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Awesome / My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Digital Series

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A Little Birdie Told Me

  • After Trixie accuses her of cheating, Fluttershy confidently walks up to the blackboard and solves a complex math problem in front of the entire class.

Super Squad Goals

  • Really, the entire idea that the girls could use their powers to take down ordinary criminals. Granted, it's only part of a comic that Sunset came up with, but still.

So Much More to Me

  • The title song could well be Fluttershy's Image Song: delicate-sounding, performed with no audience except for the animals at the shelter, and yet nonetheless triumphant.

Game Stream

  • The fact that Sunset Shimmer is good enough playing videogames to the point of having an online videogame channel could qualify as this. It just shows to what extent she adapted to her human body and the human world.

Cheer You On

  • The girls ponying up to fight a rampaging robot, showing off their powers and teamwork. Flash Sentry even gets to help out by retrieving Sunset's geode when it gets blasted off.
  • The robot turns out to be a pretty credible threat, blasting the girls through a wall and taking hits from Applejack's Super Strength, Twilight's telekinesis, and Pinkie's explosions without visible impairment. In the end, the heroines need to unleash their friendship magic on it to finish it off.

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