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Do to the source material and the Up to Eleven nature of Saint’s writing, expect many of these.

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    One Punch Gamer 
  • The battle at the end of the SAO arc (Chapter 13), where Kayaba uses the full power of Cardinal to defeat Kirito. Far from Let's Fight Like Gentlemen in canon, instead he goes One-Winged Angel. He basically turns into Boros. This leads to Kirito using the Serious Series for the first time.
  • The battle at the end of the GGO arc (Chapter 23), between Kirito, Sinon and Death Gun. Since Death Gun has the powers of Melzargard, Kirito needs to be more clever than "punch it". Sinon provides the needed assistance in Crazy Awesome fashion.
  • The battle at Chapter 25, between the UHA girls and the Frost Giant King's forces. Kirito is occupied with guarding Tonky's brethren, so they really get to show their stuff. Not only do they have to fight the Frost Giant King himself but two of his warriors, each of whom could be a floor boss on their own.
  • The battle at Chapter 29, between Transcended Yuuki and Kirito, to the point where the later felt the excitement for battle that he lost a long time ago.
  • Yuuki and Kirito get one for defeating the Absolute One known as DEATH . In a nutshell, it goes like this: Yuuki uses her super mode to fly through 'her' domain and reach the boundary between life and death, and then Kirito punches through it in order to grab her and pull her into Alfheim. FATE itself is surprised at how they accomplished such an impossible feat.
  • The War of Ragnarok has many awesome moments on both sides of the battle because it has Equinox's daughters fighting against the elite of the Fairy World.
  • The UHA, alongside Kayaba, infiltrating the Utopia server and taking down Equinox's daughters, despite some losses, and holding their own against the mentioned Big Bad until Kirito returned to fight Equinox's Final Form as virtual reality itself!
  • The final battle between Kirito and Equinox DEFINITELY counts, especially at the end where Kirito used his Super Moves more and more until he finally finishes Equinox, whom at that point had become the Void itself with a combo of Consecutive Serious Punches... (Yes, Kirito literally defeated "nothing" by punching it) and then it was confirmed, as we can see in the Omakes, that Kirito could go even beyond THAT!
  • Also every time Kirito goes into Hero Mode and/or uses a Serious Move.
  • The Omakes involving Kirito and the others when he's summoned as Servant Savior for the 5th Holy Grail War by Emiya Shirou.]]]]
  • One special mention to the above Omakes involving Shirou becoming his world's version of Blast and even destroying the Grail by himself thanks to his own Super Mode "Hero" form.

    Chains of Fate 
  • The entire first fight in the prologue with Kirito and Eugeo trying to save Alice. They failed, but was still an impressive moment nonetheless.
  • The very start of the second prologue which starts with Kirito, Suguha, and Sinon successfully thwart apprehend a running pickpocket.
  • When Johnny Black stalks Kirito, Asuna, and Suguha like canon, the Kirigaya Siblings immediately catch on to his ploy and immobilize him before he even has the chance to react. A shame it was negated immediately by the appearance of Mysterious Being!Xaxa.
  • The following chase between Xaxa and Kirito. The former is an effective Humanoid Abomination with a deadly blade and superhuman strength and agility while the latter is stuck in his real-life teenage body with just a slight bit of Hyper-Awareness. Despite the sheer difference in ability, Kirito manages to get some decent distance away before being cornered by Johnny Black who successfully jabs the syringe into his fist.
    • Special mention goes to Asuna highjacking a car and ramming into Xaxa at full speed. Xaxa gets one too, for shrugging it off like nothing than escaping with Johnny.


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