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Awesome / The Death of Clark Kent

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  • In Action Comics #0, when Conduit tried to kill everyone Clark loved and Clark finally found his hideout, the opening page has Superman facing a roomful of goons with high tech weapons and the titular villain. Conduit then says that Superman should "beware, this facility is lead-lined to restrict the use of your x-ray vision, is filled with hundreds of agents specifically trained with you in mind, each has kryptonite based weaponry in addition to 250 agents specially trained in psychic warfare." Superman's response? "Sounds fair!" The battle happens off-page and the narration says it takes less than two and a half minutes. Cut to Superman in a room full of unconscious agents and not even breathing hard while looking for Conduit.
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  • Jimmy Olsen gets a quiet CMOA in an issue technically after but related to the saga. Restrained in a deathtrap designed to be unbeatable, literally watching his life tick away on a timer overhead, Jimmy delivers a rousing plea to his super powered pal not to blame himself for failing to save him. Might qualify as a Dying Moment of Awesome, but he had an epiphany which allowed Superman to save him — just barely.

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