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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: In-Universe, Superman considers two different explanations for Alura's increasingly hostile actions against humanity: either Alura is motivated by grief of losing Zor-El or she has always been cold and distant and Zor-El was her Morality Chain. Since Superman never had any emotional connection to Alura before the events of New Krypton, he reasons any interpretation is equally valid.
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  • Arc Fatigue: Unfortunately went down this route after sometime, since the arc later separated into several mini-arcs for a while until ending in War of the Supermen. The introduction of a wholly new population of Kryptonians was a strong and daring idea. The entire status quo of the Superman family was reworked and people were pleasantly surprised that writers had actually done something with the eternal MacGuffin that was the Bottle City of Kandor. But at some point along the way, it became apparent that the story was not going anywhere, that the entire World of New Krypton title was in a holding pattern while the associated titles (Superman, Action Comics, Supergirl (2005), later Adventure Comics) were engaged in crossover storylines. In the end, most of the arc served as setup for successive event stories.
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  • Complete Monster: Reactron is at his worst, while Brainiac is as bad as ever. See Superman for more on them both.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Reactron crosses it in his first appearance, when he kills Supergirl's father while threatening to sexually assault her. General Lane does it when he transforms his daughter Lucy into a superweapon, while Lucy herself does when she murders a scientist for the crime of reporting her unstable condition to her father.
  • Older Than They Think: In Superman (Vol. 1) 338: Let My People Grow! Superman and Supergirl find a way to restore Kandor to its normal size, and the whole Kandorian populace settles on Rokyn, a remote planet revolving around a red sun.


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