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Awesome / Prey (2017)

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The Black Mesa Commute style opening of the game is both Visually and Aurally stunning. Too bad none of it was real.
    • That being said, if the setup for the simulation could be replicated in real life, that would be amazing. Just seeing how they tricked Morgan into thinking they were still on Earth every morning is fascinating.
  • The progression of the player character's power over the course of the game is extremely satisfying. While anything tougher than a mimic is initially a major threat, with enough neuromods and weapon upgrades, you can effortlessly slaughter even the toughest enemies is an extremely gratifying payoff for all the hours you spent running and hiding in the early parts of the game.
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  • In the Yellow Tulip bar, one can find a recording of a musical performance of Semi-Sacred Geometry by several of the scientists who used Neuromods to give themselves musical skills. Playing it will cause several Phantoms to swarm the bar. As this is around the point in the game where most players will just be starting to get comfortable with open combat, it leads to Morgan running around the bar, blasting Phantoms with a shotgun, set to Techno music.
  • Anytime you manage to kill a Nightmare. Imagine seeing one of the biggest and easily most powerful Phantom based Typhon gunning after Yu. Imagine the scenario, a powerful, gigantic looking Phantom has just popped in out of nowhere. Its powers are all suped up versions of normal Phantom enemies and it could effortlessly one shot you if you're not careful. This monster, designed to maintain the Typhon Ecosystem, is out to kill you either because you just had bad luck and saw it or installed enough neuromods to attract its attention. Your response? Show the slimy alien bastards just why Morgan Yu is a badass by killing their strongest monster.
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  • In the Mooncrash DLC, getting everybody off the moon alive. Doing so requires you to know the base well and perfectly coordinate your survivors to give each one the best odds, knowing that every time you get one out alive, you're throwing the next one in to a station that's slightly more dangerous than before.
  • Also in Mooncrash, Claire is one hell of a badass, taking out a security team all by herself, seemingly only with her psychostatic cutter. Which makes it all the more impressive that Vijhay manages to beat her. No wonder that Riley Yu saw no problem with sending him to deal with it alone.
  • Also in Mooncrash, playing the story mission of the Volunteer. Not only do all the Typhon become non-hostile, but they actively help you against the security drones and also spawn in multiple Typhon Sharks and Nightmares, even in areas where they cannot normally spawn.