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Awesome / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Forgotten Friendship

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"Light her up, ladies!"
  • Sunset Shimmer proves to be quite clever, taking a leaf from Clover the Clever's book by making use of Twilight's drone to record Wallflower's confession, just in case Wallflower was the culprit and used the Memory Stone on her (which she was, and did). She also tries to sneak away with Wallflower's backpack (containing the Memory Stone) during the latter's Villain Song. Sunset might not be able to beat Twilight in a math competition, but moments like these certainly reinforce the fact that she is brilliant in her own right.
  • To help Sunset get out of a locked room, Trixie somehow manages to teleport. She is only able to teleport either Sunset or herself (not both) out of the room, but the fact that she apparently achieved a physically impossible feat without any explicit connection to Equestrian magic makes this noteworthy on its own. Indeed, self-teleportation is implied to be a rather advanced magical skill even in Equestria.
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  • Sunset Taking the Bullet to save her friends from having their memories taken away. It really shows how far she's come since her tyranny.

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