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Awesome / Predator: Concrete Jungle

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  • The first level ends with Scarface, severely wounded after the events of the level, being exiled on a barren planet, left with nothing but his wrist blades and a glaive, basically a double bladed sword, surrounded by a bunch of aliens that resemble Xenomorphs. The next level starts 100 years later with Scarface standing atop a mountain of corpses.
  • When Scarface returns to Earth, he has to deal with every single crime element ever imagined in fiction and it's awesome. He fought voodoo cultists, drug loving goths, cyberpunk rebels, old fashioned mafia, Mexican luchadores, Russian cyborgs and femme fatales. By the end of the game, he left their bodies hanging and skinned.
  • After defeating the Monster Squad, the Predator has to face them again by the hundreds. The Predator's response? Charge right back into battle and take down as many with him.
  • After MOTHER admits her love to the Scarface Predator, he responds by impaling her on his combistick. The look on her face is priceless.
    "I promised you a night to remember, baby! Didn't I promise?"
  • In the ending, before executing Hunter Borgia, the Scarface Predator uses his voice replicator to play back MOTHER's words back to him, repeating them over and over in the form of a "The Reason You Suck" Speech as Borgia lies cowering in fear at the Predator's feet:
    "Mighty Bruno Borgia fathered a stunted weakling, but you (Scarface) made him strong.
    • And after you defeat Hunter, Scarface lets out a war cry that makes you feel like an unstoppable badass after singlehandedly butchering the city's largest crime dynasty.
    Scarface: (via Predator recording) I'M THE BOSS OF THIS CITY!!!