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Awesome / New Krypton

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  • In the beginning of the arc, General Lane sends Doomsday out to attack the Kryptonian delegation meeting with the President. Superman and Supergirl strike back coordinately before one dozen of Kryptonians gang up on Doomsday, fly him to the Moon and pummel him to death.
  • As if retorting to fans who think the existence of other Kryptonian survivors de-uniques Superman, at one point Gor confronts Superman and claims Kal-El wants to control them because they make him weak and less special since he's not the Last Son of Krypton anymore. Superman proves his unique status as the experienced superhero paragon of his people and easily punches Gor across Kandor and grumbles:
    Superman: You make me mad.
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  • In "Who Is Superwoman?" Reactron nullifies Supergirl's powers and thinks he's already won. Then Kara proceeds to kick his butt with her bare hands and an iron rod as pointing out how ridiculous is the thinking that a girl whose training has been overseen by the Earth's three greatest heroes is defenseless:
    Supergirl: I trained with Batman. With the Amazons. I know first level Klurkor. Just because I can't use heat vision doesn't mean I'm helpless.
  • In the beginning of "World of New Krypton", Zod aims a red-sun weapon at Superman, who doesn't even flinch and flatly states:
    Superman: This isn't the first gun that's been pointed at me, General Zod.
  • Nightwing and Flamebird risk their lives every day to capture General Zod's sleeper agents and protect a world that hates their kin.