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  • Things are looking very bleak near the end of the "Science Fiction Sketch", poor Angus Podgorny had played as best he could. But the Blancmange was just to good a tennis player for him. Suddenly Mr. and Mrs. Brainsample return to the story with a vengeance and rush to Angus rescue spoons and forks in hand. And they defeat the Blancmange, by eating it.
    Narrator: (cut to the Brainsample's covered in bits of blancmange licking their fingers) Yes it was Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Brainsample, who, after only a brief and misleading appearance in the early part of the film, returned to save the Earth! But why?
    Mr. Brainsample: Oh, well you see we love blancmanges. My wife makes them.
    Narrator: She makes blancmange's that size?
    Mr. Brainsample: Oh, yes. You see we're from the planet Skyron in the Galaxy of Andromeda, and they're all that size there. We tried to tell you at the beginning of the film but you just panned off us.
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  • Upon announcing their return to the stage after thirty years, tickets for the first Monty Python reunion show sold out in forty three seconds. If that isn't proof that one has made a lasting impression in the world of entertainment, nothing is.
  • John Cleese's eulogy for Graham Chapman, first paying the proper tribute to his hatred for "mindless good taste" with "Good riddance to him, the freeloading bastard, I hope he fries!" and then saying the word "Fuck" just so he'd be the first to do it in such a setting.

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