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Awesome / Sleeping with the Girls

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  • The main character manages to kill Zoicite in an extremely badass manner.
    "Zoicite better hope he's fucking bulletproof." He is not.
  • Senbei manages to temporarily neutralize a roomful of Numbers cyborgs.
  • The SI putting the fear of death into Naru Narusagawa when he's had enough of her 'Pervert' accusations. Bonus points for giving her an idea of what it's like to be on the receiving end of a Megaton Punch.
    "Once, there was a wall. Now, there isn't. Want to be a wall?"
  • Book II: Chapter 27: The SI just figured out how to use MAGIC. He then blasts Happosai with MEGADETH!
    • Really its the last two lines that sum it up best:
    And when I cast MEGADETH, I had just told the universe itself to explode the fuck out of Happosai.
    And the universe said 'yes mastah', and exploded the fuck out of Happosai.
    • Shampoo admits that if she was in his position, she'd most likely give up or kill herself long before she got to where the SI is now. Consider everything we see Shampoo is capable of in her story, including reducing buildings to rubble, performing magic, and she's widely regarded as the greatest fighter in her home town. She chased Ranma from the Amazon Village all the way to Tokyo, Japan, never stopping or ceasing in her pursuit... and yet this is the task that she says would break her. Score one for the SI for being tougher than the anime character in this regard.
  • A Visual Novel of sorts of the Fan Fic is in the works. People think this Fan Fic is good enough for them to make a Visual Novel of this. That is a Moment of Awesome for the author himself for making such a good Fan Fic. It isn't made worse by that the author is fixing the music for this project.


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