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Nightmare Fuel / New Krypton

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A scene that will take your breath away!
The whole notion of war between the remains of the dwindling race of Kryptonians and the Earth is pretty terrifying considering it's already known how powerful one Kryptonian can be by viewing Superman. The whole event presents various genocidal nightmares that turns out to be pretty traumatic for the Man of Steel
  • Ursa slices Superman with a Kryptonite knife and then licks the blood off it. Shocking, considering it's just as painful to her as it is Superman but she's shown to be so insane that she doesn't care as long as she gets to filet the Man of Steel.
  • Neutron exploding and destroying New Krypton and everyone on it. It's shown in vivid detail and this time Superman has a front row seat to watch what could have been the revival of his race be blown to smithereens. Essentially getting to watch Krypton die a second time.
  • During the war, General Lane has Luthor teleport the corpse of the False Kryptonian God Rao into the Sun, turning it Red and deactivating the powers of thousands of Kryptonians in space, including Superman and Supergirl who barely survived in time thanks to Thara's Heroic Sacrifice.
  • When the Kryptonian Army gets to Earth, there's a planetwide bloodbath. Many World Leaders are slaughtered, thousands die for every single Kryptonian, cities and monuments are reduced to rubble, and the heroes defending the Earth are utterly curbstomped by so many Kryptonians attacking at once.
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  • General Samuel Lane Ate His Gun rather than surrender and admit himself as a war criminal. Right in front of Lois, his own daughter.