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Tear Jerker / Prey (2017)

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Alex's interaction with the player hovers between tearjerking and heartwarming, in that sort of bittersweet manner that one recalls fond memories of lost loved ones. While Morgan isn't dead (at least not during the events that the simulation reconstructed from their memories), their personality has been drastically altered by repeated memory wipes, leaving them familiar, yet alien to their brother.
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  • After gaining access to the Crew Quarters, Danielle Sho and Abigail Joy's apartments and various other places are filled with TranScribes, notes, emails demonstrating their relationship and recent fight. Soon thereafter, the player discovers Abigail's murdered body with a TranScribe from Sho saying she's coming to rescue her. In an albeit optional moment, the player meets her outside the Fitness Center window and informs her of her partner's death. Choking back tears and low on oxygen, she asks the player to kill her murderer.
  • The quest where you find out what happened to Mikhaila's father. And you realize that you killed him in an intensely unethical experiment involving Mimics. You get two choices: either a) don't tell her and save your own skin, or b) confessing to Mikhaila that you did it. And if you don't tell her, this was all a simulation in Morgan's memories, and the Operator version of Mikhaila will know what you did. No matter what happens, you probably will feel like an an awful, awful person.
    • Even worse, one person in the recording states that the results were just like the other times they exposed a person to mimics. The only new information was that age wasn't a factor.
    • Killing Mikhaila or letting her die. Either one is a total Player Punch. Worse when you search her corpse and find an "Ilyushin Family Ring". Since it is shown in a jewelry case, it suggests that Mikhaila may very well have been planning to propose to Morgan, but never got the chance, and has held onto it ever since their breakup.
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  • At the end of the game, should you choose to take Alex's hand, he concludes the game with the Arc Words, "we're going to shake things up, just like old times", something he frequently said to Morgan. This and several other tidbits seem to suggest that the original Morgan Yu is dead, and Alex may be looking to the Player Character as something of a Replacement Goldfish, consciously or otherwise.
  • The post-credits scene shows a very brief image of the real Earth. It's a horrifying, desolate landscape covered in Coral, and it's shown too briefly to allow you to really get over the shock. The only prior hints were the journal entries talking about "The Evacuation". The reveal of Earth's current state is far too sudden, and utterly heartbreaking.
  • Late in the game, you find an audio log between William Yu and Walter Dahl, where they discuss the outbreak on the station. It's all pretty by-the-numbers, until William tells Dahl to spare absolutely no one on the station. Not even his own children. It makes the weakness shown when scanning yourself ("toxic family") a lot less funny.
  • You can find an adorable audio log between two staff members celebrating one's birthday - the guy sends her on a Scavenger Hunt. She's dead at the foot of the tree the hint was in, and grabbing the keycard hidden there allows you into the storage room that he was using to arrange a romantic date, complete with scattered flower petals. And he's been turned into a phantom on top of it all.
    • On a similar note, one of the workers on the Bridge was also having a birthday, and her co-workers were preparing a surprise party. She's dead at her post and several bodies are found in the breakroom, suggesting that they were killed while preparing the party and that she never knew about it. If there's anything that makes you feel worse than a dead body next to a cheesy "Happy Birthday" poster, it's the fact that the gifts and party favors are usable items, and the player probably looted them.
  • At the climax, should you choose to blow up the station, Alex (if he's still alive) will stay behind. What turns this into a tearjerker is when he sadly states that "everything" he ever cared about died long ago, but the worst part was that he "lost his brother/sister". And what does he do if you decide to take a seat and wait to die? Why, he stands right next to you, in silence, not as Alex Yu, CEO and President, but just your brother, to die with you.
  • Go ahead. Kill January after spending a few playthroughs with them talking to you throughout the game. Better yet, do it when they're trying to reason with you against using the Nullwave Transmitter. You will feel bad.
  • If the player was cruel and ignored all pleas for help, the operators and Alex will conclude that this round failed and you are unable to sympathize with humans in a very dejected way before killing the hybrid. They have to start over once more, with the screen that flashes upon loading suggesting that they've done this at least three times. How much longer does humanity have?
  • Kill them all. The short moment of hope you can see in his face turns into horror as you stab Alex multiple times before breaking free to kill the last bits of humanity.
  • In the Mooncrash DLC, three of the player characters have some pretty tragic stories. Andrius Alekna has a son and just wants to get home, Vijay Bhatia also has a son, who died fighting pirates, and Joanne has fallen in love with a fellow engineer, and her story follows her attempts to find out what happened to him after an accident. None of them end well. Andrius doesn't make it off the moon, and a Telepath manipulates his love for his son to send a mimic to earth before killing him. Vijay doesn't take the news well and turns to drink, and several of his security team get killed while he's blackout drunk. Joanne's love Brian Chung was turned into a guinea pig for typhon experiments, turned into a phantom, and then killed by Joanne, leaving only a moon rock sculpture of her as a birthday present.
  • Morgan's secretary Jason is implied to have a small crush on them (his password is 0MG!hotboss regardless of Morgan's gender) and all his emails to Morgan are nothing but helpful, making it clear he is loyal to them, even if fulfilling their requests could land him in hot water. You can find his body, mutilated by feeding Mimics, in the lobby near the exit.