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Heartwarming / New Krypton

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  • In the first issue, Superman and Supergirl head to Kandor. Supergirl meets her parents again, whom she believed dead. The three of them embrace warmly as Superman smiles. Combined with a tear-jerker when you realize that scene was their last happy family moment.
  • Right when Martha Kent is feeling sad and lonely after sending her son away, Krypto arrives to keep her company... and keep an eye out for her per Superman's instructions.
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  • In Supergirl (Volume 5) #35, Zor-El finds out about Supergirl's hallucinations and weird behavior since she landed on Earth. Zor and Alura put together a machine to cure Kara's Kryptonite poisoning. When Kara expresses concerns about their safety during the procedure, their parents state they'll always put her life above their security.
    Supergirl: Won't that be dangerous for you guys if this can't contain the Kryptonite energy?
    Zor-El: If it saves your life, Kara, it's a risk your mother and I will always take.
  • Superman decides to move temporarily to New Krypton to keep a close eye on Zod. In order to accomplish this, he'll have to say his aunt he renounces Earth. Before heading off, he meets Lois and Martha to assure them that, no matter what he says or does, they'll always be his wife and his mom.
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  • Once her transformation into Flamebird is complete, Thara is worried about Chris Kent fearing her or rejecting her. He kisses her instead.
  • Kara and Thara finally reconciled after capturing Reactron.