret Wars 

  • In issue 4, the interactions of the Parkers to Gwen. They're practically a second family to her. Gwen even thinks of Ben as "Uncle" Ben.
    • In the same issue, Aunt May all but tells Gwen that she knows that Gwen is Spider-Woman, and that she no longer blames her for Peter's death.

     Post Secret Wars 

  • The first issue of the new title reveals that Gwen decided she and Peter would be Harry Osbourne's friends after she heard about his troubled past and that Flash Thompson had been bullying him.
  • Gwen shows genuine concern for the Bodega Bandit when he lay crying in a dumpster.
    • Later, she gives him a new pet to replace his deceased dog. She even went to the trouble of putting a little mask on it (while handcuffed).
  • Gwen has a heart to heart with Earth 616's Jessica Drew, asking her what she knew about that world's Gwen Stacy. Jessica's first thought is to wonder what jerk told her about the bridge. Her second is to tell Gwen to just be the best her that she can be.
    Jessica Drew: Look, the other Gwen—Her death wasn't tragic because it ended some perfect storybook life. It was tragic because she deserved a chance at a full life. Mistakes and all. Look, I get it. I understand dreaming of a simpler life...(holds her pregnant belly) I mean, hellooo. But trust me. The hard times, the time when you're just unsure, those are just how you figure out who you are. What your life means. Focus on today. Be the best Gwen Stacy that you can be. Right here, right now...
  • Issue #6 is full of heartwarming:
    • Instead of fighting the partially mutated Harry more and forcing him to take the formula to suppress the Lizard mutagen in his system, she talks to him about how Peter's death affected them both. She then shows that she has faith in him by giving him the choice to take the suppressant himself, and he does.
    • After recovering from getting knocked out by a pumpkin bomb, Captain America tells Spider-Woman that while it won't clear her in the eyes of the police, she'll stand by Spider-Woman as a friend and ally.
    • Lastly, Gwen and her dad have a talk where George accepts that while he might not fully understand why Gwen has to go running around as Spider-Woman, he trusts her even in the areas where she's been keeping secrets. With that, he closes his own investigation into what happened the night Peter died, and she hangs around to watch Dad Cop with him.
    Gwen: Dad Cop is the best.
  • Gwen's meeting a version of the Gwen Stacy from the main universe was this, especially as they compared their similarities and differences. Best of all, it's later revealed that meeting Spider-Gwen changed the course of her history and prevented her death at the hands of the Green Goblin. She even grew up to be a detective.
  • In issue #32, after everything that's happened to her, between Murdock and her issues with the Venom symbiote, it's great to see the symbiote change into her costume's original design. It shows that while some things have changed forever, she's really herself again.
    • Earlier in the same issue, she meets up to play some music with the Mary Janes where they talk things through and hug it out multiple times.
  • In the middle of Gwen's incarceration, S.H.I.E.L.D. sends Captain America to recruit Gwen into a Suicide Squad-style team in exchange for an early release. Samantha lets Gwen know that they sent her because they think she can talk Gwen into taking the deal, but also that they know that Samantha would never let them pressure Gwen into it against her will.
  • After everything Gwen goes through, she manages to get her life together and figures out who she wants to be: a hero who saves people rather than one who fights villains.


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