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  • Superman and Luthor in "Men of Steel".
    Superman: "Today, you thought you saw me at the limit of my power. Sorry, Luthor...I was only at the limit of yours!"
  • "If I Ruled the World". Superman outsmarts a fifth-dimension-fueled Parasite and Mxyzptlk within two panels of each other. He may be most famous for his Super Strength, but this hero is definitely not just Dumb Muscle...
  • "Dominoes".
    • Mxyzptlk has been rewinding time from a disaster that destroyed Metropolis. Now Superman has actually found the root cause of everything that went wrong that day. Mxy taunts him about how he's going to see the city blow up twice, and Supes snaps back at him to go away, deliberately mispronouncing his name. Mxy screams the correct pronunciation at him — twice — and disappears, because time was going backwards, meaning his pronunciation of his name was backwards.
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    • Superman manages to run back to nip the disaster in the bud — despite suffering badly from Kryptonite exposure. He may have blacked out right at the end, but he did manage to reach his destination and prevent the disasternote  in spite of being on the verge of collapse for much of the final stretch.
  • #41 might be Mark Millar's crowning moment as a writer - 22 Stories In A Single Bound, an entire issue where each page is a perfectly complete, self-contained story.

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