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Say the Words

  • The massive tornado storm conjured by a blaster. This shows the power of the American witches' magic.
  • Tally calling Abigail and Raelle on their bullshit by referring to them as weak and that she should be the one to leave.
  • Alder putting Abigail in her place when she asks to be reassigned.
  • The unit shows off their power by performing a very strong seed of reversal.
My Witches
  • The unit performs the best windstrike of the day and gets to go to Salem.
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  • Tally windstriking a man who had been antagonizing towards her when a Spree threat was made.
A Biddy's Life
  • Abigail flirting and seducing the men, showing a shameless side of herself.
  • Tally excelling at Anacostia's scrying challenge.
  • Raelle choosing to put her life on the line to try to save a dying Porter.
Hail Beltane
  • The well choreographed dance sequence known as "the reel."
  • Raelle showing the class what she can do by slicing a dummy in half with her scourge.
Bellweather Season
  • Abigail is able to briefly defend herself adequately against two assassins despite not being able to use her powers, grief-stricken, and in shock.
  • The witch generals quickly getting into lockdown-mode and blasting back the Spree's balloons.
  • Petra showing up just in time to save Abigail from the assassins. The mother-daughter duo fight the assassins and quickly dispose of them when they self-immolate. The fight is well-choreographed and truly shows that the Bellweathers earned their reputation as leaders of witches.
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  • On a meta level, Ashley Nicole Williams performed her own stunts despite not doing them before.
Mother Mycelium
  • Scylla being able to snark at Alder and resists the army's torture, showing her willpower.
  • Raelle knocking out the entire class with her bible verse incantation.
  • Tally demonstrating her growing sight powers by detecting the invisible Adil.
  • Raelle curing Khalida of her illness, something that the best fixer in the country couldn't do, demonstrating her true potential.
  • Doubles as a Tear Jerker, but Anacostia bringing Raelle in to get into Scylla's mind was brilliant.
  • Raelle quickly getting her shit together for citydrop mere minutes after the revelation that Scylla is alive.
  • Khalida tricking and attacking General Alder for attempting to learn the Tarim's songs.
  • The cadets dropping out of the helicopter for citydrop.
  • Raelle healing Tally when she breaks her leg.
  • Abigail and Tally defeating the fake Spree who ambushed them. Abigail shows how her combat skills have grown by defeating two of them!
  • Tally not apologizing to Raelle and sticking up for herself. She even tells the others to get it together for the operation.
  • Libba helping Abigail fight off an attacker.
  • Raelle helping Tally fight off an officer and showing how her powers have grown.
  • The cadets in general. They all prove their power at citydrop and even stop a Spree mission.
  • The cadets windstriking one of the Spree's trucks.
  • Anacostia commanding the improvised mission.
  • Tally showing how her power has grown by viewing into the Spree truck without a scry.
  • Raelle showing that she does not support the Spree's actions by fighting them and going to capture survivors of the first crash.
  • Raelle defeating the Spree agent who shapeshifted to look like Scylla.
  • The cadets completely destroying the second truck with a windshear.
  • Tally choosing to not keep the information about the hostages a secret from her unit.
  • The Bellweather unit deciding to do something about the hostages' and Libba's death by going to Petra.
  • Khalida refusing Alder's help and even acting smug towards her.
  • General Alder clearly showing that she isn't fazed by their last encounter by smugly smiling at Khalida and calling her arrogant.
  • Abigail deciding to throw away her speech during Libba's funeral and speak from her heart.
  • The President hissing at Alder's biddies, calling Alder out on her actions, and firing her.
  • Alder furiously conjuring a brief storm after being retired, showing a glimpse of her true power.
  • Anacostia allowing Raelle to visit Scylla for a final time.
  • Tally breaking it off with Gerit.
  • In a way, Alder puppeting the President and giving herself unlimited power.
  • Abigail choosing her unit over War College, which had been her goal all season.
  • Tally calling Alder out on her actions for the past couple of episodes.
  • Alder defending herself and giving a valid defense.
  • The team finding the Tarim and convincing them to leave with them after healing their sick.
  • Anacostia choosing to let Scylla go after empathizing with her.
  • The entire fight sequence at the end.
    • General Alder showing why she has led the military for over 300 years by managing to keep her cool as a leader despite just explaining her history with the Camarilla to Tally. She tells the others to go to the helicopter while she stands to defend. She kills two right off the bat, conjures a black lighting storm, and slices one of them in half with a wave of her hand!
    • Tally is able to detect the Camarilla in the storm and even stays back to defend with Alder.
    • Abigail unknowingly gets a measure of revenge for Charvel by slicing a Camarilla member's throat open.
    • Raelle windstriking a Camarilla soldier who runs at her.
    • Bridey defending the Tarim by the helicopter and showing why she's one of the best soldiers in the army by killing two Camarilla soldiers back to back.
    • The biddies disintegrating a Camarilla soldier who runs at them.
    • Tally showing true bravery by sacrificing her youth for General Alder.
    • Alder backing the others as they walk back to the helicopter showing that she really cares about the witches.
  • Raelle leaving the helicopter and giving her combat charm to the scared Tarim boy.
  • Abigail sacrificing herself to save Raelle even as the helicopter leaves.
  • The sheer intensity of the "witchbomb" as it kills the approaching Camarilla and changes the environment around them.
  • Anacostia choosing to follow Scylla rather than let her walk away completely free.

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