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    One Punch Gamer 

  • Though it starts off hilarious, the Hot Springs visit by the girls quickly turns heartwarming. First is all of them coming to terms with how all of them are in love with Kirito. Then, when Strea and Yui start to become gloomy at the prospect that they might not be able to have fun with them anymore after the game is clear they IMMEDIATELY cheer them up and promise to find some way to keep them around to have another hot springs trip in the real world. It then ends with all of them introducing themselves with their real names.
  • Many, but special mention goes to Chapter 14, where, after finally being freed from SAO, one of the things that Kirito does is have Ice Cream with his adoptive sister Suguha. Just like he promised.

    Chains of Fate 
  • At the prologue, when an Integrity Knight shows up to arrest Alice while the rest of the town stands by and watches, Kirito and Eugeo IMMEDIATELY jump in and try to save her. It didn't work, but points for trying.
  • Chapter 4 has some adorable Like Brother and Sister scenes with Selka and her new friends
    • Euego ruffling her hair after A Stealth Hi/Bye while she pouts.
    • She overhears Kirito using a word she doesn't recognize so she tugs his cap and asks "What's an emo?"



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